Kajal Agarwal Hot Pics - Photos of the Cute and Beautiful South Indian Actress

Kajal Aggarwal Hot Pics

Kajal agarwal is one of the cutest of present day south indian actresses, thus drawing a large fan base. Her first film was in Hindi, in the year 2004,which was a cameo appearence. Later on she was casted in the Bharathiraja movie Bommalattom along with veteran actors like Arjun and Nana Patekar, in tamil. The movie was critically acclaimed.

Kajal has acted in Tamil and Telugu movies. Today she is one of the busiest actresses in south indian film industry. She also starred in the sequel to the blockbuster movie Arya titled, well, Arya 2. Her role in the telugu movie Magadheera, was acclaimed both by critics and audiences alike. Kajal was born in Punjab in 1985.

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dinesh 6 years ago

hot & sexy

ramesh 6 years ago

love uuuuuuuuuuuuu kajal

satish 6 years ago

love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

ram charan 6 years ago

u r so sexy my dear

Ravi 6 years ago

I love kajal

murali 6 years ago


stranger 6 years ago

u hve gt a cute face......

SRINU 6 years ago


sanjib 6 years ago

I want to Mary u dear Kajal. pls come in my deem.

ramu.g 6 years ago

your so really amazing and crazy girl

okka matalo cheppalante naku telisi prapamchamlo neekante andanga evaru vundaru

basha 6 years ago

i love yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

munna 6 years ago

i love u

kumar 6 years ago

u r so cute

sai 6 years ago

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Orange ahmad 6 years ago

Dear kajal . Ur every photography so hot and beautiful . My think , u r a number 1 beauty in india . Hahaha , i wish marry 2 u ( funny ) . Best of luck . Be happy always . Thanks

Badri 6 years ago

my dream girl

nagarjuna 6 years ago

tollywood queven u i lick @ love darling

madhan 6 years ago

very good photos

naveen 6 years ago


Kajal your body language so good,I am big fan so

please dont weare sexy dress ok. I LOVE YOU

shady 6 years ago

u r the hotest i ever seen

dada 6 years ago

this china piece is look good but china pieces are always cheap and Faulty

sharath 6 years ago

you are very hottttttttttttttttttttttttt

mani maran 6 years ago

i love u

ranjith 6 years ago

ilove u kajal

Raj 6 years ago

I've no sisters i think as ur my sister

mibin 6 years ago

so sweet

naga raju  6 years ago

very nice

munna 6 years ago

darlng i wanna dating with u

Kishor 6 years ago

Kajol my heart bets for u

profile image

saikiran2000 6 years ago

i want to date with u

arun agarwal 5 years ago

u r a hot but looking very cheap in every photo

Sanjay 5 years ago

Ur so cute and beautiful ur top most sexy

raju 5 years ago

i love u kajal ur beaty and very very sexy

kiran 5 years ago

i can comment on my DARLING

stranger 5 years ago

ninnu dengi dengi vadulta

degithomas 5 years ago

ne alu oru charakku ata...

Ssk 5 years ago

I love you kajal

sneha 5 years ago

i love you kajal....

Jac 5 years ago

I love you

Sandip raj 5 years ago

Nuvvu nannu premistunnav

Kagaz nagar arjun 5 years ago

Nuvvu nannu premistunnavani naku telusu

antony 5 years ago

I love kajal

amruth 5 years ago

puku ni nakali ani undi

kranthi kumar 5 years ago

i lv u

manda srinivasarao 5 years ago

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mohan kumar 5 years ago

i love you

Aruntej 4 years ago


Dicki rokzz 4 years ago

kajal i luv

vinoth 4 years ago

very cute

arun 4 years ago

hai kajal..

ur vry vry sexyyyyy...i love u sexy gaLL...ur d most desirable sexy gal 4 me...Mmmmmmwh....! love u love u love love u kajall darling...ur ultimate sexy gal...takcare darling..!:)

sony 4 years ago

Hiiii dear

kane 4 years ago


babi 4 years ago


ra.one 4 years ago


anitha 4 years ago


Nagaraju 4 years ago

i love you

n.ravi mental krishna 4 years ago

ore vedavallara buthulu rayakandra thappura

logu 4 years ago


kajal 4 years ago

i want to taste your navel and kiss you kajal

BISU 4 years ago


SS 4 years ago


nani 4 years ago

kajal nu dengina rakesh

karthik 3 years ago

your sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo colurfull

raghavendra 3 years ago

nuvu super i am big fan of you

pydisrinivas 3 years ago

ILOVE U kajal

kumar 3 years ago

hi kajal

chandana.k 2 years ago

you are so beautiful i love you so much when you are angry[funny]

mani 2 years ago

ne figer keka only one night ra

rajesh 2 years ago

I love u

Rayyan 2 years ago

i m ur big fan kajal i love u so much or jo gndy comments likh rhy hain un k ly hkhta hu sharm karo or izzat krna sekho

Gopal 2 years ago

Very good photos kajal

lucky neelesh 2 years ago

I love u vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv much

BOSS 2 years ago

Beauty kajal

sai 2 years ago


Arun 2 years ago

I love u kaja so mouch

Arun T.S 2 years ago

I love u kajal sooooooooo much and i like u soooo much y u soooo nice da .

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