Keeda: New Australian Artist A Force to be Reckoned With



Keeda: Soon to be the name on everybody's lips

If you have not heard the name Keeda, you will be hearing it really soon. She is an immensely talented singer, songwriter, dancer and actress from Australia. She recently appeared on Australian X Factor, where she reached the judges houses. She has also appeared on the Australian soap, Home and Away, as well as Dance Academy and So You Think You Can Dance.

Keeda is truly a force to be reckoned with. She is being hailed as the next big thing to come out of Australia, and she is proving that she is more than just a pretty face.

Her brand new self-penned single "Ain't No Cinderella" is out now and it has already got tongues wagging in cyber space. The single was written by Keeda at the tender age of 17, and she states:

. “My message is: 'Just be you!' Girls shouldn’t try to be what everyone thinks is right and should do what they truly feel is right within them. It’s about being independent and not needing a Prince Charming to make your life complete.”

Keeda is a true representation of a strong, independent woman. She is working hard to make her dreams come true, and nothing is going to stop her from achieving her goals. Fans on Twitter and YouTube have said:

"she is a true role model for young girls today." " Keeda will most probably be the next big musical global sensation"

Keeda has been singing and dancing since the tender age of three. Over the years she has truly honed and perfected her craft. At just 21-years-old, she seems to be wise beyond her years. Her music is catchy, edgy, and packed full of substance and intelligence. Her brand new single "Ain't No Cinderella" delivers a strong message, over a hard and edgy beat. The video is somehow refreshing. Throwing away all cliches, it oozes delicious creativity.

Keeda is a true representation of strength, determination and immense talent. She will surely go far. As fickle as the music industry is, she is determined to work hard and prove herself.

“I'm very determined and I choose to let every experience strengthen me. It's not an easy industry and you have to prove yourself as an artist by working hard to be respected in the industry.”

Take a look at the video to Keeda's new single Ain't No Cinderella below

Ain't No Cinderella

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