John Gotti's Last Photo: Not-So Dapper Don!

In a recently released photo of now-deceased Mob boss John Gotti, the one-time Dapper Don looks anything but.

In a prison hospital commissary photo taken about eight months before Gotti's June 10th, 2002, death at age 61 from head and neck cancer, Gotti appears grim and devoid of life. Wearing a ratty gray sweatshirt, his gray hair cropped short and badly receded, and with his cheeks and face lumpy and pale, Gotti scarcely resembles the once-mighty figure who ruled New York's Gambino crime family.

Strutting down New York's Little Italy in his $3,000 dollar Brioni suits, his diamond pinkie ring glistening, and with his silvery mane of well-coiffed hair, Gotti played the "Dapper Don" role to the hilt. But the Gotti era came to an abrupt end when he was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole in June of 1992 on murder and racketeering charges.

Immediately following his conviction and sentencing, Gotti was transferred to the super-max federal prison in Marion, Illinois, to serve out his life sentence. Confined to his isolated jail cell for an average of 22-hours per day, and with little contact with other inmates, Gotti's was a harsh, isolated existence.

And it was at Marion where Gotti was diagnosed with head and neck cancer and was transferred to the federal prison hospital in Springfield, Missouri, where he eventually died.

The prison commissary photo is the last known photograph ever taken of the high-profile mob boss, who beat three criminal cases against him to earn the nickname "Teflon Don" before the government brought him down on the fourth try. The photo cleary depicts the deforming effects of the cancer that ravaged Gotti's head and neck; large chunks of flesh are missing from his cheeks and chin, and his face is contorted due to the effects of cancer surgery.

The photo was made public after the website posted it on their website after requesting it via the Freeedom of Information Act.

John Gotti

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David 8 years ago

Theres noway, that's Johhny Boy... The Media - News is currupt, and who knows, John Gotti SR., with all respect, could be under FBI protection, similar, to the movie, Donnie Brasco. In relation, that story line wasn't even the truth. Like when they said, Sonny Black was found with this hands cut off. In reality, protected by Joseph Pistone, due to a close friendship. In my opinion, like the poem said that was given out at Johns so called funeral, I am not here, I did not die, so don't stand at my grave and weep... Could also mean, if he is dead, the business still goes on as usual, even though hes not here anymore... Who actually knows if hes dead or not. John knew of alot of things, he could be on a beach somewhere laughing his ass off at everyone thats thinking hes dead. Take care John...

Jeff 8 years ago

You dumbass! That poem is read at almost every funeral.

aaron from florida 8 years ago

i think its a shame what some people will do for a buck, like invading mr. gotti's family privacy like that and for what? i personally think john looks pretty good for being a 61 man in prison the last ten years of his life and battling cancer since the mid 90's, so what if he aged a little its what he represents and what he stood for is what drew so many people to him, rest in peace johnny boy, you will be greatly missed and never forgotten. rest in peace and god bless the gotti family.

crystal 6 years ago

he looks strong. nothing is wrong with the pic. People get sick, yeah and look what perfect?

Roderick Williams Jr. 6 years ago

I just would like to say there is no question that he is in fact dead my father who was a highly decorated cop in the NYPD was at the wake and also had a close tie to Gotti Sr.

Gotti was a mans man a true to life tough guy.

I just went to the sanganero feast{sorry bout the spelling I did not know there would be a test},in any case go to the feast you will be floored when you see for yourself that there is not one Italian booth on the block ... only spanish.... Rest in Peace... both Gotti's ... they kept the neighborhood clen

melissa in atlanta 6 years ago

I am always very amazed that up north there is or seems to be a beef between cultures. I think it is beautiful to be proud of ones culture but why denigrate others? I feel that I am very strong in not conforming to others. I am for everyone and love everyone, even if they do not love me; even if they hate me because when we leave, we leave as we all came with nothing but our soul. I think we all should stand up for what is right and not give into social pressure. Be w leader; not a follower. Don't let the world move you; you be a world mover.

jimmy mull 6 years ago

the way i look at it john gotti brought great things to help people more then the gov. jhon gotti and johnjr will and always be my hero for life.

jim 6 years ago

@jimmy mull,

Are you an illiterate by any chance?

A man who killed many people in cold blood just to live a gangsters life which ended in tragedy for him and his family is a hero to you?

mario from Az  6 years ago

You all can say what ever yu want but a man that takes care of its family and cares for them above anything else deservces respect unlike those that call them selfs respectful but yet can not raise a family with half love and compassion that john gotti had for his so what if he killed its all bussiness after all right for that he has my respect

Peace 6 years ago

Too bad , people really respect this guy who was a crule killer and a bad example of a dad. He's gone now and if there a hell, he's there

raymond c 6 years ago

How did he take care of his family? by killing and distroying other families? By profiting from other people's miseries. No he was never and never will be a remember as a hero. History will always remember him as a criminal.

