Justin Timberlake Concert Video Paris

Justin Timberlake Paris Concert - Part One

Justin Timberlake gave a private nightclub performance in Paris on December 2, 2006 which was recorded for television broadcast in France. Justin is always amazing live, but the smaller nightclub venue is just ideal for live footage.

I've broken up the concert onto two pages to keep from slow page loads and the songs are posted in Justin's setlist order. The audio is terrific on all of the live footage, but the clips come from two different sources and in my opinion the second page has the best stuff on it and is a cleaner video source. Of course, it also helps that it has my favorite songs on it -- LoveStoned and What Goes Around :)

Visit Part Two of Justin's Paris Concert

Justin Timberlake sings Like I Love You Live in Paris

Cry Me a River live in Paris

Justin Timberlake sings My Love live in Paris

Senorita live performance for W9

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