Justin Bieber Got a Girl Pregnant???

Justin Bieber got a Girl Pregnant Really???

I was just doing a search on the Internet to see what's happening now. You know what's new, and lo and behold this is what I see.

Justin Bieber Pregnant!

Okay ! What ?

So after a little research a couple of things emerge. First there are actually people out there who somehow believe this and are asking how can this happen. They are fascinated by the fact that Justin Bieber could be pregnant. I mean come on people.

Then there are those who are "spreading rumors" that his mom is pregnant. Okay, while this could be possible, I mean the woman is only in her thirties, if she wants to let people know she will, why start rumors till you hear it from the horses mouth. And besides that who cares it's her business what she does.

And lastly there are a few forums, blurtit, type sites where young girls hang out that have them all in a frenzy. Girls saying Justin Bieber got them pregnant. Other girls throwing a fit about it, saying things like " no he didn't he's my boyfriend". Nasty name calling going around, an all out disrespect for each other. All because of some 16 year old boy, who just happens to be popular right now.

This is to all the teenage girls out there who are in love with Justin Bieber. Don't listen to all the rumors, don't get sucked in by what everybody says and by what it says on the Internet. Not everything you read is true. Justin Bieber is just a regular boy who sings well. Enjoy his music, if you wish. But don't get so worked up by what some other girl writes on some forum. Some girl who you most likely will never meet anyway.

Rumor Mill

It's amazing how a simple rumor, can get started and ruin a persons reputation. That's when we as regular everyday people have to learn to take things at face value. When we see or hear rumors about regular everyday people or even about celebrities like Justin Bieber . We have to remember, we are not there, we don't really know the facts. We can't believe everything we hear. There is an old saying that says, " Believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear." That is true. Don't believe it just because others believe it either. They are called rumors for a reason.

How Do you Feel?

Does it bother you that rumors get spread about Justin Bieber?

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What do you like most about Justin Bieber?

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SHARON 3 years ago

How could people be too hurt less to Justin,why cant they mind about their own business.To me Justin is fine,cool,hot,and sexy.I LOVE YOU JUSTIN ,all the way from AFRICA.

mrs. bieber 4 years ago

Justin is the best preson ever

Coltin 4 years ago

JB is a normal kid, even though u cant judge any1 because its like or not like,his not even old enough to get married anyway.plus he cant get a girl pregnat.Only if the girl was around his age.Well IT'S a BIG LIE!!!!!!!!!!! People r taking parts from parts and making lies about JB.

Shanice Riley 5 years ago

Hi I think that he won't do that to a girl because he is so hot

allie is awesome 5 years ago

stupid girls are so full of themselves telling lies just to get themselves noticed they are very stupid.

Sierra 5 years ago

Look i think that justin is very nice for what i have say and people are telling me that it is true and i say i don't want to hear it. I am a ig fan of justin.

shannon 5 years ago

justin you should do it again with your girlfriend it could be a baby justin i love u babe you are cute and hot and sexy and u are the best singer i love u

tracy 5 years ago

you go jutin i wish u did it with me i would love it u are very sexy and hot

mrs.bieber 5 years ago

this girl is a fake,, she doesn't no anything about justin..i mean i use to love hime until he dumped me in school

Katey 5 years ago

I think it's a fake that girl just wants attention jb would never do that I'm not a fan (cause he dumped me in middle school) but from knowing him he is (was) too nice to do that to Selena gomez (I still think he is cute after)

shammaya 5 years ago

i think that not his baby he wii not got a girl pregnant i love justin bieber so do not got that in your head

