Lee Min Ho a.k.a. Goo Jun Pyo Photos, Profile and What Makes Him Hot

Lee Min Ho, the hottest Korean actor now, is in my hub. Yay! Lee Min Ho, who’s stardom became so popular when he starred the lead role as Goo Jun Pyo (Gu Jun Pyo) in the famous manga series Boys over Flowers, is in my lovely page plus his adorable, cute and sexy photos of course. Meet Lee Min Ho and fall in love with this charming Korean boy.

Lee Min Ho, a little bio about him

Lee Min Ho was born on June 22, 1987 in Heukseok-dong Dongjak-gu Seoul, South Korea. So technically, he’s now 23 at this date I write this hub. Technically, I won’t write in Korean, too. LOL Originally, this boy heartthrob dreamed to be a soccer player unfortunately, he had an injury during his 5th grade. He still finds time to play soccer though in his free time.

His acting career has opened its door when he’s in sophomore high school. Lee Min Ho joined Starhaus Entertainment when he was already in his senior year and he has undergone some acting workshops and training. He starred on some small tv drama and some other shows. Min Ho’s big break was when he got the lead role for the Koran remake of the famous manga series Boys over Flowers. He starred as the leader of F4, as Goo Jun Pyo. The said tv series became a big hit in South Korea, which reportedly received an astounding 30% regular ratings in the country. At present, Lee Min-Ho is currently majoring in Film & Art at Konkuk University. Lee Min Ho has an older sister who is very good in English. His sister is teaching him his English though the actor admits shyly that his English is still at a very basic level.

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What makes him hot?

His eyes...he's got those eyes like those from a fish. So cute.

His curly hair...He's been so famous from this hair. His curls are like his trademark.

His sexy body...though not so mascular, he's got the height and natural well built looking body any girl would be attracted to.

His bad boy charm...the more he pisses you off, the more you fall.

Lee Min Ho Movies and TV shows

This boy wonder possesses both good looks and acting prowess. Min Ho is not just a pretty Korean guy next door. His talent in acting is recognized by media entertainment groups proven by his movies and shows growing rapidly.


He starred in the movies, Our English Teacher and Public Enemy Returns in 2008. Prior to that, he had roles from Humming, Arang, Ghost Lives and Repechage.

TV Shows

Right now, his tv show Personal Taste is making a big wave in Asia. He's gonna be a sexy hunter in City Hunter by next year, 2011.

The Lee Min Ho App

Lee Min Ho’s fame is spreading all over Asia. His tv shows have already begun airing in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongkong and the Philippines. Because of his hot popularity, Vaxis Media Corp. has released the Lee Min Ho app, that is available to download thru itunes for free. Yay! Free! The said app features Lee Min Ho’s profile, photos, videos and twitter. If you’re an avid fan of this sweetheart, you must download this app. It’s freaking free for F4’s sake. LOL

the Lee Min Ho app, iphone screenshot
the Lee Min Ho app, iphone screenshot

Lee Min Ho Controversies

Lee Min Ho and Geum Jan di’s real score

Contrary to rumours, Lee Min Ho and Geum Jan di aren’t lovers. The two are just friends, no more, no less. They denied the gossip that they have seen dating. They look good as screen couple though. They would definitely be good together as in for real. Who knows…

Geum Jan di and Goo Jun Pyo from BOYS OVER FLOWERS
Geum Jan di and Goo Jun Pyo from BOYS OVER FLOWERS

Who is Lee Min Ho’s Girlfriend?

Of course Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend is a big buzz. Everyone is asking who’s Min Ho’s girlfriend? Is he going out and happily dating? Much of news about a video and photos of Lee Min Ho with a girl, so cozy and sweet together, has cause huge rumor and traffic of conversations anywhere though not confirming whether it’s true. Eventually, Lee Min Ho has spoken up about the real story. He’s single and if there’s one thing he wishes this much, it is to have a girlfriend. His last love relationship was when he was twenty years old.

Did Lee Min Ho have plastic surgery?

Many speculations are rolling in the pages of newspapers, magazines and over the internet but this has been denied by Min Ho. I don't think he's undergone surgery but who knows...Anyhow, he's still as charming as ever.

Lee Min Ho Famous Quotes

“Those who give up cannot gain victory.” It’s not victory that is so important, but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, I think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself."

