Legend of the Seeker - The Sword Of Truth

Legend of the Seeker cast
Legend of the Seeker cast

Legend of the Seeker

I have to confess, the main reason I started watching "Legend of the Seeker" wasn't because I read The Sword of Truth books by Terry Goodkind.
No, the real reason I started watching it was because of Sam Raimi.
Yes, I am a big Sam Raimi fan, and it didn't start with Spider-Man, it started with The Evil Dead.
And yes, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess were both two of my guilty pleasures.
And I absolutely loved American Gothic, so when I saw his name attached to Legend of the Seeker, I had to watch it.

What was my first reaction?
To tell you the truth, it was kinda "meh".
I wasn't as caught up with LOTS as Herc and Xena because the first few episodes were missing the fun factor that made Hercules and Xena guilty pleasures.
Okay...I wanted another show in that mold and LOTS wasn't it.
It was too serious.

Craig Horner: Richard Cypher - The Seeker
Craig Horner: Richard Cypher - The Seeker

Craig Horner / Richard Cypher

But I hung in there because Craig Horner, the actor that plays Richard Cypher (The Seeker) had this certain way about him.
Maybe it's the old "farmers son that has to go out and save the world" vibe, but Craig nailed it.
I believed he was a country boy that suddenly found out he was the savior of the world.
(Luke Skywalker anyone?)

Bruce Spence - Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander
Bruce Spence - Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Bruce Spence / Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Of course every farm boy bent on saving the world needs a teacher and The Seeker's "Obi-Wan Kenobi" is Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander played by Bruce Spence.
I kept looking at him, and it wasn't until after a few episodes that I finally realized that he was the Gyro Captain in Mad Max The Road Warrior and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome!
That kinda blew me away.

Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell
Bridget Regan as Kahlan Amnell

Bridget Regan / Kahlan Amnell

Then there was the beautiful (and at first) seemingly aloof Princess Leia ...wait...I mean Kahlan Amnell, played by Bridget Regan.
I thought to myself, "Great, here we go, another damsel in distress".
That was until I saw her fight and realized this lovely woman in the flowing white robes could hold her own with any of the male warriors.

Craig Parker as Darken Rahl
Craig Parker as Darken Rahl

Craig Parker / Darken Rahl

And then there was the bad guy, Trent Reznor.
I mean Darken Rahl, played by Craig Parker.
Rahl had just enough twisted evil in him to carry the scenes, but not chew up the scenery while he was doing it.
And they didn't have him as an asthmatic in black battle armor.

Terry Goodkind and Legend of the Seeker

Like I said, I didn't read the Sword of Truth books so I didn't get the somewhat venomous reaction to the show that a lot of the books fans online had.
Some of that seems to have since faded and they finally got the "based on The Sword of Truth novels by Terry Goodkind" disclaimer.
I mean I love Superman, I read all the comics, watched the old black and white TV show, watched the movies, watched the cartoons, but I don't freak out over Smallville.
I look at Smallville as an alternate reality Superman that's based on Supes, but isn't him scripture and verse.
And who knows, I may just read the The Sword of Truth eventually because of the series.
Though I have heard the books are pretty racy...LOL

The book versus TV show debate got so heated that the author of the books, Terry Goodkind, released a press statement:

"I want you all to understand that ABC studios chose not to consult me on actors, scripts, or any other aspect of the show.
I have had no input whatsoever on the TV series, so I am the wrong person to write to or complain about the show.
If you wish to make comments, positive or negative, please direct them to Disney/ABC.
For my part, I trust in Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert to at some point be able to exert their immense creative talent and do a great job at bringing to life the characters we all love.
—Terry Goodkind"

So he must have really been catching some heat.

That statement was in direct contrast to an earlier statement Terry had put up on his website saying ,among other things, that :

"The nature of TV syndication requires that each week's episode be a story in itself, meaning that while the TV series will follow the background story of the book, it will not be able to follow the book exactly because there would be parts that would make an incomplete episode. Sam Raimi and his team want to keep the TV series true to my vision, so rest assured that I am going to be intimately involved in the writing of each of the episodes. If you love the book just the way it is, then enjoy the book for what it is and come to the TV series prepared to enjoy the show for what it is."

The link to that last message directs you to a 404, so evidently that's been taken down, so there must have been a change of heart.

I hung with LOTS through the first season and I have to admit, it got better and better.
(Now this is in the "Guilty Pleasure" category...LOTS ain't no NCIS or CSI!)

Now the second season has started and from what I understand, the second season is based on two books, Stone of Tears and Blood of the Fold, where the first season was based on just one book, Wizard's First Rule.

Tabrett Bethell as Cara
Tabrett Bethell as Cara

Tabrett Bethell / Cara

In the second season, we have a character joining the show that, if given the proper writing, could become one of the greats in the "Good Girl/Bad Girl" mold (Kinda like Ms.Parker on the Pretender) Cara (Tabrett Bethell), was a Mord Sith that we first saw at the end of the first season.
The potential for the Cara character is wide open. And Tabrett has that smoldering "I want to kiss you/kill you" look down perfect.
And when Cara, the sensual huntress and the compassionate (but dangerous in her own right) Kahlan are on the screen at the same time, they have a chemistry you can't write into a scene.

And of course this could lead to a very interesting triangle with Cara, Kahlan and Richard.

Summing up...

So I'm gonna hang in there with Legend of the Seeker.
If for no other reason, to watch what they do with this.
That and the absolutely gorgeous New Zealand background.
Why am I not living there?

The End of the Seeker?

