Kavya Madhavan Divorce News

Kavya Madhavan marriage under trouble

Kavya Madhavan's divorce news comes as a shock to her fans worldwide after being married for just 4 months. Yes, Kavya is consulting with a family advocate to get divorced just after 4 months of marriage. There is no official statement from Kavya or her family yet - but this news could very well be true. Beautiful and most sought after Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan married Nishal Chandran just 4 months ago. See these links for more information on Kavya Madhavan's wedding. Hot actress Bhavana attended Kavya's wedding and it was such a joyful event where the entire Malayalam cinema industry came together as a family to celebrate Kavya's good times.

Kavya Madhavan divorce news in Malayalam
Kavya Madhavan divorce news in Malayalam

 It is so unfortunate to hear this sad news that Kavya Madhavan was not happy with her married life and has filed for divorce. Kavya Madhavan is now living with her parents and whether she will continue acting in cinema or TV is still unknown. Kavya Madhavan moved to Kuwait right after marriage to live with her husband NischalChandran. Now she has moved back to Kerala and trying to get legal advice on divorce procedures. Kavya's legal council has told her that at least one year separation is needed before filing the petition for divorce.

Kavya Madhan got married to Nischal Chandran in Feb 2009 at Kollur and they hosted a grand reception for their family and friends. Many movie stars including the sexy Navya Nair, Delicious Bhavana attended the function and wished Kavya for a successful married life.The reason for Kavya Madhavan's divorce is not clear and why she has approached a family court in Trivandrum, Kerala. I cannot believe how a man can not keep a beautiful talented much accomplished actress like Kavya Madhavan happy. He has got to be so gay to push Kavya to this extent. Kavya Madhavan recently acted in a Malayalam movie "Pattinathil Bootham" alongside Mammooty.

Post your comments and thoughts on Kavya Madhavan's divorce news in the comments section below and feel free to vote in the poll.

Beautiful Kavya Madhavan in Saree

with husband nischal chandran
with husband nischal chandran
Beautiful kavya in saree
Beautiful kavya in saree

Kavya Madhavan wedding reception

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Comments 111 comments

peeyou 7 years ago

its too bad yo hear that kavya is getting divorced

awell wisher of kavya 7 years ago

I watched one of the interviews after their marriage,in which he says when asked about her acting career" Ini jeevithathilum angabhinayichal mathy ennu" I felt so bad hearing it, i thought him a rogue then which unfortunately came true. Just pray she faces this trial boldly, I can vouch his family are disgusting moneymonsters

ATHIL 7 years ago


Seema 7 years ago

She must be bold ,don't get scared ,treat it as a bas dream

jaggu 7 years ago

NischalChandrante kunna dileepinte kunnayude half polum illathre athu kavyakku sahikkumo???

shabeela 7 years ago

may god bless her

Kavya's fan club 7 years ago

We hope this rumour is not true. And wish Kavya and Nischal happy married life.

Anit 7 years ago

imitating others.may god blessher

shaju 7 years ago

its very bad news we want know the reason .

who will get next chans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hoh lucky men

ss 7 years ago

kavyayude body ayhichu kandappol nishal nettykkanum.

enthoru valiya molaya avalkku.arum kayari kalikkathe angine

orikkalum varilla.nammude kavyakku nalloru panikkaraneyanu vendathu.ohhh adipoli pees arkkanu next chans.aval eni urappayum palarkkum kodukkum.onnil athikam kunna kayariyal

pinne urappayum chance kittiyal aval kalippikku.avarude vettile thottakkaran ayalum mathiyayirunnuuu !!!!!!!

prashanth kumar 7 years ago

Hi this rumour is not true

Dr.Ferrari 7 years ago

The reason is too vivid, Dileep might have visited their home in Kuwait or it is just an arranged drama to make Manju Warrier Happy. Poor Nishal!!!!!!!

fesmitha harif 7 years ago

oho............kavya what is this ?just shocked to hear the news.Anyway may god bless u and best of luck but before doing anything first think and do plz...........if ur doing anything it should not harm ur life.wish u all the best and may god bless u.

greeshma.c.k 7 years ago

this news was rumour because iam a big fan of kavya madhavan and she is a relative . icannot believe this news and i am very felt after heard this news

hakeemkaviyoor 7 years ago

oho............kavya what is this ?just shocked to hear the news.Anyway may god bless u and best of luck but before doing anything first think and do plz...........if ur doing anything it should not harm ur life.wish u all the best and may god bless u.