EllaAwesomeness 5 years ago

I'm not a big fan of JB so I don't care about his persay "cute hair" I just think he's a normal guy with a good voice and NOBODY should have to hear this about themselves or other people. Rumors are VERY stupid and if you don't know or don't think it's true then don't believe in it it's just going to lead to MORE problems and MORE rumors!!! Everybody should stop this and get over it and on t.v. Jusin Beiber said himself "NO it is NOT true" in an interveiw so people should just believe what he said himself. I know this is a pretty long comment but I think it's preet

aireonna 5 years ago

justin biber is ok i mean he is cute and he can sing but he is just a humen who got famous so don't be so protective you guys never met he and don't hate him i mean what did he do to you

lolo 5 years ago

okay stop making up these things i love jb hees so smoking hot i meen super hot and you are just jeles of him

anonymous 5 years ago

Justin Bieber is simply an ordinary everyday person. I'm sick of girls obsessing over him, and putting his life through hell; It must be hard enough dealing with all the famous bs he goes through on a daily basis. Yes, he's very cute, and he has a good voice, but geeze; leave the poor kid be!

mrs. bieber 5 years ago

he is so hot and sexy who evers hates him u are rude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u

?? 5 years ago

he is sooo cool ok and don't talk about him

iloveejustinbieber!! 5 years ago

idc what ppl say i am a belibieber

breanna 5 years ago

Ilove justin cause he is really a cutie

Stephanie 5 years ago

I think Justin is jerk first of all his songs are really bad and he also think he is so cute

Justinbieberlover10132 5 years ago

Dude i don't think this bs isn't True

hello hello 5 years ago

well i do believe it justin is freakin ugly i feel sorry for the girl that got pregnant he is a wanna be i feel sorry for all the girls that like him please fire him he is no good singer

brittney ramer 5 years ago

I like justin biebers singing and I also like selien gomazes TV chanel she is funny in it! I achuly like JB he is cute I have seen his viedoes with girls hoo caers that gives you the privlig to say that you do not like him well that dose not give me the privlig to say that no mater what I will like him maby not wen I get bigger you no what I meen rite. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

me 5 years ago

Justin bieber is awesome stop makn up this stuff

jb worst fan 5 years ago

i hate jb

Kayleiiigh 5 years ago

This Justin Bieber got a girl pregnant is totally ridiculous.

If it's true then it prooves he's not gay. HA!!!

Karina starz 5 years ago

i'm not really a justin bieber fan but i do care to know if he got a girl pregnant n come on girls really he is not all that like i've seen better lookin guys n not to be races but i gotta admit he is a good lookin white boy n white boys are not my type n i think if he did get a girl pregnant than i just think he is a fake his mom said he belives in god n he is da religious type well last time i checked ppl who praised god wouldn't be runin around gettin ppl pregnant left and right i don't know that's just what i think but then again i could be wrong so if your readin this Jb then im sorry u r are being accused n mistreated n if u did get some one pregnant then i hope ur ready for a screaming baby also i really feel bad for Seleana i think that's how u spell it

Hailz 5 years ago


Denyth 5 years ago

Justin Bieber is not Gay!! And he did not get a girl pergnat he is a very hot guy but he would never get a girl pergnat because his fans looks up for him like i do because im your biggest fan ever i have all of your cd's oh and actully he is a very nice guy and all of his family will be there for you and your fans will support you!!!!!!!!!

Becca 5 years ago

Heyy I think the whole JB getting a girl prego is lame. But there COULD be a LITTLE truth behind it. I mean, SHE wants a DNA test, most people would deny it because they wouldn't want to get caught. And she obviously knows that if this is true, she can go to jail for having sex with an under age. I dunno, kinda curious to see how it turns out....

Jazman 5 years ago

Justin bieber is my half brother don't talk about him he did not do it I promise I agree with that girl that said don't h8the him if you don't know him bye -jazman

5 years ago


missmya 5 years ago

i like justin

Erick ramierez 5 years ago

i thinkjust bieber is cute

Hails 5 years ago

He didn't get a girl preg!!!!

Melianie Sanchez 5 years ago

You are so sexy. Did you really get a girl pregnant?

