Lia May: The Most Beautiful German Blonde Model

Lia May is a ravishing model from Berlin, Germany who is known for her sexy and erotic photo shoots. She has made many interesting photos and is very much in demand with photographers wishing for a lovely model to work with and with magazines hoping to arouse the eye of consumers. She is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.

At a lithe 5'6", Lia has a body that is simply amazing. Her figure is as lovely as her nearly flawless face and captivates almost anyone who sees her, particularly her supple bosom and perfectly formed legs. She is very friendly with the camera, bringing life and exuberance into all the photos she graces with her splendor. You can tell she enjoys modelling and being in front of the camera by the way her joy is captured so easily on film.

Lia enjoys posing for photos that are outside the ordinary or commonplace. She has said in her modelling profiles that she seeks out the unusual, preferring experimental shoots over the run-of-the-mill everyday shoots. This can be seen in some of the photographs displayed on this hub. Perhaps she is starring in the photographer's fantasy or maybe she is tapping some unexplored desire deep within herself, but whatever the secret, Lia certainly brings the photos alive!

Lia does not simply see the photos she appears in as a job or a project that must be completed. Photography, she believes, is a valid form of art requiring a special connection between the photographer, who she sees as the artist, and the model who is the subject of his work. These two must become one for a successful collaboration. She has said, "The chemistry must be almost like the love that friendship creates."

It does not take a particularly trained eye to see that these photographs have that special magic Lia seeks in her work. The love of the photographer is apparent in each snap of the shutter. Of course, only a madman would not be in love with this beautiful German goddess, so it must be easy to find that magic in these photos.

Those lucky enough to work with Lia always have nice things to say about this astonishingly attractive angel. Her attitude and personality seems to inspire those she meets to give her nothing but praise. Photographer Martin Wieland has worked with Lia many times and clearly has great respect not only for her beauty but also for her dedication and work ethic.

"It's easy to work with Lia, because she knows how to pose and is generally a nice person," he has said. He adds that "she brings in her own ideas during the shooting" and that "she never gets tired". These traits can often be seen in Lia's photographs as her dedication to excellence shines through in her work.

Lia also feels great respect for the photographers she works with. Regarding photographer Thomas Karsten, Lia said, "I had a lot of fun. Thomas picked me up at the airport in the morning and drove me to the studio. We clicked immediately, the atmosphere was very casual and we were at ease."She would go on to say, "Thomas Karsten cares about his models. He develops a relationship to them before the shoot and is very attentive. I think that’s what’s important."

Great photographers, Lia has pointed out, bring out the human aspect of their subjects along with the physical aspect. This is what she feels makes photography art. It is important for everyone to be comfortable and relaxed in order to create quality art in the photos. This is true whether working with a small independent photographer or completing a photoshoot for a major magazine such as Playboy.

Lia has done both -- from the smallest to the largest and nearly everything in between -- and seen the modeling business from many points of view. It is a profound tribute to her that she is able to maintain such a sunny disposition in a career that can be so competitive and often filled with those who will stoop to low levels to advance. But it seems iobvious that is just her personality -- beautiful as her her lovely face.

Here are some of Lia's views in her own words...


"I feel very comfortable in front of the camera. It’s always been fun for me and I feel completely at ease."


"If you want to photograph the person to express what’s behind the persona, it’s essential to get to know them first."


"You could meet someone that looks fabulous and then be bored to death ten minutes later."


"I think what makes a person erotic is their aura or charisma."


"That certain smile or look can be extremely erotic."


"I am also a bit of the exhibitionist. I like showing my body in public."


In conclusion, I would like to say that while I began this hub to highlight the physical beauty of this amazing woman, as I researched the subject I learned that while she is indeed a beautiful person on the outside, she is definitely a beautiful person on the inside as well.That beauty shines in her words as well as the photographs she has given us.

Everyone associated with her talks often about what a glorious personality she has -- friendly and open, professional and respectful, generous and kind. It is wonderful to see this in a woman of such physical exquisiteness in the profession she has chosen. It will be these attributes perhaps even more than her physical qualities that give her a long and fruitful career.

Maybe next time when you are enjoying some photographs of your favorite model, you will take a moment to wonder about that woman in front of the camera and what type of person she really is. If you look closely at her photos, I believe you may be able to ascertain this without ever hearing an interview with her. True beauty, it seems, will always shine through! Howzah!

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Sven 5 years ago

Holy god but she is the perfection! Thank you dear friend.

Marika kowalski 4 years ago

YES' she is very Beautiful! but she's not german !!!

Matt Doan 18 months ago

She's gorgeous, true female perfection! I've read many of her profiles and biographies, they all say she is German so they can't be all wrong! How is she not German? Marika, you need to Google her name and they will all list her as a German. I love hot German women and Lia May is the most beautiful I've ever seen!

Matt Doan 18 months ago

Maybe she wasn't born in Germany but she is still German by moving there, it's just what I've read from a comment on Are her breasts real or not? They don't look like natural but she still has nice tits.

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