Lucky Dube's Murderers Finally Sentenced for Life.

            The family of the slain reggae star musician lucky Dube has rejoiced with some bit of relief and consolation, as the three men accused of Lucky’s murder were found guilty of all charges in a South African high court on March 31.

             At the South-African high court in Johannesburg on Tuesday being the 31 of March 2009, the high court judge Sean Moshidi found Sifiso Mhlanga, Mbuti Mabe and Julius Gxowa guilty of the murder of lucky Dube, who was gunned down during a botched hijacking in Rosettenville in October 2007.

            “What happened to uBaba (Dube) was really traumatic to all of us, but we are happy that these killers have been found guilty. We know they are being brought to book and we can now have closure” said the slain star’s son, Thokozani.

            Thokozani along with his sister Nonkulueko was present when these car hijackers murdered their star father. The two children were bidding their beloved father farewell on the driveway of their uncle’s home following a dinner outing at Eastgate mall when the killers attacked him, and they never knew that this would be the last farewell to their beloved father, an unpredictable life we are living.

             Outside the court, family members and the late star’s band members where seen in white t-shirts with Dube’s face emblazoned upon them. The heart-broken Dube junior said that he hoped his father’s murderers would get a “proper sentence”.  While the late star’s wife, Zanele was too nervous to talk to the media, as she only waved hand, dismissing any further questions regarding her feelings on the guilty verdict passed by the presiding judge.  The lost has been lost; I guess that must be the woman’s feelings.

            One of the killers, Mabe was also found guilty on an additional charge relating to the hijacking of a green VW Polo used in Lucky Dube’s botched hijacking.

             On the same vain, Mhlanga and Gxowa also received a guilty verdict in relation to a charge of possessing an unlicensed firearm while Mhlanga was found guilty for possessing ammunition. Quoting the judge, Moshidi at the ruling, “The court is satisfied that the state has proven guilty of all the three accused”. Court?

            In his ruling, Judge Moshidi exempted Thabo Maruping, a man initially arrested with the three, but who later turned state witness, from prosecution. The entire citizens of South Africa and all the Dube’s fans worldwide rejoiced at this fair judgement.

            Lucky Dube, a South African born reggae musician, began his musical career from the age of 18, by joining his cousin’s band, “The Love Brothers”. His inspiration came from the socio-political messages from reggae artists like Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff. His first album was “Rastas Never Die”, and was banned by the South African government because the album speaked against apartheid. He won several musical awards including the award of the “Best Selling African Artist” by OKTV and others. He sold more than 3 million albums worldwide in just a two-decade career.


            Earlier before the final hearing of the murder conviction case of the late star Lucky Dube, two of the accused murderers who were remanded in Police custody at Johannesburg Central Police Station’s high-risk Security detention center, rather than at Johannesburg prison where they had been kept since.

             The request to remand them there came after Mabe and Mhlanga assaulted a police officer in a foiled attempt to escape from the court on Tuesday morning of that week. They also assaulted a police officer by hitting him with a brick, when he tried to stop them from escaping.

             Prior to the court hearing, the Judge Moshidi ordered that everyone entering the court room be searched, I quote “I suggest, in view of this development that security should be beefed up. People going into this court should be searched and court orderliness must do their work…they have been too relaxed” said Moshidi. The duo that listened to their guilty verdict in bloodied bandages covering head injuries sustained on Tuesday morning have also been charged with attempted escape from lawful custody and assault.

             Further hearings on the final sentencing continues on Wednesday, though the killers showed no remorse of their acts even as they looked boldly at media video coverings at the court hearing. Dube’s family is escaping at least 25 years jail term for the killers, before they can even seek for a parole. For more details, visit and


              It is quite shocking to hear the merciless killers and hijackers, who murdered the South African born reggae icon, Lucky Dube on 18th October 2007 while he was driving home from a dinner gathering with his uncle and children; said that they killed him because they thought he was a Nigerian.

            These tribalistic murderers were not ashamed saying that the citizens of Nigeria residing in their country have contributed to more unemployment for them, so they thought it wise to murder any of them that they crashed upon. But many still find this statement incredible, as the murdered victim was a very known and popular face, which must be well known to such group as these murderers.


            On Thursday being the 2nd of April 2009, Judge Moshidi at the South Gauteng High Court in South Africa, sentence the three killers, who murdered the reggae icon, lucky Dube in front of his children in late 2007. The judge sentenced Sifiso Mhlanga to a 34-year life jail, Julius Gxowa, 32 and Mbuti Mabe, 31 in addition to a 15-year jail term for attempted robbery. They will not be eligible for any parole.

