A star in the making? Welcome to Lisa-Marie Falloon

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Having watched Lisa-Marie grow from a bouncy tom-boyish little girl into a beautiful and charming lady and having been both a supporter and critique of her talents throughout her life, I am proud to see that bigger doors are now opening to her amazing musical ability.

I recall her placing her fingers on keyboards at the tender age of 6 years old and watched in stunned amazement at how naturally she sensed the notes of the chords she was playing. I was privileged to attend her primary school leaving concert when she was 10 years old where her music teacher saved her performance as the finale to the evening show. After the polite applause that accompanied the clattering, banging and hooting performances of her similarly brave peers, I recall the stunned silence of the parental audience as she played the piano and bellowed out an incredibly mature and immaculate performance of Alicia Keys' Fallin. I recall the heads turning towards her proud and slightly embarrassed parents with comments like "is she for real" and "your daughter is absolutely amazing".

I have followed her Jazzy, R&B sound from one small venue to another in her pursuit of a musical career and listened to the incredible number of songs she has written while juggling her university studies. I have admired her calm down-to-earth approach to life and the genuine affection she has for music that enables her to put in heartfelt performances regardless of the venue or audience in front of her. I have heard the cheers and beautiful comments she has received, observed the humble pleasure it has provided her each and every time and wished upon wish for the break she deserves to come her way.

Now, after recently being identified by a prominent music industry figure who has tweaked and polished her production, the phone has been ringing off the hook due to a recent showcase performance where she topped the bill. With a mention already in soulm8online magazine and If the current pace of developments continue, I suggest the singer/pianist/songwriter Lisa-Marie Falloon may well take a significant step towards wider recognition and the World might soon start to get a glimpse of a talent that is ready to move to the next level.

I have attached links to a handful of her many songs that she has both written and composed. I hope you can find a little time to listen them. Please use your browser's back arrow if you wish to return to this article to play another link.

A message from a big Lisa-Marie fan.


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