John Pizzi - Audition and Predictions For America's Got Talent 7

In the history of America's Got Talent, one ventriloquist has won the show. Terry Fator took the title in Season 2. John PIzzi will not be the second winner in this genre unless he completely revamps his act from what he performed in the New York City auditions for AGT 7.

Pizzi is fine as a ventriloquist doing school assemblies, but this is the Big Leagues and a chance to win one million dollars. John's act of using the judges' heads as dummies on a video screen was clever to some degree. But the jokes were really not that funny. This guy needs someone to write material for him if he can't do better than to talk about some fake sexual tension among the judges.

Melding Howie's and Howard's faces together to see what their love child would look like was funny but not original. Jay Leno has done that on his show for years. This is not a school assembly or local contest in a bar. You need something more unique than that to win.

I predict that John Pizzi will not make the finale and has no chance of winning. He is a run-of-the-mill ventriloquist with marginally funny jokes. Depending on his competition, John could possibly get past one voting round if he is selected by the judges for the Top 48. But then it will be lights out for the ventriloquist unless he has much better material coming for later rounds.

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Sunny 4 years ago

Conan O'Brien has the "If they mated" skit on his show, not Jay Leno. Conan also has a similar skit where he "interviews" celebs and world leaders via tv screen (a still picture, eyes bug out, mouth moves etc). The only difference is he is not providing the voices. All in all, John Pizzi is not original and I'm glad someone else caught it!

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