             At the prosecution witness was singer Thuthukani Cele, who described Dube saying, “He loved his music, he was a very humble person and he was a very humorous person”. But we all know that a life sentence is simply regarded as 25 years, which is not good enough for such Carlos act by inhumane mobsters.

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AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

Oh my the world certainly is different isn't it? Sad ..:(

sparrow 7 years ago

I love yu so much

accofranco profile image

accofranco 7 years ago from L Island Author

Thanks Sparrow for such a wonderful comment, i hope you did enjoyed the hub?

Theo 6 years ago

I have followed Lucky Dube's career and was impressed by his passion and artistic abilities. These killers as they have come to be known have robbed the world of another burning light. He was one of their own and they showed no mercy. To kill a man in front of his children requires nothingless than a death sentenced.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@Theo, the world is a wicked place, and the humans in it are senseless. a man who suffered to get to where he was yet, these heartless killers decided to end his ambition before time. all these tells me more that there must be life after death which follows with a reward of deeds. thanks for sharing your view, keep the fire burning and keep reading...

Sam 6 years ago

Those heartless murderers deserves nothin less than death sentence,bcos they robbed the whole world of an ICON..Dube will greatly be reward for all his goodwill messages..

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

I still think they deserve death sentence either, what do you think bro?

michael Davidson 6 years ago

they deserve to be thrown into the hell on earth.......Dube is and will always be my best musician for life.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@michael, Lucky is the best Regae artist, and will always be, even at death. thanks for reading, though we can temper justice with mercy for the guys, if no sin, there won't be forgiveness.

Thanks brother.

enefagha 6 years ago

i just miss him a lot he was our reggea king

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@enefagha, not just you alone, the world is missing him....and we will always miss him, great guy he was, lived not to witness the light at the end of the African tunnel...thanks for that memory...keep it up!

george  5 years ago

oh my favourate ragae

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@george, our favorite regae star...the world has lost many...a wicked place we habit. thanks for reading and commenting.

Rose 5 years ago

Wat a cruel world we live in, GOD why? It`s bin 3 years and sum months since he died but it feels like yesterday.Am just a fan and I feel like this wat more his family,may God be their comforter. I mis da big man so much.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Rose, yes...the feelings is always there even though he is gone...blessed memory...we all loved him and will continue to love him...thanks for reading and commenting.

agwu peter 5 years ago

Death,why were u ever created?if u must take a life,why must it be my Reggae icon?Each time i ask dis questns i don't see d response aniwhere.I now understand why Albert Camus said ''le monde est absurde''Rest in peace daddy

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@AGWU PETER, Death respects no man or status, and that is what makes it so unique and sacry...anyway, he was a true legend, we will always remember him, thanks for the emotional comment...thank you.

Ernst Bishop 5 years ago

There are prophetes that we need them for our world to change but there still are some wicked don't want them change thinks for our world.He died young like Robert Nesta marley.

Rest in Peace Brother.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Ernst Bishop, may his gentle soul continue to rest peacefully....thanks for that great and warm reminder....thank you.

william.fischer29 profile image

william.fischer29 5 years ago

Glad to hear the killer's conviction.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@William.fischer29, thank you for the comment. Thank you...

albert miring'u 5 years ago

That was a very fair judgment. The killers showed no mercy to the deceased reggae icon. That judgment is very suitable for them. Actually , Lucky was my best reggae singer. He didn't deserve to die in a senseless murder case like that. R I P My brother and my hero too!!

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@albert, he was a true hero...we will always miss him...thanks for stopping by...

Edward Abia 5 years ago

my hrt will never and i mean never forgive the killer of lucky dube. They should die in jail.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

Please i want to first apologize for late response to your comments, i am so so sorry for that, i have been so busy with my holiday, and just recently, i lost my most beloved illustrious brother in an auto crash on the 4th of January, and coupled with the issue of strike in my country, i have not found time to respond to your comments, please bear with me, i am sorry. Thank you.

@Edward Abia, all the same, if there was no sin, there wouldn't have been forgiveness, so we shall forgive them, at least, they are paying dearly for their inhumane. Thanks for stopping by.

stephen amadi 5 years ago

if only dos who lilled legend Lukey Dube, new what he hase to give out to the world day would have restricked to do so, ech time i hear his voice i feel dipe pean in my bons becuse his techings made me to stand for the thrught.


accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@stephen, thanks for stopping by...we will always miss him.

