Kid Cudi Drops Cudder Is Back Mixtape

Kid Cudi fans have a reason to celebrate, the Lonely Stoner is back with a brand new mixtape.

If you loved Kid Cudi's debut album Man on the Moon then you will definitely want to check out Cudder Is Back.

Cudder Is Back is produced by DJ Woogie and features 23 tracks.

The tracks feature a wide range of beats, samples, and rhythms that make it refreshingly, well, fresh to listen to in a hip hop world dominated but copy cats and pop beats.

I give Cudder is Back a 8 out of 10. A definite must have for your CD or Mp3 collection.

You can download Cudder Is Back for free at

Track List

01. Highs N Lows (4:44)
02. Cudderisback (2:21)
03. Floatin In The Sky (1:24)
04. Enter Galactic (3:52)
05. Everything Is Broken (2:32)
06. Embrace The Martian (4:54)
07. She Came Along (4:01)
08. Memories (3:12)
09. Don't Trust Me (Remix) (1:43)
10. Did It Again (2:40)
11. Pursuit Of Happiness (3:45)
12. Elevatas (2:05)
13. Trippy (3:22)
14. My World (4:00)
15. Angels Freestyle (1:52)
16. Call Me Moon Man (2:05)
17. Symphonies (Remix) (2:26)
18. I Get It In (3:55)
19. Switchin Lanes (3:21)
20. You'll Find A Way (1:03)
21. Simple As (1:39)
22. Time Westwood Freestyle (5:27)
23. Whatever U Want (Remix) (4:06)

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Nolan 7 years ago

thiss is sickk

hiphopconsul profile image

hiphopconsul 7 years ago Author

Too Sick!!!!

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