I posted this blog in September 2009, eleven months before I left my marriage and had even less funds and less possessions than I did at the time of writing this blog and five years later, I continue to experience myself as RICH and WEALTHY. What I shared here is still TRUE for me.

For the last fifteen years, I have been practicing living rich and being wealthy regardless of the funds in my bank account. Focusing solely on the funds in my bank account can leave me feeling impoverished, hopeless of ever being financially successful, and ashamed of myself as a provider for my family.

Funds is such an interesting word and concept, perhaps a better word than money, because what is money anyway? It's not even paper anymore! It's just some figures that are somehow accredited to your account and provide you with buying power. FUNDS!

AND some days, you are naughty and have insufficient funds and you get "dinged" with a $35 "fee" which leaves you with even less funds or more insufficient funds. And recently, just when I finally crawled out of insufficient funds to sufficent funds, Bank of America decided to ding me, yet again, for being in that insufficient funds spot for too many days! A kind of financial water boarding! Finally I get my head above water and down you go one more time, and it's on us, your friendly bank who is committed to "creating opportunities for people" (Kenneth Lewis, CEO). That's an opportunity, as a small business person, I can do without. But the bottom line is, so I hear, there are lots of folks and businesses out there (maybe even banks), even states and countries, who have surpluses of insufficient funds, so I guess I am in good company!

Fortunately, I have come to realize that there are many other ways to measure the wealth and richness of my life other than by counting the funds in my bank account which seem to fluctuate like the tides at Cape Cod. For example, we have a friend who has invited us to use her pool every day if we wish. On a clear day, "her" view is spectacular, but the funds in our bank account would say that we cannot afford to live in "her" neighborhood. Perhaps not even BE in her neighborhood! But the fact is we get to "live" there for a few hours and almost daily during the summer months. For my wife, Dianna, it has become her second home! Wow, we have two homes and probably more than that.

I also have friends and clients who are forever freaked out by what appears to them to be disaster on the horizon. Every day is one day closer to financial devastation, loss, and perhaps even homelessness. But it never happens, and as often as I remind them that it has yet to happen, they continue to hang on to the impending financial doom like an addiction. When I suggest that they flirt with or experiment with FEELING rich and identifying all the wealth in their life, they just look at me like I am totally nuts. And I have to admit, I have moments too when I get fixated on that same impending doom. I mean, after all, it seems to be all around us.

But baseball has taught me a wonder-filled lesson. I only have to be successful at my "practice" of living rich and being wealthy thirty per cent of the time. You know, a good batting average is 300! Yes, an excellent batting average, requiring the batter to step up to the plate one hundred per cent of the time with the knowledge that he risks NOT getting a hit seventy per cent of the time at best. So I am batting about three hundred in focusing on how rich and wealthy I am even though my bank account may say otherwise on any given day. Yes, there are days that I do not practice what I preach and I too dread the worse, feel extremely anxious, bite my finger nails, and scream at everybody for having the thermostat on the air conditioning set too low.

But I'm getting there. Where's there? A place in my soul where I am wealthy and live the rich life. In the last fifteen years, I have found more than SUFFICIENT FUNDS of inspiration and yes, even humor in my practice of living rich and wealthy, and am looking forward to sharing it ALL with you, on this blog, hoping to inspire you to also live rich and wealthy and to laugh your way to the bank each day or once a week or however often you go, as you too can become sufficiently funded in what really matters. It's certainly not what's in or not in your bank account.



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Merrie 7 years ago

VERN!!! Preach on..... sooo TRUE! :o) Thank you for sharing this.



terri 7 years ago

As i just came back from vacation and I lived like i was wealthy now is the reality of whats really in the bank. I had a wonderful journey but now the most difficult one.....From my head to my heart. living Thanks Vern

vrbmft profile image

vrbmft 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California Author

Hey, Terri! Keep it simple. Continue to live wealthy. The funds (or insufficiency of) in your account are REAL or UNREAL as the case may be! AND there are so many so many other riches in your life that are also REAL. AND when I was 18, I stole some money and buried it in your back yard. Now might be the time to dig it up! You know, I hope I didn't bury it where you have the pool! Darn!


vrbmft profile image

vrbmft 7 years ago from Yucaipa, California Author

Thanks for reading, Merrie. I like having political activists like yourself reading my blog!! How's the governor doing? Thanks for alerting me about the First Five survey. I completed it from the perspective of a rich and wealthy person! Thanks again for reading.


Terri 7 years ago

Now I really wish I was your sister!!!!Where do i have to go to dig up this treasure? Terri

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