Let Me Rhyme, Like All The Time

I know I've done a lot in my past
Broke so many hearts with just one blast
Regardless of all the women I've had
I tried to stop because it makes me look bad

Never felt real love and that's true
I don't lie to the women I knew
They all felt it
I just dealt wit it
It's nothing new just somethin' that I repped an it
Really fuckin', bothers me right now
Maybe karma had a date with me
Reflected all the pain that I brought for free..

Just gota stay strong through the weather
The stormy clouds are so clever
Never witnessed affection and truth
Just lies and fakes until I met you

Life throws so many curves
Like I'm winding up with the urge
To blast a baseball out of this stadium
Maybe find it right by the aquarium

All I'm saying that this isn't new
It's never happened
I'm speaking the truth
Laugh right now
Cry Later
And I could space out
See ya Later

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gabbywazhere 6 years ago

this is really good!! i like it. did you msake it up yourself?

Richlove profile image

Richlove 6 years ago from Denver,CO Author

yeah everything i post is something i write dude haha

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