Lauren London And Nivea Both Pregnant By Lil Wayne

Lauren London - Nivea
Lauren London - Nivea
Nivea And Lil Wayne
Nivea And Lil Wayne
Lauren London Pregnant At Diddy's White Party
Lauren London Pregnant At Diddy's White Party
Nivea With The Baby Bump
Nivea With The Baby Bump

As Of July 23rd 2009

Lil Wayne sure has his hands full these days. It is now confirmed by a rep close to Lil Wayne that he is expecting a baby boy in a few months from R and B singer, Nivea Hamilton. Nivea and Lil Wayne are also engaged and scheduled to be married in a few months. The beautiful actress, Lauren London sure was not to happy about that because she too is also pregnant by Lil Wayne and expecting to have a son also. Lauren and Lil Wayne were in an on again off again so called friendship for some time but they supposedly were not seriously dating.

Nivea already is a mother of three. All her kids are fathered by her ex-husband, music producer and artist, The Dream. Nivea and Lil Wayne were rumored for years to have been dating back and forth but it has only been confirmed recently. They were both spotted at the 2009 B.E.T Awards wearing wedding rings and Nivea had a noticeable belly bump in her maternity dress. Nivea is mostly known for her debut hit with male R and B sensation , Jagged Edge "Don't Mess With My Man" and her follow up smash with R Kelly "Laundromat" but she has three albums under her belt.

Lauren London has recently been doing her thing on "90210" and has starred in countless movies such as "ATL" and "Next Day Air". She also has been in videos with Pharell and Ludacris. She is a bombshell beauty and has a great career so far as I see. I hear that she is very upset at the recent announcement of Nivea's pregnacy and their engagement. I take it she did not know?? I think she could have made a better decision for the father of her first child.

Lil Wayne is a very good rapper and entertainer but he is always rumored to be jumping woman to woman and making babies everywhere. He just had his second child which is his first baby boy eight months ago with another girl supposedly named Sarah B. AKA Ashley Cruz who is a Vietnamese/Caucasian model and a former escort out of Ohio. His oldest child is nine years old and her name is Reginae Carter from his former marriage to Antonia "Toya" Johnson who is the other half of the new reality series on B.E.T, "Tiny And Toya". The Dream, who is now engaged to singer Christina Millian, says that he has nothing to say to Lil Wayne about the situation unless him and Nivea decide to marry.

What is it with this guy?? Does he have gold down there or what?? I really do not understand how he is reeling all these beautiful and talented women in and then leaving them all depressed and knocked up. I guess you can say that they are partly to blame for the decisions that they also chose to make. I do not mean to be judgemental but he is not the cutest thing but I guess that does not matter these days when you have money floating out of every hole on your body.

I feel bad for Toya though because on her new reality series, she is clearly still in love with Lil Wayne and very upset that their marriage did not work out. I guess I can understand that because that was her first love and all but girlfriend is not ugly and she seems to be doing well in her life. i think it would be a breeze for her to move on and find happiness elsewhere. As for Nivea, I really can not say that she is stupid for leaving The Dream because I do not know the whole story but he does seem a little more mature and family oriented than Lil Wayne these days. Well Wayne you better get those lamaze classes ready because you are going to need a nebulizer breathing treatment by the time you are done delivering your orphanage.

The Dream, Nivea's Ex-Husband And Baby Daddy Of Her Three Kids And His Fiance' Singer Christina Millian
The Dream, Nivea's Ex-Husband And Baby Daddy Of Her Three Kids And His Fiance' Singer Christina Millian
Antonia "Toya" Johnson, Lil Wayne's First baby Mother And Ex-Wife And Their Daughter Reginae Carter
Antonia "Toya" Johnson, Lil Wayne's First baby Mother And Ex-Wife And Their Daughter Reginae Carter

Christina Millian Deals

Lil Wayne's Other Ex-Relationships

Lil Wayne And Second Baby Mama Sarah B. AKA Ashley Cruz
Lil Wayne And Second Baby Mama Sarah B. AKA Ashley Cruz
Lil Wayne And Video Vixen Karrin "Superhead" Stephens
Lil Wayne And Video Vixen Karrin "Superhead" Stephens
Lil Wayne And R And B Singer Farrah Franklin
Lil Wayne And R And B Singer Farrah Franklin

Lil Wayne Deals

Lil Wayne And Rapper Katrina "Trina" Taylor
Lil Wayne And Rapper Katrina "Trina" Taylor
Lil Wayne And Rapper Nicki Minaj
Lil Wayne And Rapper Nicki Minaj
Lil Wayne And Nivea Looking Happy
Lil Wayne And Nivea Looking Happy
Lil Wayne In His Younger Days
Lil Wayne In His Younger Days

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Comments 25 comments

Nelle Hoxie 7 years ago

Yes I think he's a manwhore. But what does this say about the women are are creating children with him. Is it love, hooking up, or just hunting for a man to pay the way for them and their kids. Though these women don't seem to need the $$$.

