Just Wright

In the game of love, every shot you take counts

Just when you think this film is nothing more than a big blow out of cliches and bad stereotypes, the film's star player, Queen Latifah manages to take the ball, with the last few minutes of the game, and score the winning shot with it's audiences. In an era of cliche modern romance movies, it seems "Just Wright" fits the bill of what most audiences expect from love stories these days. You'll have to forgive me for my particular writing style for this review, as I happen to be a huge NBA fan. Naturally, a romance film with an NBA backdrop, I just can't resist reviewing this film like a sports writer would do for a play by play analysis of a basketball game. Seriously, like Queen Latifah's character, I love this game.

For those who are unfamiliar with this movie, I'll gladly fill you in on the play by play style of this film. "Just Wright" is essentially a modern day "Cinderella" story, with an NBA backdrop added to it. Queen Latifah plays the sweet and charming heroine of this story. Then you have the egotistical evil step sister type character in Paula Patton, who may seem adoring and sweet when you first meet her, but she's really a heartless and selfish wench. Then you have the naive, but surprisingly talented prince charming, who happens to be a NBA superstar player, named Scott McKnight (Common). Although Scott McKnight is the star NBA player in the movie, who seems to be bigger than such prestigious names as Dwayne Wade and Dwight Howard, but the real star of the film itself is Queen Latifah. Forget about the superstar basketball player of this film, as he's just a role player in this movie. As I said before, the movie's real go to clutch player is Queen Latifah.

Taking the film on her shoulders, as she carries it to victory with an array of impressive energy three point shots and drives at the emotional strings of the audience. With the film struggling with it's predictable story lines and cliched ridden characters, Queen Latifah performs like a pro and hits the shots that count the most. Giving off a irresistible charm that's too hard to ignore. I'll admit, I'm not particularly a huge fan of hers. The main reason why is that like Ricky Gervais and Jennifer Aniston, she always seems to play the same type of character. Sure, the name and the scenarios might be different, but Queen Latifah seems to play every role she takes on exactly the same. Heck, even in this year's earlier romantic comedy, "Valentine's Day", where she had to play a heartless b**** in most of the movie, you still can't help but feel your watching the same Queen Latifah you saw in her old T.V. show, "Living Single." Seriously, Queen has never been known to be a versatile actress in Hollywood but when it comes to this movie, she's the star player. Indeed, it doesn't matter who's in the scene with her, whether it be Dwight Howard or even her leading man Common, the focus is always about her, as her talent to just make any movie positive shines through.

Sure, you'll be dragged into the subplot of how McKnight falls for Morgan (Paul Patton), and marries her. Only to be dumped by her, when he gets a near career ending injury, during the all-star break. However, that only sets it up for the story to build up towards the obvious outcome of Leslie Wright (Queen Latifah) and Scott McKnight (Common) to get more acquainted as she nurses him back to health.

Sadly though, outside of Queen's performance there really wasn't much else that was likable about the movie. Like any true NBA fan will tell you, one man cannot do it alone to win championships. Not even the great legendary Michael Jordan won his titles without help. The same concept bodes well for movies too. As much as Queen's enthusiasm and charisma shines through in this role, that still doesn't diminish the fact that the entire movie was extremely predictable and none of the characters had any sort of depth to them. Unlike "Pretty Woman" that was essentially another "Cinderella" like story, at least that film was able to convey some intriguing new concepts to the love story. Setting it in not only modern times, but making the unlikely "Cinderella" character a prostitute of all people. A concept that was somewhat original for it's time. However, the only original concept "Just Wright" has is that it involves an NBA back drop to support it. Outside of that, this film contains far too flaws story wise, as you can practically tell what's going to happen from beginning to the end when you watch it.

Although I will say that the dialogue for this film is far better than I expected, as it would've been so easy for them to ham that up due to the very predictable nature of this movie.

Like any good basketball team or movie, you need teamwork among your actors, writer(s), director to be all on the same page for success.  Unfortunately, it seems "Just Wright" is a one man or I should say one woman show.  Without Queen's performance, then this film would've been hardly worth anyone's time or money.  However, her charisma and positive energy seems to give this movie life that one wouldn't have expected. 

Overall, "Just Wright" is a fairly decent romance movie, and it should be entertaining to most general audiences of this genre.  I just wouldn't expect anything more out of it if you're looking for originality and a great story line.  No, "Just Wright" is essentially just another run of the mill romance movie.  With it's star player, Queen Latifah, leading the charge and hitting the game winning shot to seal the deal with audiences.

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sameerk profile image

sameerk 6 years ago from India

wow cool

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

thanks sameerk

profile image

Lecie 6 years ago

looks like queen has lost alot of weight as well. i wonder how she did it. maybe shooting some hoops? i sure would like to find out. as i teen i played basketball games with my sisters. now i can't jump anymore due to my bad knee so i haven't played in more than 5 years. when i look back i realize that as a teen i was very skinny and looking at myself now...well i guess i'd probably get the most bids at any livestock show.lol

maybe playing basketball is what kept me fit as a teen. that's why i'm wondering if that's also what queen did to lose the weight. i have to find something even if it means playing on my bad knee. i'm willing to try just about anything. so my question for you steven, can you find out if that's what queen did? i mean you are the biggest movie guru here so if anyone can find out i'm sure you can. another great review by our movie guru.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

well first of all, in the movie, she never plays basketball. I just tried to use basketball analogy when reviewing the movie because I happen to be a huge nba fan. To be completely honest with you lecie. I have no idea at this time of how Queen lost her weight. As I usually don't pry into people's personal lives. Although my family does, so i guess you can say I'm a bit of an oddball in that sense. However, if i learn anything I'll let you know.

Sorry to hear about what happened to you when you were younger. That's terrible. I hope your knee has gotten considerably better since then. I know how you feel, as I too injured my knees when i was younger. It wasn't even playing basketball either, it was back at my first job as a busboy a while back. If you want, I can give you a few tips on how to exercise your knee, so it'll reduce the pain and increase it's mobility.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by again, as it was a pleasure seeing you.

profile image

Lecie 6 years ago

that's ok i found out that queen's been using jenny craig. i can't afford that so i have to try something elses. i'm in physical therapy for my knee right now. i have arthritis in it along with patella femoral pain syndrome. that's where the ring around my patella(knee cap) has gotten stretched to the point that it will not hold my knee cap in place. my knee cap is bouncing around and every so often popping out completely. so hopefully the physical therapy and new knee brace can help me get back in the game. no pun intended. ok so there was a pun intended, just trying to get a laugh. anyway, thanks for the response and glad to hear from you as well.

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 6 years ago Author

lol. yeah, you always knew how to make me laugh. thanks, i needed that today. Sorry, I couldn't be much help then. However, I'm glad to hear your getting the help you need right now. The important thing is to just do whatever your doctors tell you to do, and work really hard to get better. I'm sure you can do it, as I believe in you.

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