Goo Jun Pyo vs Dao Ming Si
Goo Jun Pyo vs Dao Ming Si

Jun Pyo vs Dao Ming Si

F4’s Meteor Garden, Taiwan series aired first before the adaptation of same manga series, Boys over Flowers and the cast of the famous Taiwanese show became a big hit in Asia and some other parts of the world, too. Jerry Yan, the leader of F4 from Meteor Garden looks pretty much the same as Lee Min Ho from Boys over Flowers. See the big resemblance from the photo above. It’s Dao Ming Si vs Goo Jun Pyo. Anyway, both pretty boy had the same effect to girls. That bad boy and hopeless romantic style is charming it seems.

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telltale profile image

telltale 6 years ago

Wahhh, you really are a fan... never knew so many things about Lee Min Ho before, although seen some of the episodes of Boys Over Flowers - didn't like his hairstyle in BOF, but after seeing him briefly in Personal Taste, have to admit his looks are ok... Good Info for those in Korean Drama. Thanks!

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

You only need look at him to see how hot he is and then everything else about Lee Min Ho makes him better and better... thanks so much for the great pictures of Lee Min Ho aka Goo Jun Pyo WOW HOT indeed!

drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Plastic surgery or not, he's cute as a button! Thanks for the photos and info. :)

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

I think being the leader of F4 gave him the sexiest status LOL I loved BOF. I guess they made his hairstyle that way to be different from Dao Ming Si who had a pineapple hairstyle LOL Lee Min Ho is one of the hottest Korean star today. Yup, his fashion sense is neat and charming. Thanks Telltale ;)

It's so cool seeing Koreans once in a while ;) He's cute and the way he talks is interesting LOL Thank Katiem :)

Happy to see you Drbj :) Thanks for dropping by.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Wow, Lee Min is a looker, Fehl! You have written a really nice hub here! I have no knowledge of him up till this moment! Cool! He is quite dishy!! I like! Yumm! Hehehe!

Oh, just published part one of the extended book extract, if you wanna take a peek. Cheers! XOX

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 6 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Hi Fehl, some supermodel actor he is, I am thinking. If only I could think straight. Heh. Cassy can like him for both of us. Actually, I like his hair. And yes, they eyes are a bit snake-like sexy man. LOL.

I just tried writing a poem on an iPhone and nearly finished it lying in bed. You CAN do stuff on iPhones. LOL.

Love your hubs, Fehl. :) XXXX

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Hello Cassy! Yea he is. Lee Min Ho is so cute. haha I loved your extracted chapter..It's quite teasing and intriguing. It's gonna be my fave novel I know ;) Cheers!

Hi Cathy! Yup he's a supermodel it seems. "Straight" You always think straight and I love it. The straight thing was a joke from Cassy ;) I like his hair, too. Sometimes he looks like a girl LOL

I used to play 2012 in my iphone and I always die LMAO iphones are cool yeap, you can absolutely do a lot of things with it Astra except stargaze maybe LOL Oh what am I thinking. LOL

I love your hubs, too :) XO

olivia philippines 6 years ago

HI,Lee min Ho, since i was in College im so fanatic with ur drama and love stories, its started from F4's Meteor garden.I really bought a poster of u with other casts.dont u know that I bought a dvd series of perfect match and boys over flowers?coz i really really love it..ur the one,ur the best drama actor,, im so in love with ur character...thank you and take care ..God Bless u.and keep it up,, stay humble..I love u lee min Ho.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

Wow, you're a big fan Of jun Pyo, Olivia :) He's so cute and charming. Thanks for dropping by :)

lorna and maybelle 6 years ago

lee min ho is very very very cute

we hope we can meet him. cant stop smiling whenever we saw his face, its like WOW. hope it would be possible for us to meet him

we adore you so much lee min ho

ishani 6 years ago

hii!! lee ! i m an indian n apart from our bollywood romance n pure indian luv stories... u were 2 good!! ur acting those emotions were awesome! come n visit INDIA... here r so many fans of urz!!

France Maaño 6 years ago

Ur so hot!!!

mitch 6 years ago

omg!!! i really like Lee Min Ho so much ... those eyes, and his nose you are so handsome... hope you can visit philippines in cebu..

Ingenira profile image

Ingenira 6 years ago

I watched the series, twice, I think, since I missed some parts in the first watch. lol...