PRAVEEN 7 years ago


suresh 7 years ago

it is shoking that kavya is diverse any way nishal is lucky he got her huge back and big mula for some days.she is really a charak

Grins 7 years ago

Wht happened?????? this is a shocking news for the malayalys.... Kavya try to adjust...life is just like the two sides of a coin it may be head or tail it is random today there is some sorrows ofcource 2morrow that will be converted in to happy moments of u r life..........belive

nuuuu 7 years ago

kavya really bad pls try to adjust. this is your life you must take the decicion roumurs are every where .you first think on thing cimema is not a real life . life is nota cinema. you must take good decision. ihope so. god blessyou

i& my family pray for you.

sabastin varma 7 years ago

angana thanna vanam najan panda paranjatha anna kattekolan.

appu 7 years ago

Pavam kavya..No problem..Kavya Come With Me I Will Keep U..Basted Nishal...Pooreemon

anupama 7 years ago

shut up u idiots...... kavya is a gud and courageous girl...

god bless u dear frend..

suketham 7 years ago

see whenever there is any problem all pple will say this is wrong .. that's wrong ... Kavya and Nishal u both have the courtesy to live together. Dnt waste ur life for others OR their roumers. Beleave in GOD u will get the life....

neethu 6 years ago

Don't worry Kavya, everything will be allright. God bless you dear...

greeshmasreejith 6 years ago

kavya dont worry dont thing every thing will be ok, every thing will be ok only when u will be bold.u had done a right job divorsing is a good idea I appreciate u .Now u concentrate on ur work and be happy always .hope all the best for ur future.this msg is from my heart.Ilove u as my sister.God will be always with u .

Jobson 6 years ago

You Foolish people.Everybody has the right to marry or get divorce according to the law.Why you were worried much about this?For actress,as they flirted with many men,including heroes and some fake swamijies,they cant be satisfied with one man.So please dont blame them.

mapla 6 years ago

divorce ne patti Kavya pathrakaarodu:

Kavya - thenga pothikkan paara veende sooji pattuvo?

Nishal - glassil spoon ittu ilakkam, pakshe kinattilo?

Raghuram 6 years ago

Plese think first in family falt are become two sides but family life is to adjust each other first speak each other as broad minded its a powerful tool to solve any problem but think first before doing any thing

Rajmohan 6 years ago

Another case of bloody nasty Mother in Law destroying the wedlock.

hari.k.nambiar 6 years ago

The incidence which happened before the marriage was a pre lude what came after the marriage such as 3 days before the marriage.The stupid girl tried to sucide attemptat her homeBut people around her very well know there ia a kamukan behind this.so she ran away from her husband.

ROSE 6 years ago


sanjana (mumbai) 6 years ago

this message is for all those above people who told disrespectful comments if u all not intrested to comment in gud way then plsss dont comments any how kerala's people dont know to speak shame on you all

XYZ 6 years ago

This message is for some people who have posted cheap and vulgar comments!!!!!!!

cheee nanam ellathe manusharey (Shameless ppl)

Never judge a person u don't know. Neither me nor u know Kavya personally. Just pinch ur ears, this can happen in anybody's life. May be in yours or in mine. That does not mean either of us are bad or ppl with high sexual drive. A person cannot expect a married life to be a bed of roses. Usually women of our country sacrifice a lot for marriage. We Indians believe in the institution of marriage and sacrifice a lot for preserving the same. All those who have commented abpve are coming from a close knitted family and u all expect to get into a close knitted family by way of marriage. If u don't agree to what i have just said, u r lying. All of us wants a secured life. We all expect a lot from our life partner. See, the word to address our spouse is 'life partner'. That will also show that a spouse is a partner who is expected to be with us through out our life. We are sharing a life with them. So, understand fellow men who have made unpleasant comments, never judge others. never make stories, never rejoice over someone's loss, never demean others... there is a great judge in our life - GOD - whether u believe it or not.. yes, i was talking about marriage. Well, there are many women, can be our mother or our sisters, who pull on with their married life after knowing their husbands are cheating on them. A few women who cannot tolerate it comes forward to file cases. Here again, u are seeing the tolerance of a woman. It is only in extreme cases that a woman approaches the court. No woman wants to keep her life as an open book so that ppl like u can gossip about anything... each one of have or will get a family.. then, please take care of ur family life... May god bless u all and pls avoid such unpleasant comments.. just because u have the privilege of a computer and internet connection does not mean that u need to spite out filth...

