Jumong one of The Best Historical Korean Drama


After watching some of Korean's Saeguk Dramas like Jewel in The Palace and The Great Queen Seon Deok, I've learned many things, like how Korean people really admire their history and culture that finally made me a total stranger could be hooked on their shows, and how Korean people packaged their dramas, movies with cultural and tourism development which attract so many tourists and people around the world to visit and learn about their culture and country.

I also learn that most Korean honored their elders so much, no matter what kind of drama, you will find the character of daddys, moms, aunts, grandmas, etc that I seldom find in a western movie. The bond of a family is the serious matter in Korean dramas. Even with the "enemies" like what happened in Dae Jang Geum, how Jang Geum's attitude towards her big enemy Lady Choi and Deok Man towards Lady Mi Shil, both were showing at least respect, cool headed, and not just emotional and hatred toward their enemies. That thing is the strength of Korean dramas.

In Saeguk dramas you will learn about respect, understanding, trust, loyalty, friendship, honour, love, bravery, spirit, cooperations, strategy, planning, and many more. In a nutshell, you will learn about people and live. So complete and natural. After I made a hub about Queen Seon Deok, two of fellow hubber tony0724 and emievil have mentioned about Jumong, they said it also a one big and great drama, so I decided to take a look and yes I agree, Jumong is one of the best Korean historical drama ever. It broadcasted first in May 15, 2006 in Korea. MBC production, 81 episodes wow...

Jumong was directed by Lee Joo Hwan and screenwriters : Jung Hyung Soo and Choi Wan Kyu. Jumong also had some awards like :

2007 43rd Baeksang Awards: Highest Award for a TV Drama
2007 43rd Baeksang Awards: Best Screenplay for a TV Drama Jung Hyung Soo and Choi Wan Kyu

The Drama

Jumong is a historical drama based on the true history of parts of Korea peninsula. It's The Kingdom of Goguryeo and its struggles againts the Han Dynasty of China, over 2000 years ago. The real facts of the story are limited and lack of historical details so, most of the stories of this drama has been invented to maximize entertainment value. Originally set to be 60, but MBC decided to extend it to 81 episodes due to the high popularity. Jumong portrays the life of Jumong Taewang the founder of the kingdom of Goguryeo.

Jumong has surrounded by many myths and to adjust with the modern audience, the drama has replaced all the myths surrounding Jumong with more down-to-earth storylines. Like about Jumong's birth.

Jumong was the founder of Goguryeo Dynasty in 37 BC. Jumong was the son of General Hae Mo Su and lady Yoo Hwa and he was raised by King Geum Wa who took him and his mother in when Hae Mo Su was believed to have been killed in an ambush by the Han Dynasty.

Soh Suh No was a merchant's daughter who helped Ju Mong in realizing his dream to build a new country and later she became Jumong's second wife.

Song Il Gook as King Jumong
Song Il Gook as King Jumong
Han Hye Jin as So Seo No
Han Hye Jin as So Seo No

Brief Recaps

Gojoseon, the ancient Korea Kingdom has fallen to the Han Empire of China. One of Gojoseon soldier, Han Mosu joins forces with Geumwa, crown prince of Buyeo to counter the Han savagery. They're creating Damulgun or Damul army, the soldiers that defend Gojoseon's refugees. One day Han Mosu is badly injured, he was found by the princess of Haebaek tribe, Lady Yuhwa who nurses him back to health and the love has sprung. But unfortunately the Han soldiers are looking Hae Mosu, they discover that the man with princess was looked like Hae Mosu. So they raze the tribe to the ground.

Hae Mosu could escape, he met Yeon Ta Bal a merchant who offer him a job not knowing who he really is. Finally the merchant suspect that the guest is Hae Mosu. In the middle of their journey, Yeon Ta Bal's wife has gone into labor and So Seo No is born. Although Yeon Ta Bal know exactly that his guest is Hae Mo Su and he will gain big reward from Han if he reports him to Han, but Yeon Ta Bal decided not to turn Hae Mosu in, because he had protected his caravan and his daughter.

Hae Mosu returns to Geumwa and met with the princess again, now they could married and live together. But after one incident, Hae Mosu is captured by the Han and tortured and blinded by the Han. His friend Geumwa frees Hae Mosu but they separated and Geumwa believes that he fails to save Hae Mosu and he thinks Hae Mosu is dead. Geumwa takes Hae Mosu's wife who bears his son Jumong become his Royal Concubine of Buyeo.