I love his favourite quote :

"Those who give up cannot gain victory.” It’s not victory that is so important, but the fighting spirit. Even if you fail, I think even just the attitude of not giving up is beautiful in itself."

That's very much an attitude of a typical Korean too.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 6 years ago Author

They repeted the series like 3 times here and I always watched it lol Yeah very Korean. It reminds me of "Aja..aja..fighting!" famous booster from a known korean series, too.

gaein 6 years ago

i love u so much lee min ho...u are so cute and gorgeous...hope to see you in personal...take care always..God bless

yaoi  6 years ago

i like boys over flower thanks ha guy because the party is nice

you're friend: yaoi

Kopila shah 6 years ago

I like boys before flowre and the most i like is Lee Min HO.HE IS Soooo handsome,cute,sweet.I an sure that i wiill meet him oneday and i will say all my feeling with him

JuvzKie Ramos 5 years ago

Jun pyo.....You're so Hot....Hope my Boyfriend is like you!!!!1

caren 5 years ago

hey you are so hot,like the way you act so funny. keep it up, you are the reason why we love boys over flowers.

kakashi profile image

kakashi 5 years ago

He's the best and hottest KOrean actor!!! Love him always =P

zam 5 years ago

Hi, you are very kind brother Lee Min-Ho, how are you, i from Kyrgysztan.

Jyldyz 5 years ago

Salam hi my love Lee Min Ho i lllooooovvvvveeee yyyooouuu, you are so hot, i very very want to go to Korea, see meet with you, you are first man i loved in my live, please write me your fhone number, i wait. Jyldyz-KYRGYZSTAN

5 years ago

hey,hi i really dont u mch but i lyk ur movie vry mchhh

usha ach 5 years ago

gu jun pyo u r really awsome u r cho chweet n cute i love ur photos.u r really awsome i love u

girly 5 years ago

thnks for da photos i luv u Lee Nin Ho big fan of u,all da way frm africa(botswana)i llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee u nd all ur movies

unknown 5 years ago

I don't love u but i like ur hard work toward ur work it's really good i am big fan of u u r hot and sexy. i want to wish u all the best toward ur work. do well and be good like u as a best brother.

ritika 5 years ago

hi i like u but remember not love u. ur the best actor n u r like my brother. u r cute, handsome,hot sexy and the best.

u r a suessful guy n may be u know all thing but also i like to share u little thing

love urself, love ur parents, love ur work ,then go to ur girlfriend n love her beacause this all is great things which make u the best. best of luck toward ur work. we want u to get more suessful in ur life . i love ur smile so always smile.heheheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

mahi brahma 5 years ago

i lyk to c ur movies.......

Jewell 5 years ago

yobo-seyo Lee Min Ho I'm jewell from the philipines one your biggest fan with you. i want to see in personal and Koo hye Sun. like this drama boys over flowers very popular in the philipines. your so handsome , cute, gorgeous, patient, hospitable, adorable, love with your friends, family love with your work. good luck in your career i always smilling. Saranghaeyo Lee Min Ho and GOdbless u. muah......... pls accept me in my FB?

Phurmit Lepcha 5 years ago

hey gu jun pyo m realy big fan of urs i love u

mommy 5 years ago

i love u boy...so cute...so handsome...i,m falling in you...your character as Gu joon pyo, made me mad..so mad..

u always in my dream..

khin may zun 5 years ago

i love lee min ho

PRADEEPA.S 5 years ago

Hi! Gu jun pyo character was very vice.i m an indian girl.ur char cute.dialogue will be very nice

Pusei 5 years ago

I like da way u r.......... Bro minho, i wis i could see u oneday........

All da best, b a superstar of da wrld

padma 5 years ago

hi ur performance is very nice as Goo jun pyo n Ji hoo. all d best n do well.Hope u vl perform in Indian movies also once.bye

ismami 5 years ago

i lake your films lee min ho and i think you are a gentleman

مهدیه mahdyeh 5 years ago

i love you

Sandra89 5 years ago

I like your film lee min hoo.you is a good boy.