Ntebatse maphakela 4 years ago

Lucky was my hero and he will always remain lyk dat

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@Ntebatse, we all love him, and I believe the world in general miss him, and that was why i wrote this article to keep his memories alive even though he is no more, unfortunately, i also lost my reputable and well-to-do elder brother just like that on the 4th of January this year...but in everything, we must thank God and forge ahead until our own day is up. thanks for stopping by.

Frankie 4 years ago

While watching the funeral service of a music icon; Whitney Houston and the several tearful eulogies poured upon her, I remembered Lucky Dube.The pains of Dube's death still bites sharply each time one plays any of his tracks. He was a man who preached and lived peace, love, equal rights, justice, truth and the fear of GOD. People like him come once in an era. He was so unique and had such beautiful lyrics to all his songs that I call him: THE LAST REGGAE PROPHET. His murderers denied the world the beauty of his talent and his reassuring message of hope... He left the world better than he left it. Rest in Peace brother.

Jatson 4 years ago

I wish they were also executed as they killed that innocent young man Lucky Dube. The man we so much like his music. They have not only denied us of listening to his new or more music had he been alive, but also killed him. Now they will be enjoying free food, free television, free water, free bed and even enjoying morethern some of us that are working and not in prison. I wish there is Moses Law in the world an eye for an eye law. Even though God says we should forgive, but I wish I cand see God and ask him why? If you know you don't want to be killed why do you kill your fellow human being? If these guys are mad I can understand, but they are just demons and we are not supposed to live with demons.

Tsepang 4 years ago

lucky dube was ma best artist i loved so much but when i heard that he has been shot i was shocked and i wish his killers could not get a chance of getting bails and amnesty.i loved him before i heard his album known as prisoner and the last album he left was known as respect it made me feel i could sing like but i could not but even now im feeling heartbroken about his death i love you all guys.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@Jatson, Tsepang, and Frankie, we will continue to miss him, he was a true prophet. Thanks guys for stopping by.

venda 4 years ago

i am still angry abt the murder of one of my best favourate artist in the whole world.i love his music.his music can uplift you if you are down.i want to forgive those who killed him but i cant.i always wish if he was still alive so that he could be able to give us good messages.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@venda, we will continue to miss him....he is a true legend....thanks for stopping by.

Obera Innocent 4 years ago

My broda watin don happen idon happen, if 2 be say mony can safe life i would hv spend my lst kobo 2 rase him 4rm death, but dat is imposible, so dot tink 2much, Baba Lucky Dube rest in peace til we meet again.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@Obera Innocent, amen and amen! Thanks for stopping by brother.

TRAVOLTOR TODD 4 years ago


accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@TRAVOLTOR TODD, we all will continue to miss him because he impacted on our lives in one way or the other through his amazing songs....RIP Dube! Thanks Travoltor for stopping by....spread the news!

Emeka Emywinbo 3 years ago

lucky dube was like my father, my fathet died when i was six yaers old so i did not grow up with my father, so when i am 15 yaers i started listing to lucky dube music and i so much love him, so i took his fullstep of his life style and grow up with his life style and it help me a lot i have his giant 5 fit picture in my house when i had dat my second father lucky dube died it look as if i will die becuse he taught me a lot of things which i have never ever learn from anybody today, but GOD knows why, so i will not blem GOD because he gives him to me and he take him away from me, i thank GOD that i learn a lot from him, even now anytime am on happy i will just go into my Highlander jeep and slot my dad CD plate calld guns and roses and i will be happy again the best track my wife like so much is guns and roses, thanks so much for going true my life histry Emeka from Nigeria this my Number 08034351241 bye

Michael UNZAMA 3 years ago

The killing of star Lucky Dube is a great loss to the whole world including the heartless killers...

accofranco profile image

accofranco 3 years ago from L Island Author

Thanks @Emeka and Michael for stopping by...Lucky Dube will continue to live on in our hearts.

Jonathan 2 years ago

Death penalty for the accused is what I would have liked!! I hope someone in the prison will give the crims the fitting justice.

divine 24 months ago

I realy miss you lucky dube may your gentel soul continue to rest in the bosom of the lord i love you and i miss you so so mush

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    A Star's Murder Case

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