20 years later, Jumong is grown up overshadowed by the other two Geumwa sons, Daeso and Youngpo. Jumong become a weak and cowardly prince but he has a great talent at womanizing. Lady Yuhwa urges her son to take martial art lesson. but Jumong starts to cause trobles over troubles. Finally Jumong is stripped of his title as a prince and is expelled from the palace. The two brothers of Jumong also hate him and send assassins to kill him. Jumong in his journey, meets Oi, Mari, and Hyobbo who later will become his subjects and treat him like older brother.

Jumong also met So Seo No and establish a relationship with the Gyeh Ru trading clan. Jumong met his father Hae Mosu who usually train him but he never realizes who that old man really is. Hae Mosu trains Jumong to be a better fighter, better archer, and they build a strong relationship between master and student. One day when Jumong does not around, his brothers come and kill Hae Mosu. Jumong finally knows who Hae Mosu is and he swears to complete Hae Mosu's works. King Geumwa allows Jumong to return to the palace. Jumong is led to marry Ye Soya.

The two brothers now are rivals. Due to Daeso's temporary taking over the power from king Geumwa. Yongpo tries to kill his brother Daeso and Jumong saves Daeso. Now Jumong earns his trust. But Jumong uses his trust against him with the help of his 3 lieutenants.

In three years, the new Damulgun that led by Jumong and Gyeh Ru that led by So Seo No cooperate to unite under one banner. Finally the Kingdom of Goguryeo is established. Jumong become its first King and So Seo No become its Queen. Jumong rules Goguryeo over 15 years.

Jumong's Kingdom of Goguryeo eventually grew into a great regional power. Goguryeo stood for 705 years and was ruled by a total 28 kings in the Go Royal Family. Until it was conquered by the Shilla-Tang alliance. The modern descendants of Jumong still bear his family name "Go."

Jumong Casts

Song Il Gook as Jumong

One of the popular South Korean actor. Graduated from Cheongju University and majored in Performing Arts. He is the grandson of Kim Du-han, son of the famous Korean independence movement general Kim Jwa-jin during the early 1900s. He is the son of actress Kim Eul Dong.

In April 2008, Song Il Gook carried the Olympic torch trough Seoul.

Song is a brilliant actor, even if when he played as Jumong he was 35, he could manage to be like a 20 years old guy. The way he walks and acts is outstanding.

Han Hye Jin as So Seo No

As a wise and strong queen. She had the intelligence and foresight to look out for the future generations but because she was a woman she could not live her dreams. She was not afraid of death but because she was from a weak nation, she had to bear a pain more painful than death. Although she couldn’t become the love of a lifetime to a certain man, she stands up to be a most powerful and wise leader. The first queen history remembers, in a time when love was lavished, yet not considered everything.

Jeuo Kwang Ryeol as Geum Wa

An affectionate king.

Fought in a war with the Han Nation alongside of Hae Mo-soo; the two shared a friendship even thicker than blood but eventually surrender to the Han nation after which he betrays Hae Mo-soo.

Oh Yeon Soo as Yu Hwa:

Motherhood of sadness. The daughter of Ha Baek-joek, she has looks so stunning that anyone would fall in love with her at first sight.
She nurses Hae Mo-soo’s wounds with great devotion but ends up facing a tragedy when her people get murdered by the Han army for hiding Hae Mo-soo.
After hearing that Hae Mo-soo has passed away she falls into great sadness, but gets married to Geum Wa and gives birth to Hae Mo-soo’s son Jumong.

Kim Seung Soo as Dae Soh
Jealously itself. As a child he lost all his father’s love to Jumong. As an adult he bears a scar from not being able to be with the woman he loved. He brings Jumong’s father to his death and also does everything he can do to take Soo Seo-no away from him.
He takes in Hae Mo-soo’s wife, a woman who lives every day longing for Hae Mo-soo, as his own wife and also takes care of Hae Mo-soo’s son as his son with both love and hatred and a very heavy sense of guilt.

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Jeuo Kwang Ryeol as King Geum WaOh Yeon Soo as Lady Yoo HwaKim Seong Soo as Prince Dae So
Jeuo Kwang Ryeol as King Geum Wa
Jeuo Kwang Ryeol as King Geum Wa
Oh Yeon Soo as Lady Yoo Hwa
Oh Yeon Soo as Lady Yoo Hwa
Kim Seong Soo as Prince Dae So
Kim Seong Soo as Prince Dae So

Jumong Prince of the Legend Opening_ Pt 1

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

The drama is fantastic. I can actually watch it on MBC station here in NYC.