I honestly don't understand this lifestyle. But as always, I enjoy your hubs. You do "entertainment" news really really well.

stacies29 profile image

stacies29 7 years ago from Washington DC Author

Thanks Nellie. I Agree with you on this subject I just feel sorry for the ladies and the babies.

yachica 7 years ago

Lil Wanye is a hot comity and he has a certain swagger about him, so naturally there"s a lot of starlets around him. I don't know they keep getting pregnant by him? That's lots of child support.

fierycj profile image

fierycj 7 years ago from The Fiery Heart of Africa

Whao! I didn't know Lil Wayne hooked up with so many chicks like that. Well, he's a celebrity so I guess those are the perks. The thing though is, Wayne clearly hates protection, otherwise we wouldn't be hearing so much about his pimpalicious exploits. Lol.

shante buckley 7 years ago


mrs.p-j 7 years ago

hmmmm...welll yes lil wayne is a fucking manwhore to start. i personally think Lauren London should handle her busness and forget bout lil wayne's weed smokin-crackhead ass! and as for Nivea you should have just stayed with the dream he was a way better choice but now he has moved onto something better and they maake a great couple!

Queenie 7 years ago

you can take the niggas out the hood.. but... well you know the rest!

nijah 7 years ago

because that was rong wat he did he need to take care of both of the babys

whispers of faith profile image

whispers of faith 7 years ago

finally someone who feels the same way i do. lil wayne is ugly i don't understand what anyone sees in him. but a lot of my friends think hes hot too

brandi tooman 7 years ago

hahhahahaha "gold down there???" hahahhahahaha he is amazing tho!=) and i know he will take care of all of his kids! lol but fi he don't watch it they going to take all his money!

bghghrgtburtxfetrgtry5tyghrt45tryt7 7 years ago

do you have a baby by nicki minaj

Miss Tye Tye 7 years ago

Lil Wayne is just a nigga...He is not the only one poppin babies out of more than one female at one time. It's just that he is rich and people wanna make a big dael out of it, but if Nivea and Lauren aint trippin then who are we to care?

renee  7 years ago

because "TYE TYE", we care about the BABIES. people get so wrapped up in famous parents-to-be's celebrity and fortune, that they forget about who's being affected by everything, the BABIES result from it all. and actually, from what i heard, they ARE "trippin" about it as you call it.

Please Yall 7 years ago

I was happy to hear that Lil Wayne has these beautiful children on the way. God Bless you Wayne and Your Baby Mothers. Please forgive these people lord for their judgements they don't know no better.

lil wayne ring tones 6 years ago

Ohhh,,,that validates the appeal that Lil Wayne has on women..Sorry to those who are still wishing to date, I know Lil Wayne is a responsible father and he will sure love these new babies.

tameka 48 6 years ago


stacies29 profile image

stacies29 6 years ago from Washington DC Author

Everyone is very much entitled to their own opinion so no one can doubt or downplay what another has to say. Some women are just like little girls still by saying that you would still have sex with him even after all the babies and women makes you look like u do not value yourself as a women at all. STR8 Like that!!!!

kash 6 years ago

yong money u r the bomb man ur sexy fun and a player and this is coming from a girl

awais 5 years ago

mieka 4 years ago

No he not he se


Odel Gay 4 years ago

Lil wayen is an ugly man.wecan't go around ugly people bye.Mr:ugly

christydixon 4 years ago

LilWayne you're the best. Keep doing your thang as long as you put God first. The rest will fall in place.It dosent matter how many kids you have. As long as you do your job as a man and father.

London Shonefield 4 years ago from new orleans , LA

wow , ilove them all so theres nothing for me to say basically .. especially my girl and favorite actress LAUREN LONDON ..she has mY first name as her last name i feel special awww lol .. oh and ilove you too christina ..

Paulette 4 years ago

He has no looks AT ALL!

MokaBlu 2 years ago

Women and men should value themselves more. Blogger "christydixon" says that "Lil Wayne is the best" and for him to "keep doing his thing as long as he put God first the rest will fall in place." First off, if we all "put God first" then there wouldn't be any illegitimate children in this world, nor men having multiple babies born within the same year, months apart by multiple women. So, I'd say most of us are NOT putting God first like we should.

Nonetheless, we as women have to start by teaching our children to value themselves as well as others. I have a 12yr old son and almost every day we speak about marriage, not just having girlfriends and casual sex. He knows how important it is to appreciate and cherish a woman and that it's best to refrain from sex until marriage for his own protection, physically and emotionally. Now, whether or not he chooses that route is another, but at least his father and I are teaching him the right way and have shared our errors with him; because it's important for him to know that we weren't nor are we perfect.

Ultimately though these women that continue to lie down with Wayne and have unprotected sex are FULLY aware of what they are getting into such as pregnancies and STDs. You've got to believe that with all this sleeping around that STDs have been shared and possibly kept for life like herpes or HIV. Yet, still these women choose this type of behavior, this type of lifestyle. Therefore, ask yourself, "Should we feel sorrow for them?" I say NO and the reason why is that with all Wayne's irresponsible behavior along with the women he's had sex with there are still bloggers here and elsewhere that openly admit they WOULD STILL HAVE SEX WITH HIM! How ridiculous is that! One further wonder if women and possibly men are still willing to have sex with him because he's rich. Think about it, if he was your average Joe in your neighborhood, broke with no money or job, would you still be eager to have sex with him? Would Lauren, Toya, Nivea and all the other cute women that he's sexed still be interested in him. Probably not. They probably wouldn't even look his way once let along twice! I can see them now rolling their eyes and throwing a hand up at him when he tried to wrap to them.

Ladies, if you want to be treated like Queens, you first have to start carrying yourselves like a Queen. Otherwise, men will use you up as far as YOU let them and you have no one to blame but yourself. Furthermore, you can start by teaching your own sons how to behave like a gentleman and not only respect himself, but respect women, too. These boys have to learn somewhere and whom better to learn from than from their mothers. But first, you as a woman have to set an example. Change for the better! You're better than this and you DESERVE to be treated with respect.

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