jobin mathew  5 years ago

nishal andi is not better dileep andi is correct the kavya poore

babu 5 years ago

i dont agree with this

ssss 5 years ago

kavya U dont worry molu.

every dog has a day.

what is the prob

nishal enthu cheythu kavya.pediyanooo ninakku

sita 5 years ago

Kavya, God will be with you, neglect rubbish comments.

anju 5 years ago

kavya valare adakkkavum othukavum ulla kutty anu ...mukalil parayunna vakkukakal parayan pattunnavar vere orupadu nayikamar kanumayirikkum ....kavya paranja e mukhalil koduthirikkunna comments aru thayarakkiyathayalum avrke ammaye allenkil pengammare thirichariyan pattathavaranu ....idiots.... dear kavya god is with u..... da

RAGIN $ RICHIN 5 years ago

what is the

reason behind your divorce

god bless u

shajeer 5 years ago

Kavya Don't Worry...God Is Help u....

Chris Thompson 5 years ago

Veendum Abinayikkaan Thonniyathu valare nannayi!!

Ente kuttikalkku Kavyaye Valiya Ishtamaanu

May God bless you.

Ast 5 years ago

For those who hav posted bad comments-ningalonnum orikkalum nannavillado bcoz u r animals not humans. Kavya , may god bless u.

KURUP 5 years ago



SREE 5 years ago


kayya 5 years ago

orupadu ahangarichal ingane irikum

Gopakumar 5 years ago

.i love you kavya.all the best

arjun 5 years ago

mole kavya nee pedikkand avan ninkk cheroola dileep thanne ninakk cheru nee avande veettil koodikko sugicho avank ninde poor ishtaman

moni 5 years ago

kavya didi keep it up

vvv 5 years ago

Enthokkeya ithu...ningalkkonnum nanamillee...ethupolulla vrithikedu azhuthal...idiotsssss............arekkurichum onninodum munvidhi padilla...ee avastha ningalkkum undakam...

shanu 5 years ago

what the hell saying some peoples,,,very bad,,pls think about your mummy and sisters.

Misriya 5 years ago

Vidhi Athalle Ellam...............................

Aju 5 years ago

Poor people.Enthokkaya write cheythirikunne.Manushya pattilathavanmar.Malayaliyude language ithra tharam thanathano.idiots.Ivanoke ille mothers and sisters.Ivanoyoke kalleriyukaya vendathu idiots idiots

raj 5 years ago

hot news: kavyude poor kandu nishaal njettipoyii eanaaa paryuneee

nash 5 years ago

please dont write rubbish about kavya.kavya god bless u dont worry

suresh 5 years ago

ninne kalikkan thonnuvane..ninne nakkam ellayidathum...........kalu akathi vechal mathy...........

jinu 5 years ago

idiots ninagalke enthe virthikedum parayalo ale virtheketta manushanmare nannamillathavar ninagalkum ammayum sistersum undena kareyam marakanda. god bless you kavya. god with u always dear

G.Ravi. 5 years ago

Hallo kavia .ninaku husinte kunna sukichille ? Entha avante kunna pongathille ? Nee dileepinte kunna oompi oompi ninte vayum valudhayi . Ninte poottil ethra kunna ketty ennu kanakundo ? Ninte pooru enikonnu tharumo . Poottile kanthu chappivalikana pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooory .

nandan287 5 years ago

ente vanamadi list....