Gary B 6 years ago

Agree, he will always be remembered as a criminal. Probably never worked a day in his life. He stole and kill to get what he wanted. Yea he took care of families alright. By killing them. In a way I feel sorry for him. He ended his life behind bars instead of with his family and die in Agony. Hopefully he made his peace with God.

notsolongago 6 years ago

Anyone could say what they want about this man, as a person who grew up around the area he hung his hat there is no mistaken he was a gentleman. The life he chose was a pre requisite for the people who lived in lower manhattan. Judging a man based on what you read or see on TV is a big mistake. Most of you would shit your pants if he was in your presence, the fact that he is dead is ashame. You all think the soporano's is real life,it's not. Being sent to any Federal prison (I should now, I was in MCC for one year and a day) is a joke. They treat people like shit, John was treated worse than a strange way the federal prison system contributed to the death of John as well as my father. when you are sick in prison, they dont take care of you, they make you suffer. Any jerk off who responds like a tough guy would not surprise me.

charles 6 years ago

long live john gotti.

scotty 6 years ago

All interesting comments. I think those hwo write that they admire him dont actually mean the killing and stealing but that he was a man of power. ( Bad Power ) We as humans are naturally drwn to anyone with authority and power. So take it easy on them. I fully recognize this man was a menace and would kill anyone of us for a nickle. But I still read the stories and am fasinated by it all. I thnk maybe hollywood has romanced us with all the cerominies and so called men honor and creed. But they killed and stole form their so called brothers all the time.

E-Rock R. 6 years ago

I admire Mr. Gotti a lot. As a child I remember watching the trials with my Father. Every time he beat them I was over come with joy and tears. When Gotti was convicted and put away, I was about 10 years old. I still can remember crying that night because my Idol, someone who I admired and still study and admire to this day, was put away. I'm 30 years old. I spent over $1000 dollars to get a shrine done (tattoo) of John Gotti on my back. Some people would think I am dumb, but Im not. You can't change who and what you believe in. Gotti was a man of character, beliefs, and pride. He provided and protected his family and friends, with great honor. He was a selfless person with Class. And his Legend will last forever. I just wanna say, God bless John Gotti, and his family. They are strong people, and a class act. I have plans come this spring on visiting Mr. Gotti,s grave site. It will be an Honor to visit, an Honorable site. In closing I want to say, God Bless John Gotti, and God Bless my beautiful Italian race. Gotti Foreva.

Paul 5 years ago

Interesting (and telling) that every note here complimenting Gotti is written with all of the verbal skills of a 3rd grader while those condemning him are grammatically sound. It says plenty about our culture when a badly undereducated man who lived his life as a remorseless criminal and murderer is admired in any way. Under all of those expensive suits and reeking cologne was an ignorant brute who never worked an honest day in his life. Admire him? Okay, but keep in mind that he spent his last decade in a dog cage and eventually rotted away from cancer, separated from all he held dear. Beware to those who emulate and follow his lead. Karma's a bitch....

scott 5 years ago

r.i.p. john gotti. u are in my thoughts. every day

Al 5 years ago

Hey Paul, you sit there and make fun of people because of how they spell? Like you are so fucking good and better than they are. In your next retarded sentence you go on to make fun of a man who battled cancer whiles serving time in a federal pen. you make fun or light of how he looks because of that cancer. You sir are a piece of shit and please remember what you last typed, "Karma's a bitch" You fucking remember that asshole. Anybody that was killed by John Gotti were in the same lifestyle as him and knew what could happen to them. plain and simple. People could learn a lesson from him, Don't rat on your friends, take care of family no matter how you have to do it. You are not better than anyone that has posted here SON, in fact you are an asshole, nothing more, nothing less, There is more to life than being or rather trying to be as perfect as you, LOL. I puked a little in my mouth when I typed that. Your whole statement just goes to show everyone what you are, just remember Stupid can be fixed, but your problem I doubt will ever be fixed. That is until Karma comes your way, Bitch.

