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Lakshmi Rai or Lakshmi Roy is a south indian actress hailing from Bangalore, Karnataka. Her first tamil film was Karka Kasadara in 2005. Initially she didn't find much success in Tamil. She acted in her first Malayalam film in 2005 with superstar Mohanlal. The movie was Rock and Roll. Although it was not a box office success, offers came pouring in for her from all quarters of the industry.

Many other tamil actresses were competing with her at that time in the malayalam film industry. The likes of Vimala Raman and Paravathy Melton were also vying for the top heroine spot because most of the malayalam actresses were migrating to the tamil industry. Lekshmi rai is the only one who has been able to capitalize on that situation and has emerged as one of the top actresses in the industry, while the others were struggling.

She has acted with all the top actors. She has done numerous films Mammootty and many of them have been box office hits. This has prompted directors offer her more roles. Although she has not done any glamorous roles in malayalam, she is a bold actress and has been glamorous in tamil movies and many of her photo shoots, as you can see in the following gallery.

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