WrestleMania XXVII Review

.... hey, yo. After watching WrestleMania XXVII... I'd like to share with you all my opinion of this event.

First off -- I learn Sheamus vs. Bryan for the U.S. title got changed last second to a dark match...? Wow. I guess a 4 hour PPV couldn't make room for a good match. And the I learned it got turned into a Battle Royal for no apparent reason and The Great Khali won... okaaaayy...

But I'm sure the rest of the show would be a solid, engaging event -- right?

So we kicked things off with Keri Hilson (I've no clue who she is...) and she does a decent enough job with America the Beautiful and didn't mess it up like some other blonde did at the Super Bowl... *ahem* But I digress.... and so after that, who came out?

None other than THE ROCK and he, as usual, pumped up the millions for WrestleMania. As host, he did what he needed to do and get the crowd into the event ASAP. Though, I have to comment on his new, corny "TEAM BRING IT" slogan... and here I say (ala Miz)... "Really? ... Really? ... REALLY?" The Rock harped on Cena's Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect, but "Team Bring It" sounds quite corny.

Don't get me wrong. I'm one of the millions (since grammar school), but even I think that's a somewhat stupid slogan. But again, I digress. Anyway, after a video package, we go down to the opener... which is?

The World Heavyweight Championship Match: Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

I still don't understand this booking... why would the WHC match be the opener? Did they not have faith in Rhodes/Rey as a way to get the crowd on fire from the get-go? I mean, it's Rey Mysterio. They know how over he is with the crowd... I don't know. I guess they figured, "since we're closing WM with The WWE Title Match, why not open the WM with the WHC title match? BRILLIANT!"


But opener aside, this was a good match -- as expected from Del Rio and Edge. Chemistry between the two. Edge wins by the infamous SPEAR after Christian took out Clay ringside. Post match is an E & C celebration with them beating up Del Rio's $100,000+ luxury car... finally, somebody fucked it up.

Yes, it was good... but I honestly thought Christian being there was somewhat pointless since he didn't turn on Edge. Smackdown really does need a quality heel besides Del Rio... and Christian is best when he's an asshole heel. Turning on his "best friend" (I guess they're no longer brothers) at WrestleMania, costing Edge the WHC would've been AWESOME. But nah, they trashed Del Rio's car...


Some short time later, we get Cody Chodes vs. Rey Mysterio:

All I can say is, they need to face each other again. It was a "better than expected" match, flowed nicely. The right man won at the right event. Rey's retiring soon, I heard, and it's only right to put over young and deserved talent. Cody won with the Cross Rhodes after 10 or 11 minutes.


We then go to a backstage segment with Snoop Dogg and it was... EH.

Back to the ring...

The Corre vs. Big Show, Kane, Kingston, and Santino

This wasn't a match... it was barely 5 minutes and Big Show KO'd Slater after Santino's Cobra... and we get a post-match celebration. For the fans, I guess. And I guess they wanna bury the Corre. Was that really a WrestleMania moment? Nah.


The Rock's backstage segment with Eve and Mae Young... and Stone Cold was entertaining enough. The Rock wanted to eat Eve's pie (who doesn't?), he then called Mae Young a "Divasaurous," and the elderly diva wanted Rock's strudel. *shudders* Austin appeared and had a few exchanges with the Rock -- and said he's ready to kick ass tonight. Stone Cold Steve Austin + A Can of Whoop Ass = A HAPPY WRESTLING FAN


Next up...

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton

Wow. It was a fantastic match. Great chemistry, nice psychology too. The Viper and the Straight Edge Messiah gave the best match of the night so far... and I really wanna see a re-match, but this time with CM Punk winning. Orton with an rKo (obviously) and a win.


Backstage, the Rock and Pee Wee Herman had a segment... hmm...

Moving on.

Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole w/ Jack Swagger (Guest Ref: Stone Cold)

This went on WAYYYY LONGER than it should have. Lawler should've just beat Cole's nerdy ass. But the match went all over the place, until Austin stunned Swagger, and then Lawler made Cole tap to the ankle lock. Post match -- we get a beer bash with Austin and Lawler. And Booker T gave us a Spinaroonie in the ring and Austin stunned his ass too.

And then... the Anonymous GM reversed the match's result into a DQ because Stone Cold got involved. Josh Mathews gets a Stunned for reading the bad news. It's good that Lawler finally got a WrestleMania match... would've been nicer if it was shorter.


Up next, the one I've been waiting for...

Triple H vs. Undertaker - NO HOLDS BARRED:

Undertaker got hit with a steel chair more than a dozen times, one to the skull. He got Pedigreed three or four times. He even got a Tombstone from HHH.

HHH got chokeslammed, a Last Ride, and a Tombstone... and other hurtful maneuvers.

And after all of that, plus a hell of a match and destruction? They kicked out and made the crowd go apeshit. And after thirty minutes, Triple H held on as long as he could to the Hell's Gate before tapping out.

Post match? Undertaker sold the match perfectly. He could barely move, falling to the floor. EMTs coming down and carting him out. This is what WrestleMania is about -- an intense, thrilling, and memorable performance. Both men gave us a CLASSIC.


And then we get the piss break match... no offense. Even the bookers/writers knew it would be just that, and that's why the placed it right after Taker/HHH's 30 minute "epicness."

LayCool and Dolph vs. Trish, Morrison, and... *sighs* ... Snooki.

Thank GOD, it was short. I still can't believe WWE has the audacity to have Snooki pick up the win... but it is WWE. Sometimes they have the sense of quality booking; and other times, they have the wisdom of TNA. Yes, I said it.

Dolph and Morrison should've had more to do in this bout, in my opinion.



WWE Championship: The Miz (c) vs. John Cena

What's up with Cena's entrance...? Anyway... those of you who know me, know that I feel The Miz has really evolved into a great WWE Champion and character. He has the charisma and the in-ring abilities and so him going over is the right call, because he's the leading man in this new generation of main event guys.

But HOW he got over is what annoys me...

After a good match, it ends with Cena/Miz getting counted out... at WRESTLEMANIA. And the Rock re-started the match, NO DQ and ROCK BOTTOMED Cena's PG and Fruity Pebble ass (no offense to the actual person John Cena; I hear he's a nice guy, but I miss the Attitude Era) and The Miz picks up the win, thus RETAINING.

Post match, Rock kicked The Miz's ass, delivered a People's Elbow, and celebrated to close the show...


... really? ... REALLY? After all the hype, after all the talk... that's it? I expected, as they always state every week for months before WM, "the best WrestleMania EVER." This wasn't better than WrestleMania X-7.

Anyway, it wasn't bad -- but I expected more (not from HHH/Taker -- that was perfect). I mean, I would've liked some type of SWERVE. Christian turning heel... Goldberg returning... The Rock doing something incredibly memorable... Shawn Michaels costing HHH the match... NOT making Daniel Bryan's match a dark match... maybe Diesel getting involved in a match...

I just expected MORE for some reason. It was good, but it definitely could've been better.


So tune in next time, when I review Raw and maybe Smackdown. Hoped you enjoyed the read. The Jet signing out.

Oh, and do give me a "Vote Up" if you found this hub useful or cool. Thanks. Peace out.

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Ultimate Hubber profile image

Ultimate Hubber 5 years ago

For me Cena is The Champ!

A good first hub!!

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

Thank you!

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

As for your statement on John Cena, he should turn heel. That would really help his situation with the heat he's getting right now.

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 5 years ago from I'm outta here

Great review on Wrestle Mania and a very popular topic. I agree with Ultimate Hubber, Cena rocks! :) Katie

The Jet profile image

The Jet 5 years ago from The Bay Author

Hahah. Cena can rock, at times. Kudos for reading. :)

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