Learn Guitar Chords

How To Avoid The No. 1 Mistake New Guitarists Make When They Learn Guitar Chords

You've finally got your first guitar, but you've already got a major problem...

How do play the thing?

The first thing you need to do is learn guitar chords.

Unfortunately this can be a frustrating and time consuming experience - if you do it the wrong way...

In an Ideal World All Your Questions Would Be Answered...

  • What Guitar Chords should you start learning first?
  • How can you make the best use of your practice time so you don't end up wasting days, or even weeks?
  • What chords will let you play other peoples songs and write your own the fastest?
  • How can you avoid the most common mistake that nearly every new guitarist makes?

The No. 1 Mistake...

Well done - you've just avoided the biggest mistake that a beginner guitarist can make.

"What is it?", you ask...

Simple. Most people, when they start learning guiatr chords, don't have a plan.

They just pick up a book or browse to a website and start battling away trying to learn what they think are the most important chords.

Doing things this way can lead to hours of wasted effort...

It might be smarter to learn guitar chords in the order I show you below.

This Is What Worked For Me...

This is the way I learned guitar chords - it's not traditional - but I went from never having touched a guitar before to strumming along with The Beatles in less than a fortnight...

Doing it this way was great because:

  • It built up the strength in my fingers naturally minimizing the sore fingertips
  • It helped me learn combinations of guitar chords that I could use to play songs fast

The A Chord

The first chord I recommend that you learn is the A major chord.

This might seem like a tricky chord to get started on but trust me it's worth it. It's a great chord for building up your finger strength and it really lets you get used to fitting your fingers between the frets. It is also one of the most important chords you can learn and is commonly used in 1000's of songs

The D Chord

The E Chord

The D major Chord and The E major Chord

You only need to learn to more chords and you can already play 1000's of songs.

The 2 chords you need to know are the D major chord and the E major Chord

Although they are not difficult they can take some getting used to - so you will need to practice...

Once you have mastered these two chords and all the changes between A, d and E you know the 3 major chords in the key of A.

Imagine you can now play thousands of songs by Clapton,Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and much more...

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