nandan287 5 years ago

kavyaye ente kaiyil kittiyal njan kavyayde mula pidich njerikkum,blouseum bra yum azhich avalde mula rendum kadich eembum,mula yil njan thuppum.pinne vayaril umma vekkum,pokkil il naakk irakki nakkum,paavada valich keerum,kozhutha thudayil umma vekkum.avalde moolam njan kadikkum,painne kavyede jetty oorum.avalde viyarppum,moothravum aaya jetty manakkum,jeyyy pizhinj varunna vellam njan kudikkum.pinne pooru nakkum.4 viral itt aanj pooril itt ilakkum,kavyede poorinnu varunna madajalam njan kudikkum.kavya ente valiya kunna urinjum.njan ente kunna aanj avalde vaayil thallum.avalk shwasam muttum,njan nirthilla,oru manikkoor blowjob.avalde vayil ninnu kattaku thuppal varum,angane ente kunna nanayum.kavyede mugath njan thuppum.mugath adikkum,theri vilikkum.avalde aasanam njan nakkum.kavye kond ente chanthi nakkikum.aval sammathikkilla,njan chavittum.ente vrithiketta chanthi aval ara manikkoor nakkum.pinne kavyede pooril ente kunna ketti nirthathe oru manikoor adikkum,ella position lum adikkum.pinne anal sex.kavya karayum.pakshe njan nirthilla,avalde aasanathil full speed il kunna ketti adikkum.aval karayumbol avalde vaayil thuppum.ente kunna kerumbol avalk nalla vedana.pinne asanathil ninnu avalk blood varum.njan chirikkum.last kavyede mugath njan shuklam veezhthum,avalde mugam motham ente kozhutha vaanam.pinne avalde mugath njan moothram ozhikkum,aanj thuppum,pinne kavyakku oru masam bed il ninnu anangan pattilla...

M.G.R.K.P.L.Y. 5 years ago

Kavia , kaviayude sexy kannukalum vidarna chundum seemachaka polulla mulakalum nadakumpol thullikalikunna nithampavum thadichurunda kalukalum kalukalude idayil karutha romam niranja vattapoorum poorile kanthum orthu vanamadi thanne saranam .

karthik 5 years ago

ninethe pooru nakki nakki kudikkanma......

Lal 5 years ago


thayoli 5 years ago

kavye ninte pooru kanumbol ente kunna eneekkuvanu mole ne pedikkanda nishalinte kunnayekalum best kunna ente anu ninne njan oru divasam poosum mole.....ummmmmmaaaaaaaa nakkattedi ninte pootil

AAAA 5 years ago

Adi kavye ninte mola anik tharamo kadich valikananu pine ninte poorum venam kozhutha pooril nakkan enth rasanno

Hima vijesh 5 years ago

Dont worry kavhing everything s fate...dnt worry abt bad comnts.... u r d one of most fabouls actresss...u l get understanding pair....

vava 5 years ago

hai kavya wiish u all the very best dont care all the idiots aho wrote bad comments on u i love u very much esp ur eyes and ur hair

Cadc 5 years ago

Amma pengamare pattiparanjalonum chila chettakalude prasnam theerila.pennine verumoru mamsapindamayi thonuna evarepolula chilarundu.etharam abhasanmare pachaku therivilikanariyanjitilla.but etu vaykuna chilarkenkilum samskaramundu.e type abhasanmare theruvunaykale kootamayipidikunapole pidikanam siber cell activavanam.eni orupeninepatti parayan navu pongatha vidam avanteyoke thalakidivettanenu prarthikunu.i love u kavya.nine paranjalenku sahikilla.i like u as my sister.vakukal kondu manabangam cheyukayanu.chila ahasanmar.karyakanda siber cell nokikolum

Jobin 5 years ago

Hai Kavyachi i like you acting your best film is pappy appacha

Suma 5 years ago

Nishal sharikkum kidungiyittundakum first 9i8il. Avaluda bra turannappol avanta manasikavastha valare kadinamayirikkum. Valiya mulayum valiya karutha vatta poorumokka kandappol avanu chappan tonni.

vv 5 years ago


Sanju 5 years ago

Polayadi kavya dileepinte kunna mungi

hari 5 years ago

Ninte kundiyil romam undo mula engane anu ente kundi niraye romam anu ente kunayilum romam und ente kunna karuthittanu ninte poor engane ya nee ente kunna nakki tharumo eniku ninte kundi nakki thudakkan thonunu ninte theetathinte manam engane anu

jenny 4 years ago

why these stupid peoples using this bad words.....kavya dnt worry....

