Koda Kumi " Third Universe " Her newest CD

Koda Kumi newest cd

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Who is Koda Kumi ?

Kumiko Koda was born November 13, 1982. Her stage name is Kumi Koda. She is famous for being a Japanese singer and songwriter. Her genre of music ranges from urban and R&B songs to pop and electro. She is wildly popular and has created 7 number-one singles.

She has also become super famous for the way she dresses. Koda Kumi has even inspired other artists to dress differently. Which some critics have said that this is the reason, why her albums sell so well. But hey, what ever works!

Early in her career she dressed more conservativly. But now she has started a new trend called ero-kakkoii. Which basically means erotic + cute. Since Koda Kumi is such an iconic fashion image, she has inspired many young girls to fashionably wear lingerie in public in Japan.

For a list of her discography, music videos, and info check out the links at the bottom.

Most recent Kumi Koda CD " Best: Third Universe "

Best: Third Universe is Kumi Koda's fifth greatest hits album.

Track List
Disc 1 [3rd Best]
01 恋のつぼみ
02 I'll be there
03 人魚姫
04 With your smile
05 夢のうた
06 BUT
08 girls
09 愛のうた
10 LAST ANGEL feat.東方神起
11 anytime
12 Moon Crying
13 That Ain't Cool
14 Lady Go!
16 stay with me

Disc 2 [8th ALBUM]
01 Step Into My World
02 Can We Go Back
04 You're So Beautiful
05 Lick me
06 Work It Out!
07 No Way
08 Stay
09 Comes Up
10 Physical thing
13 It's all Love!
14 Alive
15 MoonCrying Live ver.

I was going to add more, but I realized this one was enough...
I was going to add more, but I realized this one was enough...

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