KHANPUR (Katora)





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khalid 5 years ago

thnx to post these pics , waoo , now i understand how time change evry thing ,,,

Mehmood Akram 5 years ago

Great work. Nice pics

ammar shah 5 years ago

yaar fazal garden shamil karo

aur swiming pools bhi

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 5 years ago

I really liked these photos.

ghulam muhammad 5 years ago

nice pix

Abuzar Khaleeq 4 years ago

ohy maaz acha photos han

nauman rahat 4 years ago

nice to see birth place after a long time. Maaz if each photo is captioned with location, then it could be a better memory recall for us.

ZUBAIR ALI 3 years ago

mujhay bohaot pasand aya tata by by

Niaz Ahmed Thaheem 3 years ago

Add about old basti of Thaheemabad Nawak kot Road. Tkhis Basi exist before partation

tahir malik 2 years ago

my beautiful city

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