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More often than not, a lot of the music I end up listening to comes from films or television shows. Sometimes that means actual scores composed for certain movies or series. Other times, songs from trailers. In the case of Empire of the Sun, the latter applies.

While watching the preview for Accidents Happen, I heard the song "Walking on a Dream." I liked it (and I still do), so I decided to look into the group and see if they had anything else that sounded good. I haven't been disappointed since.

I'll admit, the band is a little weird (the videos below should reinforce that notion). But then again, what rock group isn't a little strange? And so long as they have the talent to back up the gimmicks, it shouldn't really matter.

I've had several of their songs stuck in my head for months now (most notably "Walking on a Dream" and "We Are the People"), and none of them seems to be getting old. I'm not sure if they'll release another album anytime soon (or if they're even still together), but with songs as catchy and entertaining as the ones below, here's hoping that they do.



"Standing on the Shore"

Lyrics to the song can be found here.

"Walking on a Dream"

Lyrics to the song can be found here.

"Half Mast"

Lyrics to the song can be found here.




"We Are the People"

Lyrics to the song can be found here.

"Without You"

Lyrics to the song can be found here.

What's your favorite song by Empire of the Sun?

  • Half Mast
  • Standing on the Shore
  • Walking on a Dream
  • We Are the People
  • Without You
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