On March 4th, 2010, the Tribune Company decided not to renew the series for a third year.
Since ABC/Disney was the producer, there was still a chance ABC could continue the show, but now that's no longer an option either.
Of course like any good cult show, the fans have launched a "Save Our Seeker" campaign.

If you want to see the show and see what all the fuss is about, Hulu has some of the episodes up here:

After persistent pressure from fans of the canceled series, Syfy has again confirmed that it won't be picking up Legend of the Seeker.
The message came in a slightly exasperated-sounding Twitter post from Craig Engler, Syfy's head of digital media: "Dear #LegendoftheSeeker fans. I appreciate your passion, but the Twitter not so much ;) I'm sorry but we're unable to pick LOTS up."

I guess WWE SmackDown! and NXT are more science fiction/fantasy oriented than Seeker huh?

Legend of the Seeker Cast Update (2-13-2012)

Well since Legend of the Seeker isn't coming back I thought I would do an update on the cast members....

Craig Horner - Haven't seen him listed for anything since Seeker. Maybe since H2O: Just Add Water, Blue Water High and Legend of the Seeker overlapped somewhat, he's taking some time off.
Bruce Spence - Appeared in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010) as Lord Rhoop.
Bridget Regan - Bridget has appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles, Hide, Person of Interest and I am STILL hoping for Wonder Woman!
Craig Parker - Shackleton's Captain as Frank Worsley.
Tabrett Bethell - Poe as Sarah Elmira Royster and Sanctuary as Lia.

Legend of the Seeker Pics

Legend of the Seeker - The Sword Of Truth
Legend of the Seeker - The Sword Of Truth
Kahlan Amnell and Cara
Kahlan Amnell and Cara

Legend of the Seeker - The Sword Of Truth

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Legend of the Seeker
Legend of the Seeker

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Comments 13 comments

livewithrichard profile image

livewithrichard 7 years ago from Charleston, SC

Nice article and congrats on finishing the 30 day challenge. I haven't seen this show yet but I will. I see that it is on Hulu.com so when I get some time I'll watch it. I too am a huge Sam Raimi fan and because of the same movie and shows you mentioned. Sure do miss Xena.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Cool review of a great film! You did the 30 day challenge! I wish I had the time for trying that! Well done!

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 7 years ago

Interesting hub. This legend seems fun to watch.

TheSablirab 6 years ago

Love Legend of the Seeker as well! Nice Hub! I remember seeing the scenes to this when the first season was about to start and I thought it actually looked pretty decent. I knew it had the potential to be very Xena and Herc like, however, like you, I wanted a show that filled that need that Xena and Herc had. While it doesn't really have that vibe, I still love this show dearly!

SimeyC profile image

SimeyC 6 years ago from NJ, USA

I've read the books as well as seen the series - both have their good and bad qualities....nice hub though!

Swordfighter 6 years ago

Especially if this superb series ends, anyone who enjoyed it will want to visit a museum exhibition of European, Asian, and African swords about 20 mi north of Chicago. The exhibit runs from now through November 2010. In it's own way, it is as superb as this series has been. Unlike the series, everything in it is a real weapon and factual information, not fantasy. At the Highland Park Historical Society, Highland Park IL or check the website for more info and images of some of the swords on the opening page.

My SciFi Life profile image

My SciFi Life 6 years ago from London, UK

The books were really good ... in the beginning, but to be honest they started to wane for me after a while and didn't seem to be coming to any conclusion as they kept on introducing a new villian right at the end of the previous book. Tried the TV show though but unfortunately due to its viewing time in the UK I wasn't really able to get into it properly and hearing that they've canceled it already made me give it up - probably before I gave it a really good chance to be honest.

Windsweptplains profile image

Windsweptplains 6 years ago from The windsweptplains of Colorado

Great review! I love this show, and you've done a really good overview. Thank you!

M. T. Dremer profile image

M. T. Dremer 6 years ago from United States

It's true that if you're a fan of the books it will take some time to get used to the show's deviations from the storyline. But having said that, I like both the books and the show. My biggest complaint with the show was the changes they made to Darken Rahl's character. Needless to say he's quite different than he was in the books. But anyway, I'm 100% behind the save our seeker campaign. I just hope it gets somewhere. How the company can keep ignoring them is a mystery to me.

sabrebIade profile image

sabrebIade 6 years ago from Pennsylvania Author

M. T. Dremer: Well look at my last update and you'll see that Syfy has shot it down.

I guess WWE SmackDown! and NXT are more science fiction/fantasy oriented than Seeker huh?

M. T. Dremer profile image

M. T. Dremer 6 years ago from United States

I don't know what Syfy is thinking. They were already purchasing the re-runs. I think the whole problem with this cancellation is that only one of the show's providers dropped out. Therefore abc probably wanted to fill that little gap rather than sell the show outright. I just hope that they make a decision to do one or the other before it's too late.

Viktor 5 years ago

The books are awesome, but the movie has absolutely nothing to do with the books! (Except for the names.....)

I mean... How is Darken Rahl the BROTHER of Richard!? He is his father, damnit!!! And Zedd can't do anything else, than a little fire ball!? And Michael turns out to be good and helps Richard!? And how the hell does Richard know from the begining, that Kahlan is a Confessor!? And what are the D'haranians doing there!? How did they pass the Border???? And why is the Border so small!? Richard and Kahlan were passing it 3 days!!! The movies are incredibly stupid... I can't believe it, that Terry Goodking gave his permission for that... :(

carl 4 years ago

I think a good job was done on the show. However I was very disappointed , because I really don't think the screen writers actually read any of the books.Events shown in the episodes were not even close to what was written any of the books with the execption of the first five minutes of the first episode

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