Annabell grace 5 years ago

Well, Honestly I couldn't care less about Justin Bieber. Im 16 and I don't like him very much. I think It's stupid to be falling all over a 15 16 or 17 year old guy who is famous and you're never going to date or anything in that area.. It's just all a stupid big mess that will blow over in a month or two? Anyway I don't even think the child is his?... I think the whore went out fuck a guy and went and told everyone that she fuck Justin Bieber? No matter what anyone says, I DON'T BELIEVE IT AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! :) Bye

**Annabell Gracee!**

ms bieber 5 years ago

OMG i love justn bieber but i do not think he got that that girl pregnant

believer 5 years ago

justin bieber would never get a especially a woman pregnant with an older age neither with selena gomez i hate her also why would she get a tattoo of justins name with a heat its not like there gonna be together forever.............................


I have met Justin Bieber before because I was the girl in Misletoe so I know what he's like and he wouldn't get a girl pregnant...So anyway if it is his then oh well, its just a child even though Selena will be VERY cross with him xxxx :)

Sandhya 5 years ago

Actually ppl like her just wnt to come in limelight n just want to get publicity.in reality she does not have any img of her own. anyway jb is rocking

ennocence 5 years ago

i love jb !!!!!!!!!!!!!well never mind i like mb!!!!!!!!!

Justine Bieber 5 years ago

I hate what people say about Justin, first of all Justin ain't gay he sings about girls for crying out loud and he can sing dah that's why you know him and girls are all over him so he ain't ugly so people you just jealous how can you hate a person you barely even know,really if you hate him you shouldn't bother to know about his gossip and things cause you hate him I'm a Bieber fan and I'm proud love you Justin don't pay attention to people who don't have goals unlike you

FU 5 years ago

LOL! More people hate him than like him! HAHA that's awesome :D

margret 5 years ago

dumb kid i hate him

marena finch 5 years ago

justin just everything about you i love even your music and i donot think your gay at all and even though i love you with all my heart and want to be your bride oneday i think you and SELENA should go out!! your love,marena 13 year old girl love you baby.............peace out babe

Angela 5 years ago

He likes selena

me? 5 years ago

Justin bieber is the best most amazing thinq ever.

don't hate him cas you aint him


and if yu do hate him, what did he do to you? like fur real.


jk 5 years ago

i find this so surprising to see that there are more haters who have voted, this is considering the votes, and yet they obviously don't really 'hate' him, they're just jealous, honestly people if you really hated him, you's wouldn't waste your time going on sites about him and voting on things like this, pathetic much! a lot of people like him and yet you's have more to say than most of them. incredibly weird isn't it? just admit, you's really love him :p

lalaaaaaa:) 5 years ago

FOR GOD SAKE ITS JUST JUSTIN BEIBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Adam Pendergrass 5 years ago

Justin Bieber is my bride to be. I love him dearly. We will be together. Young & gay, but in love nonetheless. I love you baby. & I sincerely hope that you will emerge from the closet to be my boo.


Adam from Spiro, Oklahoma(our love nest)

valerie 5 years ago

ohhhhhhhhhhh...... no he is not a gay guys

mrzbieber1972 5 years ago

acacia you are the one that is gay!! I luv justin bieber im your #1 fan i luv you by acacia

Acacia 5 years ago

Justin? Who likes him anymore he is so gay,retarded,can't sing,ugly,annoying,EX.

and I don't care who sees this I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER!

jason 5 years ago

justin bibers gayyy

AlUSDA loves jb 5 years ago

Im your number1fan and I don't Like when people start rumors and this has gone why to far and everyone that puts bad comments on here you shouldn't talk like t. you don't evan Know

jklove 5 years ago

that sucks it is not true that justin bieber made a girl preagnant lolololololollolololololololololo

Lucy 5 years ago

I think he is SO hot I love him some people hate him but does he really hate his fans coz hens lush hot stunning butieful and spicy and lots of other things he is HOT!!!!!!!!!!! from your biggest fan Lucy

justa licious 247 5 years ago

i hate him i hope something bad happens to him.. but i wouldn't do anything.. im a good kid

Autumn Starr 5 years ago

Its not JUST a rummor, They are making him do i parent test thingy. And yes. I agree Selena is not a boy, And if anything it should be Selena getting pregnet. And this doesn't mean that he's a bad person. It's WONDERFUL. Don't be jealous. He is creating life. He's 18 years old, JEEZ. Most the guys in the world got girls pregnat at the age of 15, Get over you selvs girls. Come on. You don't really have a chance with him, I mean how would you react if some fan of yours came up to you and said " Hey! I love you, I'm your biggest fan. Wanna get married and have 10 kids?" Pft. (: But you never know. He may have got a girl pregnant, And he may not have. I guess all you Fans will have to wait

