Lindsay Lohan, Oh My!

Lindsay Lohan in 2007
Lindsay Lohan in 2007 | Source

Is Lindsay Lohan Behaving?

Lindsay Lohan is one woman that has been in the media hot and heavy over the past five years. From DUI convictions to stealing expensive jewelry, this one has definitely kept the media hopping. I am not one to buy People magazine or even watch the Entertainment gossip of the day. However, I just recently found myself wondering exactly how Ms. Lohan was doing with her parole requirements and if we would see her being put in jail one more time for not doing what she was supposed to be doing. I thought I would do a little research on her and see what kind of dirt I could dig up.

Lindsay Lohan's Parole Requirements

People you are not going to believe this one. Ms. Lohan is actually following the requirements of her parole. She was given custodial duty at the morgue and required to have psychotherapy sessions. She just recently (in January) stood in front of the judge and got positive comments. The judge was impressed that she was on track with her requirements. She had done her morgue duty and therapy sessions. She is required to go in front of the judge monthly to give an update. She is due to go back in February where she will only have one more round of sessions and work IF she completes her February requirements. She is due to end her parole requirements by the end of March and will be considered a free woman. Can she do it? We will see. The one thing that is keeping her on track is a possible movie deal to play Elizabeth Taylor for a Lifetime movie. She has to be finished with her parole requirements by the end of March to start shooting for that movie. Lindsay is in competition with Megan Fox for the part. I am sure it will all depend on Ms. Lohan's performance over the next couple of months.

Lindsay Lohan's Appearance

Lindsay is now 25 years old. It is a shame that she wasted some of the best years of her life dealing with police, lawyers, and court battles. Not to mention the damage to her reputation that this all has done. Not too long ago I saw a picture of her with very nasty looking teeth. I was amazed at how such a beautiful young lady had ended up looking like that. More recent photos show that she did get those teeth fixed and it makes a world of difference. The hair is bleach blonde at the moment. I feel like it washes her skin out but doesn't look too bad once she puts on makeup. In my opinion, she looked much better as a strawberry blonde beauty. Like she did when she was starting out in the movies.

Lindsey Lohan's Mugshot
Lindsey Lohan's Mugshot | Source

Lindsay Lohan's Success and Failures

She started in this business so young. This may contribute to the reasons behind her crazy behavior over the past few years? It seems like so many actors and actresses who start out as child performers end up rebelling at some point. There are too many to name. I don't think they have time to be real children and live normally. At some point they break and go wild. She started modeling for Calvin Klein and Abercrombie Kids when she was a very young girl. In 1988, she starred in her first movie, The Parent Trap. From 2003-2005 she performed in movies such as Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, and Herbie – Fully Loaded. Shortly after that in 2007 is when all her troubles began. Her drug use, DUI convictions, stealing jewelry, and missing court dates have made her the laughing stock of Hollywood.

Is There Hope For Lindsay Lohan?

There may be hope yet. The fact that she has met all of her parole guidelines so far is impressive based on her track record. If she doesn't follow through over the next two months she will be looking at a 270 day jail sentence. Not to mention losing the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the up and coming Lifetime movie. She has also completed other work for a little old magazine called Playboy. She is the cover for the January/February issue where her pictures are said to be inspired by Marilyn Monroe. She may be on the right path to regaining her star status. Lets keep our fingers crossed and eyes on the media reports!

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Do You Think Lindsay Lohan Will Finish Parole Requirements? 5 comments

JRice64 profile image

JRice64 4 years ago from Virginia

Enjoyed this hub on LL. I, personally, did like her movies. Most of them came out when my daughter was a young girl and we would watch them together. I hope this young woman can turn her life around and do and be whatever she chooses to be! Thank you for this hub!

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

JRice64 - It is such a shame that she threw away some good years of her life on the mess she created. I just hope she learns from her mistakes and moves on. Thanks for stopping by!

winbo profile image

winbo 4 years ago

:-) enjoyed it

angela p profile image

angela p 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia Author

Thanks winbo - She is full of surprises. I hope she finally calms down and does the right things.

htodd profile image

htodd 4 years ago from United States

Thanks ..she is going with hard times

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