Kamelia catriona 5 years ago

Hi,what did you do now lee min hoo?lee min hoo you r so cute and handsome.i like you film and i think you is a gentlemen

juy 5 years ago

very handsome

miranda frm india manipur 5 years ago

i love u as a frn

mahtab 5 years ago

somewhere there is someone who dreams your smile!!!! mahtab means moon light

swagatika jena 5 years ago

i think geom Jan DI and GU jun p yo are the best good looking couple

Jenny jong nice 5 years ago

i like lee min h0o..his style never mind if his english still at basic level but with learned english it bec0me ok..his style and his sexy b0dy can make any0ne fall in l0ve..as a friend..i like u.

sina 5 years ago

you r a best actor.good luck always

archana 5 years ago

jan di and gu jun pyo are really best couple in the world . good luck always

tshering 5 years ago


Robyn 5 years ago

Watching the BOF series at the moment and absolutely loving it! Lee Min Ho is fantastic...I'm definitely watching City Hunter after this! Thanks for all the info:)

Fita Liem 5 years ago

Iam very interested with your movie boys before flowers. that is the best movie i ever seen. I love to watch it every single day even i have so many korean drama and movie. the second one that I love to watch is fated to love you from taiwan broadcast. I wish I can see you in melbourne, australia if you have planning to come here.

GERLYN 5 years ago


Pamela sahari 5 years ago

That was e best

jeanne grace montague 5 years ago

well.,lee min ho is not just a charming actor, he is also a good singer and i love his voice(even though he can speak good english). i totally like him and he is so kawai., because of his tantilizing eyes i love korean shows and watch it in kbs.,i already watched all his shows.,.,

saranghae lee min ho-sama

jemilyn mendoza 5 years ago

shockiness ang cute nya i better to be her lading lady...

solmaz 5 years ago

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I love your movies and I can see one of my dreams and I see you in Hollywood on red carpet

Take care of yourself is

bulgaa 5 years ago

i like movies he is big love good looking i love you lee min ho he is nice guy

Avilasha 5 years ago

Lee min ho is a simply superb guy.I love him much and I am surprise to know that he is dating park min young and not goo hye sun(geum jan di).I am really dissapointed.I wish that Lee min ho should marry goo hye sun and not that dam chick!!!!!!!!!!!! park min young.

manisha 5 years ago

luv u sooooo much lee min ho ..u r superb

sheyda 5 years ago

hi min hoo u .......

MARIA LUZ 5 years ago



akshita 5 years ago

you look cute

Anonymous 5 years ago

I thnk min hoo A.K.A junpyo hs jst got da whole package,the guy is HOT.!!.as wel as the rest of F4.thanx boys over flowers crew 4 da drama.it is so nyc

juvy phillipines 5 years ago


altea 5 years ago

ur a goodlooking person....ithnk nothing is difference from jun pyo....i really love uuuu!!!!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

City Hunter rocks! :)

tricia 5 years ago

..your so cute lee min ho.keep up the good work..thanks for the info and photos..;)

LHAR 5 years ago

you made me feeling better when i saw your face.....

liana 5 years ago

lee min ho your so handsome!!!....I REALLY LIKE xD

Your so cool to CITY HUNTER

Cheezy Rue gal 5 years ago

You're so hot dude..i love your smile nd those sexy eyes..best actor in korea..luv yah ooops***

jesha 5 years ago

i love u

revan98 5 years ago

lee min ho i am not korean but still i like u lot..bof

AIMEE EVE CUARIO 5 years ago

...hi I certainly admire you since before and ever;-),i hope that what ever speaks out,about your good looking i hope that its speaks also about ur attitude,good in and out....hope i can see you in personal soon keep up the good work....GODBLESS

tiara 4 years ago


Fellisze 4 years ago

i love lee min ho so much!

luv'214 4 years ago

dreaming of you even though it is imposible to happen....

maral 4 years ago

i love the your film 'boys over flowers'

i love you at see the film.

07 gurlmegan 4 years ago

i love your film 'City Hunter'.i hope there is part 2.

because the story is so embarrasing and your role as lee yun soung is so cute.I'm hoping for part 2 and 3 because the city hunter is so memorable film by yours.My aunts,cousins,and I were so love the movie city hunter..

we love you lee min ho

Were also hoping that you will visit our country philippines.There are so many love to watch city hunter.

ANd i hoping we meet in personal i'm already 12 yrs.old

And wait you and park min young are very cute couple(i love you min min couple)i hope you will go in the philippines in manila.I'm in las pinas city.

karen M. 4 years ago

Try to watch personal preference and cityhunter. I am very sure you will gonna like it...

