Lady Gaga or Beyonce

Which One Would You Choose?

After watching all the hype about the collaboration of these two international superstars on the single Telephone. I decided to look at the video on you tube and to listen to the song. I must admit I was quite impressed to say the least, especially after watching the explicitly uncut version, Come on now what man wouldn't be.

Also this isn't the first time these two artists have worked together as Lady Gaga provided backing vocals for Beyonces' track Video Phone.

Anyway this got me thinking which would one (Lady Gaga or Beyonce) would I prefer to get grabbed by in a night club. I still haven't came up with an answer to this yet, as I feel attracted to both of them in totally different ways.

Beyonce for her tall, slim, tender figure and her come to bed eyes. Also there is something about her voice when she sings that sends shivers down my spine.

Lady Gaga appeals to me for the simple reason she is not afraid to let her personality show through and doesn't care what anyone thinks about her, and she is quite beautiful in her own right.

Beyonce & Lady Gaga

Beyonce & Lady Gaga
Beyonce & Lady Gaga


Well since I am still undecided about which one to go for I thought you could all help me out by voting in the poll below to help me.Is is unarguable that they are both well stunning ladies but I will let you decide.

If you would just like to comment then feel free and I will try to answer all your comments.

Lady Gaga relaxing
Lady Gaga relaxing
How Beautiful She Looks In This Picture
How Beautiful She Looks In This Picture
Beyonce loks stunning in this photo
Beyonce loks stunning in this photo
I love the dress Beyonce is wearing or lack of dress
I love the dress Beyonce is wearing or lack of dress

Lady Gaga or Beyonce?

Lady Gaga or Beyonce-Which One Would You Choose

  • Lady Gaga
  • Beyonce
  • Undecided
  • Couldn't Care Less
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Watch Telephone Lady Gaga Ft Beyonce


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