- Autumn Starr

Sydney 5 years ago

Okay um first of all, if Justin would never get a girl then what is Selena? She isn't a man, that's for sure! And second of all, Justin is actually a very attractive person. Third of all, this is just a rumor, Justin did not get a girl pregnant and so everyone should stop spreading this. Also, Justin's family are strong Christians and I do not believe that his mother would be okay with that.

I am a firm BELIEBER and I absolutely live Justin Drew Bieber. He is hot and has an amazing voice, Selena is a very lucky girl and if Justin ever wanted to date me, I would say yes in a heartbeat.

RikerL 5 years ago

I love that the Most voted answer on that Poll is "Nothing, I hate Justin Beiber." I have faith in Humanity yet.

Brittney Crosby 5 years ago

This stupid rumor needs to stop. Justin Bieber did NOT get that girl pregnant, and I don't believe it and nor will I ever. That girl needs to learn that her ex-boyfriend knocked her up, not Justin. I have seen tons of pictures of HER baby and it looks absoulutely NOTHING like Justin. That girl needs to get over it, and she should be placed in an insane asylum or something because she's a lunatic. Why would Justin Bieber get HER pregnant if he is dating Selena Gomez? Can you answer that for me?

creampuff2431 5 years ago

umm yea soo this mite not be true about him soo u should not even be rude to him u don't no weeeeee don't no so get over and face the facts!! people!! :/

gftfgjvhhg girl 5 years ago

ok here it is if he got a girl pregnant his job would be dead and all of you people that5 say he got a girl pregnant are the people that want to get pregnant by him and want all that attention or its happened to you and just because theres a rumor about that doesn't mean its true. if it ruined your life when you got pregnant it doesn't mean that doesn't happen to famous people either. so get out of here with qall that drama and go make a rumor about yourself instead of being jealous and talking about others.

sam 5 years ago

what's the point in spreading rumours he believes that u can only have sex with them if he loves them ovbs he wont just go root some teenage girl and get her pregnant. Yes im a huge fan of justin. Just think about it

Montserrat 5 years ago


jessica 5 years ago

justin bieber is gay

123456654321 5 years ago

who cairs

Pablo cancon 5 years ago

i cant believe he got a girl pragnet cause no one likes him p.s. you would never get a girl in your life

selina 5 years ago

you are a nice guy and everything but your voice sounds like a girls not to be rude

Katie Monroe 5 years ago

This is bs he would not get a girl pregnant if he knew that if he did it would ruin his career, some crazy ass bitch just up and decided she would make a rumor that justin got her pregnant I mean really what physico would say that justin got her pregnant she just obsessed with him and wishes he got her pregnant and no Im not a big fan about justin but I don't hate him,he's alright I yea he looks kinda good and his singing is good but I don't see why this girl would want to ruin his life.

Isaac 5 years ago

@Mariaa Capitalizing every word makes you look stupid, not cute. Please refrain from doing so, also the "&&" thing is not cute either, just annoying and distracting while trying to read the comments. Grow up.

xena mae 5 years ago

what?well don't touch other's life....mind your own wonderful life......who cares if somebody said that...such a gross..........!!!!.........hahahahaha..........

Maria 5 years ago

Thiss Is Totally Fake . Why Would Justin Bieber Pick A Random Girl Out Of No Wheree ?

