Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball: My Experience

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4 stars for Born This Way Ball
What I wore (and yes, that's a girls jumper (my best friend's to be exact))
What I wore (and yes, that's a girls jumper (my best friend's to be exact))

Before the concert

It was January 14, and the day of the concert. I woke up so excited, I don't even remember if I really slept properly. I had been listening to Gaga's music almost everyday for the 3 months leading up to this day. I was listening to all of the Born This Way Album and as many of her previous hits that I had at the time. I wasn't a huge fan at the time, but I was still extremely excited to be able to see my Goddess of an artist live.

I met my best friend at the train station and we went back to her grandparents to get ready. We'd spent the night before choosing what we were going to wear. I ended up in black skinny jeans, a white top with one of her jumpers (I'm not really sure that it actually is a jumper, but it was warm enough to be considered that). We both wore necklaces with crosses and put some quick make up on because well... It's a Gaga concert!

On the way to the arena, (This was a Brisbane show, I forgot to mention!), me and my friend were listening to her songs, absolutely pumping it in the car. I'm sure we were half deaf by the time we were at the concert, but we didn't care at all! There was a lot of traffic and I was certain that we were going to be late. We wanted to be as close to the stage as possible, as we had standing general admission tickets. It would have been amazing to be able to line up for the monster pit at 8am that morning, but unfortunately my friend had gotten a full-time apprenticeship approximately 2 weeks earlier!

Lady Starlight performing at the Born This Way Ball, Latvia
Lady Starlight performing at the Born This Way Ball, Latvia | Source

At the concert

So we got to the venue and there were quite a few people around, though not as many as expected. After getting tickets checked and being let through, we each bought a T-Shirt. I absolutely loved them! And we have the same size just in case we decided to swap at any time. Before getting into the arena, I got to the cloak room (which was a tent with shelves, and people around making sure no one got in. They weren't even security) to put our stuff away so we weren't holding it throughout the entire concert and knocking people out.

Inside the area, Lady Starlight was on stage, and we got a spot so close to the outer part of the stage! It was a bit difficult to see just above it, but we weren't complaining. We were just really confused as to what this act on stage was. It was kind of creepy and not very interesting. Though we did soon find out who it was and why she was doing it, all-in-all it wasn't that great a build up to the concert. However, there was a singer that sang his cover of Halo by Beyonce. He was absolutely amazing, and it was wonderful to know that it was being recorded for a future television show. I am surprised that we've heard nothing more about it since though, like on or on Twitter or Facebook. Anyway, let's move onto the one and only, Lady Gaga!

Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga on stage

When the stage was revealed, I immediately fell in love! Though I had already seen pictures of the castle before, to see it in person was phenomenal. You got a true sense of how big the stage was, and really, how far Lady Gaga had come in her career. I'm not going to give away details of the set list, as most people would probably have seen it on other websites, especially tumblr.

I have really lost the words for how much I fell in love with Gaga this particular night. Her vocals are truly amazing; I never knew how well she could sing, how well she could dance and how spectacular her shows would be. I didn't spoil myself before the concert with videos of the concert; I wanted to see the concert live without any spoilers. The machanical and animation aspect of G.O.A.T. were beautiful too; it was actually kind of creepy, yet extremely well done!

However, my top 3 favourite performances would have to be Bloody Mary, Americano and You and I, not necessarily in that order. The smoke was very effective in Bloody Mary, with the fluid movement of the dancers and Gaga (it wasn't really dancing, as they are wheeled around on... something). Her scream is absolutely flawless, and was definitely better than the album version. The outfit in Americano was gorgeous, even though it is another meat dress. The props in this number were awesome, and we learnt what the song is truly about (which made the scene understandable). Finally, You and I was an uplifting song, though it is about her ex. She made the audience hug (family, friends, partners, whoever!) and her vocals were just extraordinary.

Throughout the concert, I was stunned. The music, the singing, the dancing, the stage opening and closing, the costumes, and Gaga's speeches. Some say it was "all about her" and "how amazing she is." But I didn't catch any of that. I understand where it came from, as she talks about herself and her career, but she only uses this as an example of how she inspires us, Little Monsters and not alike, through her music, her social interaction and her 'freak'. I was taken aback at how confident she is, especially when stating that she is our hopes, dreams, fears, etc. during the concert.

In the very last number, which most might know is Marry The Night, I swear Lady Gaga looked me right in the eyes. I was extremely excited, just from that little look. I didn't want the show to end.

The shirt I bought
The shirt I bought | Source

Leaving the show

I never wanted it to end, and I don't think anyone expected it to. The show seemed to go on for a long time, though it was only 2 hours. It was the best 2 hours of my life, after having been through a rough year previous. I had lost all thoughts of all those times and just wanted to continue my life with the happiness and motivation I had built up through the Born This Way Ball. It was sad to leave, and if I had the chance I would go in an instant to another concert, and maybe try to get backstage. For weeks afterwards, I listened to Gaga everyday and reminisced about the glorious time I had. Lady Gaga is a true inspiration, and she really is a freak like a lot of us.

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