Lady Gaga Swinging With Tony Bennett? The Unlikely Pair Records (video!)

Leave it up to Lady Gaga to do the unlikely. The Queen of pop charts today was one of the many unlikely pairings with Tony Bennett for his soon to be released CD Duets II. I mean seriously? Tony Bennett? But yes why not and if even Amy Winehouse did a track for Tony before her tragic dead why not Lady Gaga.

I wish I could say it is an awesome performance but to me it just proves the fact that Lady Gaga is good at drama but just mediocre as a singer. Still interesting track to hear for sure and all about the big band and big voices.

I am not buying the line Tony Bennett uses saying Lady Gaga will be bigger than Elvis, but hey, who am I to judge...? The fact that Gaga is on his album cannot hurt his sales a bit so hats off to Tony Bennett to keep up with the times!

Do You Think Lady Gaga can sing as good as Tony Bennett?

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Neerizzle profile image

Neerizzle 5 years ago from Canada

Not voting because you can't compare the two and there's no option that says Lady Gaga is just as good as she should be. She's an amazing singer, and this sounds great.

Frannie Dee profile image

Frannie Dee 5 years ago from Chicago Northwest Suburb

I love Gaga and think it was kind of her and the other celebs to agree to sing with Tony on this album, even though not their genre. Respect for the elder legends should be encouraged. Nice hub though.

kirsib profile image

kirsib 5 years ago Author

Thank you I'm not huge Lady Gaga fan but I'm happy you two commented on my hub, I do respect her and him and yes, maybe I just wanted to poke some nerves to get people to react lol

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 5 years ago from UK

That was the first time I had listened to that track, so thanks! I'm not a great fan of Lady Gaga either, but I thought she sang well!

kirsib profile image

kirsib 5 years ago Author

Hah so IzzyM hubs can get you educated, glad you liked mine :)

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