SARAH ( PARKSUNJU ) 4 years ago

i was so very thankful that i found this page because i was so interested to know about lee min ho because since i am 8 years old until now that i am 12 years old i am still in love with lee min ho especially his film city hunter and his movie personal taste and boys over flowers i love all of his movies and every there are a new movies or film i was so very updated and never late to watch it...... I LOVE YOU LEE MIN HO AND I WISH THAT SOMEDAY YOU WILL GO HERE IN PHILIPPINES AND SO THAT I CAN MEET OR I CAN SEE YOU PERSONALLY AND TELL MY FEELINGS TO YOU !

Prongs 4 years ago

LEE MiN HO!!!!!!!! M one of ur biggest fans......i love u!!! U r awesome!!! U hv every ting dat a boy cud ask for!u r one of a kind... I've never seen a perfect human being as u......... I love u n wat u say in Korea-SARANGHEY!!

tet11 4 years ago

u are really HOT!!definitely HOT..dreaming to kiss ur sexy lips..yummy..i love u..hope u visit Philippines.Saranghe!!

bommie park 4 years ago

Hi lee minho saw veryhomsome

Anuska bega 4 years ago

I wan c u bt i can't becase i liv en gorkha ilam

anna palconite 4 years ago

hi..lEE min hoo.

youR..my favorate fanS.!

Francescah 4 years ago

Oh my God Lee Min Ho u are so hot i luv ur curly hair ur eyes i wish i cld see u personaly n i wish 2 cme 2 korea i lyk e wae u talk e wae u smile

GEETA 4 years ago


lucy 4 years ago

it is the best of the best serial which drive me crazy............ n all the f4 boys r gud ......i like it.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

excited about the remake of F4 in the Philippines

Amyneite 4 years ago

he's so popular, hot and very handsome. i really love him.. Hope to see you again min ho.

vanessa 3 years ago

gu jun pyo i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

m.a.m 3 years ago

i love you go jun pyo.....

MUSKAN 3 years ago


ha ni 3 years ago

omi gosh i luv dis guy cant stop dreaming abt you min ho lee

may 3 years ago

Lee m8n ho is the best actor and the most handsome actor i ever seen:-)

Im watching his movie many times boys over flowers and i cried many times for that movie.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

He is also great on The Heirs :)

Bamgboye olajumoke 2 years ago

I am from Nigeria, I watch your film everyday because i love u.I wish i could see you real-life, I even record the music sang in BBF and use it as my ringtone and notificationtone. when ever I hear the music it cures my loneliness .we are all wishing to. see you in my family. I always fall in love for you.Please if you have the chance. to come to Nigeria. please come.I live in Nigeria. at abeokuta,number 7 OkeAta Idimangoro beside MTNMax.We ara your. fans.


Ga Eul 2 years ago

i love the f4 in BOF i love lee min hoo a.k.a gu jun pyo his like prince charming i like everything about him d way he acts his one of d cuttiest guy have ever seen i wish one day i will meet him

Williams 2 years ago

You handsome nd cute i luv all ur movie especially boy over flower nd the heirs

sanam 2 years ago

I don't think, u r good looking and handsome,

moriki 2 years ago

You are so handsome I love U so much keep on showcasing your talent

shafaatu moriki 2 years ago

GU Jun pyo is the most handsome Korean ever watch his movies and you will know.love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pushpa 2 years ago

you are very beautiful,handsom,cute . and i love you soooooooo much

utk 2 years ago

Lee min ho is the most handsome person i've ever seen.He is just like an anjel on earth.Love u sooooooooo much,prince charming.

loolaa 2 years ago

:) :) :)

Xiesma 23 months ago

I really like ur movies lee min ho!!! i hope someday we'll meet....

kemmy 19 months ago

Lee min ho is very cute nd cool

kritika 19 months ago

lee min ho...ur really awesome...nd m one of d big big biggest fan of u n ur movies....i want to meet u....i m mad for u nd i really luv dat ur bof....nd all f4....

devanshi Singh 16 months ago

I don't know much abt li min hoo but I love to watch gu Jun pyo. I watch boys over flowers every day.I don't ever like any actor that much but I can't stop myself to liking u come to India here most of the teens love u. Bless u.

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