And about Korea - I had the pleasure of working in Seoul, S. Korea, off and on over a four year period - and I had some of the best years of my life. The respect for elders was amazing - wow! Being in my 50's I have never been treated so well here in the US as I was in Seoul. Great quality of life, great foods, highly educated, the women were the best and I can go on and on and on.

Thanks for the hub!

Hello, hello, profile image

Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

That was so interesting to read, Thank you. I don't know a lot about Korea and its culture and yout hub was an eye- opener. I only know about the war and that must have horrific. I know because I had the experience.

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

BkCreative, it's really nice to see you here :) I really love to read all your insights experiences when you were in S. Korea, I'm right, isn't it? The Korean people really admire their elders, yes..you could see it through their body languages. How they bend their body towards elders and how they bow their heads, wow..it's amazing. Thank you for visiting, and have a great day!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

Hello, I actually don't know a lot about it too, but through their dramas, I finally dig many information about Korea and I was so hooked :)

You experienced the war ? wow that must be really scary and frightening. I just experienced some terrorists bombings and that have made me scary. Even if I never had a first hand experience, only watch from local TV, but it has scared me already. Thank you for sharing this and God Bless You !

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 7 years ago from US

I like Korean dramas as they proliferate in the Phils before I migrated here in the US, nice hub, Maita

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

Maita, Korean dramas are addicted right? Thank you for commenting !

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

I loved this drama and watched it from beginning to end on an asian cinema cable channel we have in the States here. And " Jumong " was my absolute favorite. Thanks for posting about this show. It was awesome !

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

Tony0724, hi! As a matter of fact I eventually watch this after you've mentioned it to me :) and yes I agree with u this is one big drama and the story is great, I love how Jumong take his aim when he shoot an arrow..so cool :) Thank you for sharing and nice comment! Have a great day Tony!

ateenyi profile image

ateenyi 7 years ago from Chicago

Excellent Hub!!!!!!!

The depiction of Korean drama occurred in superbly fantastic way. Pictures displayed are awesome and breathtaking. The whole historical account is very worth to read. Thanks a lot for providing so enjoyable hub culminated with tremendous information and knowledge.

Keep on Hubbing

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

Jumong was shown here like 4 years ago, but it remains one of my favorite Korean series. Thanks for featuring it in your hub febriedethan.

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

attenyi, Welcome to Hubpages! Jumong is a fantastic Korean Drama and I start to love Korean's history, thank you for visiting!

emievil, Jumong will be on air in Indonesia this month I think, this is so coincidence because I also got interested in this drama after you've mentioned it to me and start to watch it too :) Thank you for visiting and have a nice day!

profile image

myintkyaw94 7 years ago

very very good .....;)

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

I also like Jewel in the Palace. The main protagonist became the first midwife in old Korea. The translated version in the Philippines was shown five years ago. Queen Seon Dok is still one of the primetime drama on television. It replaced Jumong historical drama last year. Most Asians are fans of Korean epic dramas, nowadays, don't we all? Thanks for this hub, Ms. Febriedethan.

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 7 years ago from Indonesia Author

travel_man, you're right most Asian are fans of Korean dramas and I hope that my country will be able to produce such high quality of drama too :) Send my regards to all Korean drama lovers in Philippines, thank's for visiting!

Tella Lazo profile image

Tella Lazo 6 years ago from Philippines

I love Jumong!

I love Korean historical dramas!

so nice!

so good!


febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

hi Tella :) Jumong is great, thank's for visiting!

espie 6 years ago

please upload Jumong on youtube i wasn't able to watch it on TV here in the phils. Mysoju upload it but it is broken up to now

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

I'm sorry I don't have Youtube account, how about dramacrazy.net or asianrice.tv have u tried those links ? Thank's for visiting.

profile image

C-gil08 6 years ago

i've really like korean drama,Ju Mong was really fascinating.i really like it.Ü

KoreAm dude 6 years ago

i love you guys lol...

as 6 years ago

kenapa jam tayangnya di pindahin jadi malem balikin seperti biasanya ge kan bagus daripada legacykan udah pernah.

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

As, I don't know about Jumong's show time honey :) please try to write on Indosiar forum, thank you.

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

C-gil08 and KoreAm dude, love you too guys :)

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

this was also a favorite though it didn't hit me that way QSD did.. I like the love story of Jumong but was sad again that he did not end up with lady So Seo No... but at least they had the chance to get married, but disappointed again that their union was never blessed by kid, and in fact Jumong son who showed greatness two was his son to his first wife... I watched this too because I found Jumong really good looking, I like the shape of his face..

alicious profile image

alicious 6 years ago

Song Il Gook rocks!!!

