Jokes part 1: Football

1. A football fan in a stand watched as Lionel Messi, of Barcelona FC, on a sol run and effort, dribbled one, two, three, and four opponents before he scored a wonderful Goal. The fan shouted, “Is there no referee in this match?” another fan asked him, “what is the problem? It is a clear goal so the referee has to allow it.” “ I know it is a goal but the referee should have shown Messi a red card.” “Why?” “For too much dribbling, just look at how he dribbled those players and made them fell down as if they were begging him to stop. It is a clear violation of human right to dribble your fellow man that way and make a mess of them so he should have been shown a matching order. Maybe next time he will learn how to dribble players with respect.”

2. After the real Madrid versus Barcelona match in which Jose Mourinho, the real Madrid coach, claimed that the referee was against Madrid for sending off a Madrid player just like in the second leg between Barcelona and Arsenal in which Van P. was sent off and Barca got the advantage to win the march. Well referees are human beings so they can make mistakes but they can also support a club in a football march thereby giving such clubs an advantage to win the march. But we maybe so sure the side a referee supports. That reminds me of a march in which the referee unwittingly celebrated a goal with the players that he even pulled off his shirt. Maybe we hope to see that in world stage football before we agree that referees can support a side in a football march.

3. There was this UEFA cup final in which F.C Porto played and won. I wondered what made a fan to get into the pitch on a referee uniform and showed the referee a red card. I had to wonder because when I saw the red card I said, “that is good… a new FIFA rule where a referee can be sent off by another referee for poor or bad officiating. Yes that will make the referees more careful and they will realize that they no longer have the power to determine what happens in pitch whether right or wrong only for them to be punished after the damage had been done to the teams. Yes, football is going to be more interesting” Surprisingly the same impersonating referee, that showed a red card to the real referee, tore his uniform and started running around the pitch naked and security had to come and get him. I thought again, “Is this a form of entertainment or a fanatic fan or am I right about the new FIFA rule?”

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Phoebe Pike 5 years ago

Those were cute jokes. :)

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

Thanks Pike for stopping by.

Okum 5 years ago

Nice joke there!what d impersonating ref deed was realy funy.who knws,he could be right about showing d ref how 2 do his wrk!

davidkaluge profile image

davidkaluge 5 years ago Author

Okum, thanks for stopping by. You are right, some ref need to be taught how to do the job because at times they make costly mistakes that can cost teams a match.

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