Ratheesh 4 years ago

Kavya enthu valiya chakkayanu ninak?

ninte koothi nee kazhukarundo?

enik ninte pochil nakkanam

sarala 4 years ago

don,t worry kavya,

u are the bst in malayalam film industry....

Jabbar 4 years ago

Mele cadc enna pooran sibercell enna paranjath eda kunna peleyadi mone ninak athra dhanam undankil ninte ammayeyum pengaleyum thada nan onnu pootikitto., sorry kavya anganeyonnum parayan padilla ennalum paranjotte nishal enthoke cheythu 1st ni8il

Appu 4 years ago

Kavya super

sanoop brahma 4 years ago

kavya yuda kidukidilann mola onnu oooran tannayirunnenkil ente kunna pal avalude mulakalit terippikan avasaram taru dillep bhaghyavana allangil 2 ennathine kitti oru mandanu 2 vedi ennu paranja poleyayi adutha thavana lodgil raidil dileepine pokkum ennithu kavya madam ennodu kettam sammathikkum i am sure about it she is mine; s

kavya 4 years ago

enne veruthe vidu plz

Sana 4 years ago

I will pray 4 u.by sana

Manasa 4 years ago

I love u kavya chechi.

..... 4 years ago

I think the reason behind this is the kavya madhavan blue filim in hotel plaza.Njan athu kandu kavya this is so bad.Njan orikalum blue filim kaditilla but kavyayude blue kadathil pinne njan vanam adicathe divasam onnum illa.Ninte mula ithara valuthayathinte karam enthane.Pooriyile pooda ottiriayi vadichu kalayanam.Poori ottiri karuthu.Please resolve this problem and come with me a sex

h r 4 years ago

edi polayadi nee dilipnte kunna mathram uriyal mathiyo nee ethra pravisam arude oke kunna moounchiyituntu

kavya 4 years ago

poda thanthella patti thayolimoneeeeeeeeee

raj 4 years ago

dileepatta kavya vilikkunnu

Andipodi 4 years ago

Ente vanamadi list

1. Kavya

2. Lakshmi Gopalaswami

3. Sneha

4. Sreya Saran

5. Anushka

6. Tamanna

7. Charmi

8. Meera Jasmin

9. Meera Nandan


umbroatambro 4 years ago

I love you Kavya. All the best for your coming films

moothram 4 years ago

edi kavye...

Nee oru appy anedi

dorji 4 years ago

god bless u

Meera 4 years ago

Neeyoru pavamanu

VS 4 years ago

Oru computero mobilo kittiya lokathinte angekonilethi ennu vicharikuna aruboranmare, nakedutha therimathram varunna ninakoke irikatte thfooo... Purushanmarude manam kakkan ethrayenkilum cheyande.

Indian God 4 years ago

Kure pennanmarum pennungalum und.

Xyz o?

Avalk punda yi keran ale kitatond vasi terkan oronu ezuti vacholum.ath vayich suport cheyan kure chand potum.kavya devi onumala.oru vesya ye tirichariyan alpam psychologyum MUKHA LAKSHANA NJANAUM MATI.KAVYE POLORU VESYA ALLA NJANGADE AMMEM PENGAMARUM.DILEEPINTE KUDE MATAVANMARE KUDE TECH ORACH SUKHICHIT MATORUTHANE KETTI KALI NADATIYA LO?