&&' All You Haters saying Things About Justin Bieber . If You Don't Like Him And Think He's Lame Why Are You Wasting Your Time Research This Gake Rumor ? -__________-

J-rock 5 years ago

just bieber hasn't hit puberty yet so how could he get a girl pregnant? haha

carla 5 years ago

hey this is so stupied its not even true so just shut up about it if u don't like him stop writing about him it makes u big lossers

neversaynever12 5 years ago

well i really like justin bieber but im not border line crazy ... i wonder what's gonna happen if he gets married in the near by future ?..... o well i love him so much but im not bieber crazy :)

Synthia 5 years ago

I just want to know if its true

nikki 5 years ago

i really don't like justin bieber

CeCe 5 years ago

What gets me is, most people voted that they didn't care about Justin Bieber, but if they didn't care about him, then what are they even doing reading things about him???


julieandjustin 5 years ago

justin im sorry this jerk is spreading lies about you but if it makes you feel better no one believes her!

bettye 5 years ago

i luv justin bieber so much andi know that didn't happen so ppl just stop he mean everyhing to me his look his smile and hes soooo nice i just luv u so much hope to meet u someday

Alejandra :) 5 years ago

I use to be a really huge fan of justin but not so much anymore.i still like his music n think hes cute :).

I don't think shes pregnant.. I don't think he would do that.. Y do ppl talk crap if they don't even kno him!! Or care for him

pinkie 5 years ago

okay... im not a fan of jb or his music at all.. but come on, out of all girls who like jb, that woman comes out to say he impregnated her? what does she want... publicity? even if it were true, people could say its her fault for letting it happen. its all a hoax people. i think he would think about doing something that could possibly ruin his career and public image.

me!! 5 years ago

I used to like justin bieber but now he is lame and old so i don't really care but i still like his music

gabby 5 years ago

justin bieber is amazing he is a total package he is soo dreamy his eyes hair and his voice!!!

Knp 5 years ago

Look if he did that's his business and y'all need to stop obsessing over it he would tell if he wanted to I don't believe it and people are mostly saying this because they wish it was true!

:_ 5 years ago

Haha it's probably not true, but I guess I could be wrong, but its funny! And who even cares?

Justin Bieber 5 years ago

Hey what up this is JB I just wanted 2 let you know the rumor is not true and that all my fans that supported me, thanks. Luv ya!

-Justin Bieber

Mrs.Bieber 5 years ago

I personally love justin bieber he is beautiful i don't believe the rumor because he is too sweet and if it was true (hich its not) i would be disapointed because i have like 100000000000000000 posters of him in my room and Justin if your somehow reading this i believe you inacent but hey im only eleven!

Meatty 5 years ago

I am bigfoot from pluto.I like Tocos.WHO is Justin Bieber?? i like guys.wait what is music?????

do 5 years ago

lol ha

143baby143 5 years ago

i love justin bieber i don't think he got any1 pregnant

mia 5 years ago

i love how the highest percentage is i hate jb XD

Lexi 5 years ago

Hey guys...I now you may hate him but does that give you a reason to say garbage about him NO..would you like people to do that to you NO i am not really fan but I don't think it's far for all these people to say garbage you don't even now so if you plz stop???

Nicolas 5 years ago

@ Jimmy I love your Spelling :) That's what spell checks for

Jimmy 5 years ago

I am kinda tired of people talking crap about Justin Bieber. I'm sure most people are just jellous. If they really didn't like him I don't see why they would need to go around on the internet talking about how he has a four year olds voice, and should kill himself. Personly, I'm not a big fan of his music, but I will admit that he is very famous and talented for his age. Theres an example, I said I don't like his music, but just because you don't like his music doesn't mean it's nessacary to post stuff about how hes garbage.

Screenprinterz 5 years ago

Justin beieber has a fat ego and he probably spread the rumor in an attempt to create some sort of masculinity to look less like a little girl. Haters gon hate.

Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 5 years ago Author

lol Adam you are too funny.