M.B. 5 years ago

All I have to say is john gotti was a good business man you people need to stop talking about the negative shit he done and look at the good shit he has done. He's changed the game an there will never be another like him , R.I.P John Gotti................ M.B

danielle 5 years ago

Mr. Gotti was man of great character who displayed generous side time and time again all the way from his yearly oxone park parties to his charitable contributions and its a shame there are not more men of his calibur in the worlod today! He reminds me of my father in many ways and will truly be missed! Long live the Gotti name! Rest in peace John a true mans man!

n.o.y.b. 4 years ago

psssss..blah blah blah...i'll do anything for that man or family r.i.p GOTTI.ALWAYS BE ALIVE TO ME AS LONG AS THERE IS A GOTTI ALIVE J.GOTTI WILL TO MUAHS

DoreenLOWE 4 years ago

It's good that people can take the business loans and it opens up new chances.

c.mazzucco 4 years ago

To everyone supporting him; The only reason he evaded the government for so long was because his right-hand man Sammy Gravano was reaching jurors during the trials and buying their votes. And just remember that he would have remorselessly killed you and your family at the drop of a hat, so be thankful that you never accidentally cut him off in traffic or didn't drive out of your own neighborhood when one of his kids was outside riding a minibike (nearly everyday).

In one of the prison visit videos his grandson tells Gotti that he wanted to be a basketball player and Gotti responded by saying he he had to be a "good liar, lowlife, and imbecile," which is funny because it's everything he actually was. He was also extremely racist against anyone who wasn't Italian, and even from Naples. Not quite the mdoel hero.

aaron 4 years ago

johnny boy looks good for someone who battled cancer.... john was a mans man, and a true gangster and lived and died according to what he believd in... will always love and respect johnny boy for what he was and stood for, boss of hero's come and go but a legend is never forgotton.. we love you john god bless

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author

You make a lot of good points. Too many people lionize and celebrate a guy like Gotti; but those same people would be singing a different tune if they were on the wrong end of Gotti's wrath. To me, mobsters do mobster stuff and keep it in their own world. But when innocent civilians get targeted or injured, that's a no-no. The guy who ran over Gotti's son was simply driving home. That could have been you or me. Granted, we don't know for sure whether or not Gotti ordered the guy killed, but it seems likely considering the type of guy Gotti was.

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author

How can you judge a guy's character? Do you know how Gotti made his living? He basically stole from others. But as long as he gives back to the community then everything is fine and well?

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author

Spoken like a true prophet! It's funny how guys like Gotti get lauded and revered, but the honest, struggling truck driver or postman or plumber down the street who works day in and day out and never harms anyone goes unnoticed. Americans are funny about who they choose to worship. But as long as a guy gets the headlines and has some notoriety, his stock goes up. Crazy!

AnthonyJ33 profile image

AnthonyJ33 3 years ago from Southern California Author

How do you harmonize your beliefs about Gotti with his lifestyle, though? You have people who strive to make the world a better place and who never harm others, and then you have guys like Gotti, who basically put themselves and their families first and who "make a living" on the backs of others. Gotti was basically a glorified thief who used intimidation, coercion, and violence to get his way. How is that admirable? I'm not trying to discredit or disrespect you; I'm just trying to understand where you are coming from.

Bigboy 3 years ago

Some of you ignorant asses need to know that he doesn't look good to be a 61 because he is DEAD as a doornail dumbasses. The photo is from around 1996 before he died. The photo of him now is of a cold corpse without life, of a disgusting looking piece of shit in a coffin, lmao.

Bigboy 3 years ago

Some of you ignorant asses need to know that he doesn't look good to be a 61 because he is DEAD as a doornail dumbasses. The photo is from around 1996 before he died. The photo of him now is of a cold corpse without life, of a disgusting looking piece of shit in a coffin, lmao.

lars 2 years ago

Funny everyone bashes the man but I'll say this about him . Was he a hero to me no . He wasn't a hero by any meens I'll admit that . But I'll tell you what else he wasn't & that's a coward . He never disclaimed who he was or what he was . He was very open about it . Brazen maybe . But he was no different then any other person in official gov office . What politicians don't have people killed . ?. Coulda fooled me . Ask a politician who used our military to get rid of someone they didn't like . Why ?. Because the gov couldn't control them . You don't want the mob to be in your life ?. Then avoid them . There a secret society . Just like congress & the senate . For that matter the I.R.S . Gotti wasn't out there robbing people off the streets people knew what he was & made a choice to do dealings with him anyway . Like i said he never hid because of who he was . He knew that one day they were gonna get him & he wasn't afraid . See how fast our gov runs when they order an unnessasry act on someone . There are two mobs in this world the organized mafia & the legalized mafia . Guess which one is more scarier ? . Lastly john gotti admitted to the bad things he did . & you know what of all the bad he did & through all of his confessions you know the one he never took blame for ?. John favara the man who hit his son frankie . He said he didn't know anything about it . You know what i believed him then & i believe him now


jason 2 years ago

john was a great man family man. the world lost an icon very much loved and greaty missed

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