Jon Snow: True Heir To The Targaryen Throne

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen
Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen | Source

Okay this post is for all of my Game Of Thrones fans that are overthinking the Raegar + Lyanna = Jon Snow Targaryen theory. We all have grown to hate and love the red witch Melisandre. Let’s just take a look at her resume. She slayed Renly Baratheon with a demon knight with the face of Stannis, had Sir Davos imprisoned, kidnapped and nearly executed Gendrey, and talked Stannis into allowing her to sacrifice not only his men but his daughter the Greyscale Princess Shireen. By this point I believe everyone thought she was the Lord of lights dirty bitch sent down to wreak havoc and cause destruction to all.

As she presumed defeat for Stannis she fled with Sir Davos to the Black Gate to seek out another. In the midst of our saddest moment the death of Jon Bastard Snow we saw a glimpse of hope in the devil in a red dress. It crossed all of our minds maybe she was placed at the wall to bring him back. As powerful as the flames were she was doubtful of her own power, after seeing herself as what she was, without the amulet, an old tired unbeautiful failure of a witch. Then she came back like the golden state warriors against the okc thunder and made us all love her. Jon Wild Thing Snow was brought back by the Lord of Light. A God he has never prayed to or possibly never believed in.

Melisandre proved the theory without doubt. Only a blunder in the scripting of the show will fail to validate my assumption. Melisandre burned the greyscale princess with thoughts that she could sacrifice her but she lacked two things to ensure Stannis’s victory. The first is that Shireen was a female not being a feminist but just follow me. Every vision promised by the flames with a male king heir came true. The death of Renly, as well as the death of Joffrey. The second is that she did not have kings blood running thru her veins. Stannis is the brother of Robert and has the blood to be an heir to the dynasty. Shireen could not be an heir to the throne.


What does all of this mean in context to the equation R+L=J? Obviously Jon Snow has the blood of King Raegar which is why the magic worked. Had he been the son of Ned Stark and some ale wench Jon Snow would still be as dead as a doornail by the hands of the ungrateful little piss ant known as Olly. Let’s think it through Ned never lusted for other women in the show, he was true to Caitlyn and couldn’t bring himself to tell her about this secret. This is because he was also a great friend with Robert, after Raegar was killed the raven showed the tower where Lyanna was being held. When Robert and Ned Stark talked in season one there was a brief discussion in regard to Jon Snows supposed mother which Ned shut down very quickly. There was no way he could tell his best friend that Jon was the son of a man he hated and the woman he loved. Jon would have been killed before he had a chance to live. I know that everyone has all of these mystical theories on why Jon Snow is the son of Raegar and Lyanna. I am simply basing my decision on logic and facts that I have seen throughout the seasons thus far. Long Live, Jon Wild Thing Bastard Snow Targaryen, true heir to the throne.

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Red Viper 8 months ago

Daenerys is not Jon Snow's sister, she is his aunt, as her brother, Raegar is Jon Snow's father.

Red Viper 8 months ago

Daenerys is not Jon Snow's sister, she is his aunt, as her brother, Raegar is Jon Snow's father.

cherrycrime26 profile image

cherrycrime26 8 months ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga Author

@Redviper Yes, just fixed that, thank you

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