Adam Mejias 5 years ago

I have a prophecy and its accurate as of 9/4/11 1AM. Justin Bieber acturally did get his girlfriend pregnant. After Ms. Gomez give birth on Feb. 2012, she will be a drama person for years. Then, by 2026 Sell will help the inventor(me)with the caspian invention. But, she will cause it to fail, because of the harmful things she put into her body(like drugs, early pregnancy and sex. Bieber's girlfriend pregnancy is acturally the first sign of the end of the world. That's why the world will end on August 4th, 2081. This is not a rumor about if Justin Bieber got a girlfriend pregnant. This info is a warning! E-mail me a Scifi93@AOL.com, password tauras93 for more questions on this info warning.

haley 5 years ago

i love justin

Tak101 5 years ago

All them that be hating on justin beiber need to stop

Stevennix2001 profile image

Stevennix2001 5 years ago

Well Diane, to be perfectly honest, I have nothing against Justin Bieber personally. In fact, I actually did do some research into his life, when I had to write a film review on his documentary to make sure the facts fell in line with the movie. However, I won't bore you with that detail. lol. However, from what I gather, he's a good kid that i hope does beat the odds of being another run of the mill boy band. However, the film analyst in me says, he's more than likely just that...another fad. Don't get me wrong, he's talented, but he doesn't stand out enough to make himself worthy to be compared to other music legends that some of these teens want to compare him to.

Having said that, I think it's fairly ridiculous how these young girls fight over a guy that doesn't even know they exist. I mean I still think it's sad that this one girl who beat Justin Bieber for a grammy got death threats from all his fans. Seriously, how is that even warranted? Sure, he's a talented singer, but who cares if he won a grammy or not? A lot of music legends never won grammys. Hell, it still boggles me why Pearl Jam never gets the full recognition they deserve, but it doesn't make me lose sleep at night over it. In fact, I really don't even care, as i know how good they are. however, these bieber fans seem to have an obsession to where everyone needs to like him.

That's the only problem I have about these girls who are in love with Justin Bieber. Don't get me wrong, I have no problems with them liking the guy, but I don't see why everyone needs to like him just because they do. that's just ridiculous. anyway, im sorry for that short rant diane, as i hope your not mad at me for hijacking your thread. lol. thanks for another interesting read, as ill be sure to rate this one up!

Dynanish justin 5 years ago

I love justin so much and nothing can change that,not even the rumours

Jill 6 years ago

He got like 1000000 girls pregnant

CHANTELLE  6 years ago

i love justin b becouse he is hot and sexy xxxxxxxxxx

ty 6 years ago

justin is not so cool he just a 16 year old that has a voice of a 4 year old girl

rachel  6 years ago

i think it is all true becuasde he is to damn ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Celeste 6 years ago

Im not a HUGE fan of Justin Beiber, but I think he's a decent guy, so people should just leave him alone and stop spreading rumors.

Valentia 6 years ago

Justin I love u so much but I 'm at SOUTH AFRICA I can't see even one concert I need help find me It's not that really far maby this could be u're dream girl so find me "BABY" I'M SO LONELY I'm stuck in u're mind I don't eat I can'even study anymore FIND ME MY LOVE CALL ME AT 0730678423

profile image

x3maur9 6 years ago

omg people thing Justin is pregnant???? I think that is imposible.... please view my blog, it is also about celebs you might find some information you like... maybe you will use it on yours because i don't care I just like people to know this stuff.... im not like a rumer spreader it is just interesting!! isn't it?

melissa 6 years ago

well i love justin bieber hes sooo hot i cant wait to go to his concert!!!!!

profile image

melissa 95 6 years ago

Baby girl 95 hi my name is melissa and iam saying hi to justin bieber becoues i don't think that she is your fans and i have a best friend love you very much and she have alove you very much and will mike go to your songing thing next year if will get money to go to see you songing and will are go to califorina to see my little sister and sea would and disney land to with my family to and will are having a lot of fun with my family and i have2brothers and 3 sister and a lot of consis in arizona and a lot of the would and we love you very much justin bieber talk to you lander

lilly may 6 years ago

i don't think that she is.

hannah 6 years ago




Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 6 years ago Author

Hi Steveo this hub was really an experiment on something I read and it worked however I picked a topic I almost wish I hadn't. HaHa Anyway thanks for stopping by.

SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

Actually, I thought this might have been written by a sappy teen, however, I can see that it was not. My granddaughter loves Justin but I think he is just an average kid. The hype surrounding him is incredible. I don't really hate Justin, there was no other answer I could choose on your poll.

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