Nisal nu ath istapetila atra tane

safrasahammedmp 4 years ago

poghate kavyakku pattiya allala avan

malu 4 years ago

haimolu enikku ninte pooru venam pooru randu vashathekkum akathi a chuvanna kandh njan kadich valichotte onnu nakki kudichotte i miss ur kandh

kiran 4 years ago

kavya ninte koothil njan nakkum

Driver 4 years ago

Njanum kavyayum innala palakattu ninn thrisurk varukayayirunu. Rathri 11 kazhinju. Innova. Vandi pettannanu petrol thernath kandath. Harthal ayathu kooda vandiyo alukalo undayirunila. Aval vandiyil irunu. Njan paranju madam caril iruno njan purath undavum. Njan AC On akki purathu ninnu. Kura neram kazinjapol kavyayuda veetil ninnu vilichu. Vandi break down anannum thamasicha varu olluvennum aval paranju. Pinna ennod paranju purathu nalla thanuppa ac off akkikolan. Ennod vandiyil irunolanum paranju. 12 kazhinju. Njan oru mayakkathilak veenu. Appol aval enna thondi. Njan eneettu. Aval chothichu "veno?" Njan chothichu "enth?"

Aval paranju "enna..!"

Njan paranju " ath madam, enikk ariyilla" aval paranju "athoru kuzham alla purakot va"

njan purakil chennu vandi lock akki. Seat bed pola nivarthi. Aval churidarinja shall matti. Karutha churidar. Adiyil kai itt pantum uri. Njan shirt uri, pantum. Baniyanum shadiyum mathram. Aval paranju. "Athyam enta mula chappanam" njan churidar uri.karutha bra. Athum uri. Njan mula pidichu valiya mlayum mulakannum. Half hour njan randum mari mari kudichu. Aval paranju. "Good ini ninta andi enta pootil kayatanam" njan avaluda shadi uri muzuvan pooda, njan ath matti puur kandu pidichu. Ennit enta andi kayatti. Aval sukhichu. Njan nannayi adichu koduthu. Aval viyarthu. AC On akan paranju. 2 mani vara njangal parsparam ukki. Kundi nakki. Andi aval chappi. Chundu njan kadichu. Enthoru sukam. Njan veendum veendum adichu. Avalk ath othiri ishtamai. Pinna dress ittu. Enodu paranju THANKS. 5000 rupayum thannu. Aval pinna rest eduthu. Njan 4 ayappol nadannu poi petrol medichu vandi eduthu avala veetil irakki. Aval poyappol enna chirichu kanichu.. .

Be gud be gntle 4 years ago

Ningalkoke nanam ile?u al r tlkng abt a women..shame on u men..may b fault is wid hr..v dnt knw dat..enalum ingane oke parayamo?anugade vila kalayune...culture less fellows

achumama 4 years ago

aarada e thanthayku pirakaatha naayintamakkal.ninteyoke thallamaar.poorilu viralidunnile .kavya mathram alalo............

M . G . R 4 years ago

Kaviayude drivare. Than enthu mandatharamanu ezhudhiyadhu ? Thante nunakadha aru viswsikum .? Petrol theerna car engane start cheyyum ? Car start che yyadhe engane A.C on cheyyum ? Kaviayude poorilulla oru romathil thodan kazhiyumo thaniku ? Kavia oru vedicharakalla

syama 4 years ago

wish you all the best kavya. Eniku orupadu eshtamanu kavyaye. God bless you.

Friend 4 years ago

Dontwry, God bless u.am praying

SOMAN 4 years ago


pk 4 years ago

god bless you kavya.............

kilasa 3 years ago

dont say like this......she is a good actor.....

3 years ago

nice girl

Shahansha 2 years ago

Ee lokathil orale kurichum moshamayi parayan oralkkum avakashamilla pinne ithile comment kettittu ningal Aarum ithra punyavanmaronnum allallo

vishnu 2 years ago

god bless u kavya..

vedi 2 years ago

Kavyayude pootil dileepinte kunna matrame pakamavu

jai 2 years ago

I love you shyamala madhavan

Arun 2 years ago

My top 10 mastrubation list

1 ) Anushka shetty

2 ) sunny leone

3 ) samantha

4 ) gayathri arun (parasparam serial)

5 ) bhavana

6 ) roma

7 ) bhama

8 ) gopika

9 ) Ramya nambeesan

10 ) genelia dezuza

rajesh. 16 months ago

Hai kavyechi .iniyum abhinayikkanam ta.

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