Jumong have the best OST in the Philippine version.

QSD though have the best original OST...what!?!?!? with Wind Flower, Baldambaldam, Children of God, Mishil on the glass, and the song of Bidam....whew! Fantabulous!

But among all Korean dram OST my favorite is the OST of Full House :) I even memorized the "shalala" song, I downloaded it and made it as my ringtone and alarm!!!

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

@Alicious, me too! I love Full House's OST so much. Thank's for visiting!

alicious profile image

alicious 6 years ago

:)) Welcome Feb!:))

TAGZ 6 years ago


Abdullatif Manjothi 6 years ago

Watched it liked it and wish that it could be subject to be tought in classes and esp to the future politicians on how to manage a country and its citizens

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

@Abdullatif, you're right, the politician should learn from history and hope it will help to run a better country.

jerica 6 years ago

well.. i love this jumong.. ang ganda kaya...peo, mas maganda ri ung thelegend

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

Febrie, watch baker king and came to like Jeuo Kwang Ryeol, I didn't know he was the king Geum Wah in Jumong

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

@jerica, thank you for visiting.

@ Maria, yes, President Gu Il Jung, Tak Goo-daddy. And there are also familiar faces like Han Sung Jae (Kim Yu Sin-dad) and Kim Mi sun/Tak goo-mom (Hwang Jin Ni-Mom), just like reunited with those characters again.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines

Oh my God Febrie, Manager Han is Kim Yushin's father, I only realized it when you told me, but he looked better in mustach hihihi. I think I've got a crush on tak Goo's father hihihi, Kim Mi Sun or Tak gu's mom is also in the east of eden, I can't remember her anymore in Hwang Jin Ni, better make a hub on Baker King okey..

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 6 years ago from Indonesia Author

Hi Maria, Tak Goo's dad? haha..yes I see, he's a gorgeous middle-age man, yeah...:)

viorica 6 years ago

hi, i watch Prince jumong, and i realized that it's the greatest drama i ever seen.P.S-advise everyone to watch it, i think no one will regret

meow48 profile image

meow48 5 years ago from usa

thankyou, kinda feel like a kindred spirit, my kids laugh when i say i a watching a korean drama again, nice to know someone else who likes them. great hub

febriedethan profile image

febriedethan 5 years ago from Indonesia Author

Hi meow48, I always watch K-drama several times a week too, hahaha...thank you for visiting, have a great time!

I think Jumong is the best korean drama av ever seen,and for me its simply a drama iwhose memories would remain ever green in my heart.I Love jumong sooooo much! 5 years ago

I think Jumong is the best korean drama av ever seen,and for me its simply a drama iwhose memories would remain ever green in my heart.I Love jumong sooooo much!

joseph 5 years ago

best in the world

Gladz - Philippines 4 years ago

Yes I Agree to all of you Guys, It's the Best and the Most.... Incomparable!!!!!!

Song Il Gook is the Best Actor...... GB

ceh4702 profile image

ceh4702 4 years ago

I love it when susono calls Jumong pathetic. Then he goes to the founders mountain and pulls back on the bow and it just breaks.

ceh4702 profile image

ceh4702 4 years ago

I like and have watched many different korean historical and non-historical films. My wife is korean and she has been telling me Korean Folk stories forever. I watched Chuno on HULU once and it hooked me. One of the classics that my wife talks about is Yi-san. This is one historical film or story that most koreans know, because it is not very far back in History and it was taught in school. One of the first historical films made was Jewel in the palace. Jewel in the Palace is very long and it is like it is two different stories. First a young girl becomes a great cook for the King's Palace and then later she became the King's Physician. I could list about 20 different films I have watched like the tree with deep roots, Tamra the Island, and a more modern day film called Kim-chee Family. I also liked Dr Jin, and painter of the wind.

yusuf 3 years ago

i am from nigeria pless what is the true histort of jumou and han

this my e-mail yusufumar90@yahoo.com or facebook . number +2348050333147.


SejuNim 3 years ago

Jumong is the BEST..... but for me, the most phenomenal and greatest korean historical drama of all time is..... QUEEN SEON DEOK..... the characters are great..... the casting is also great.... the OSTs are amazing...... :D

Both produced by MBC..... great dramas!!!

ed 2 years ago

where can i watch jumong??

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