Laugh of the Day 10/15/11: Funniest Kids

Kids are funny. I was funny as a child and I would bet money that you were funny as a kid. As a child we have a better imagination and we're not thinking about our job, our girlfriend, our bills, or even ourselves for that matter. As a child we don't really have responsibilities, just follow the rules and to have fun. Funny moments happen when you least expect it, but somehow these parents we're able to find a camera in time to catch the funny moments their child was involved in.

What Happens After the Dentist

Single Lady?

Pregnancy Test

Leading the Celebration

Job is always first!

Insurance Commercial


Nintendo 64!!!!!!

Oh god that was hilarious. I got a kick out of that, hopefully you did too.

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Robin Oatley profile image

Robin Oatley 5 years ago

Lol, some of these are hilarious! Though I already knew a couple, it's always funny to see them again.

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