Little Boy has Big Wish

Little Wish Brings Big Results

Something wonderful happened last Sunday. Something so heart warming it restored my belief in the goodness of people. A simple wish of a sick child, brought together many with a wish of their own : to make a child's wish come true.

There is a boy in Carlsbad, California named Josiah Trujillo. Josiah is 13 years old and like most boys his age, he loves motorcycles, especially Harley's from what I have heard. Unlike most boys his age, however, Josiah cannot let himself dream of ever riding or owning any motorcycle. You see, Josiah was born with Myelomeningocele a big word for an evil disease that afflicts the smallest of us. Myelomeningocele is more commonly known as Spina Bifida.

The story goes that a few months ago, Josiah was in the hospital recovering from a bout of whopping cough when a dozen or so Harley Davidsons arrived outside across from the hospital, for a fundraiser at the Ronald MacDonald House. The sound was deafening and could be heard inside Joshiah's hospital room. Josiah's father heard the motorcycles and knowing Josiah is a big fan of Harleys, Mr. Trujillo ran outside to ask the group if any of them would be so kind to pay a visit to his sick son. Josiah's father explained to the leather-clad, ominous-looking group his son's debilitating disease and love of motorcycles, particularly Harley's. Without a word of objection spoken, immediately four rough looking riders dropped what they were doing to follow Mr. Trujillo to Josiah's hospital room.

Mutual admiration bonded the group with Josiah within minutes of meeting this engaging young man. One motorcycle rider formed a special bond with Josiah, he was P. J Bryne who promised the boy he would come back to visit and as he left Josiah, he turned and asked "if you had one wish, what would that wish be?" Josiah stopped and thought about it. With the excitement of a 13 year old boy, Josiah said "For 3,000 Harleys to drive down the street where I live", P.J laughed and reminded the boy he lives in Carlsbad, California not Sturgis, South Dakota, the site of an annual biker rally that draws thousands of bike riders. Nonetheless, P.J said he would try to organize a group but only promised Josiah 100 bikers as 3,000 was being very optimistic.

P.J continued to visit Josiah on a regular bases giving the boy updates of the riders committed to the "Ride for Josiah" as it was now being called. Unfortunately, it was looking pretty grim and P.J was hard pressed to get even the 100 riders he promised the boy let alone thousands as Josiah had originally wished.

What to do? What to do? P.J was desperate to fulfill the wish and promise he made to Josiah. A prayer was answered (and thanks be to technology) when P.J contacted a local radio station (KGB 101.5) and told them of Josiah's wish. The station's Clint August, like little Josiah is a fellow motorcycle lover and he promoted the story heavily encouraging all motorcyclists to join him on the ride. The story was heard by a Facebook friend of the Brotherhood of Marine Corp Riders and Josiah's wish was posted to their FB page. The Brotherhood's thousand of followers all wanted to participate as well. The results: thousands were committed to ride down Josiah's street regardless of weather conditions.

On the day of the ride rain was in the forecast but that did not deter any of these gold-hearted bikers. P.J lost count of the saddled up riders who at his last accounting totaled over 4,000!

Burly, leather clad bikers whom might, at any other time, strike fear in the middle class homeowners on Josiah's street, were thought of last Sunday as heroes. Many of these "heroes" rode that day with tears in their eyes.

One act of kindness ripples and touches many. A little wish with big results. Something wonderful happened last Sunday. My faith in the eternal goodness of everyday people was restored!

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sen.sush23 profile image

sen.sush23 5 years ago from Kolkata, India

Thanks Askme for this touching story. I am one bike-mad girl and though my dream bird is the Royal Enfield, Harley fan Josiah stole my heart! Voted up and shared.

Askme profile image

Askme 5 years ago Author

Thank you sen.sush23 for stopping by, reading, posting and sharing. Josiah stole my heart too as did PJ for stepping up and making an ill kids dreams come true. We are better for it!

sen.sush23 profile image

sen.sush23 5 years ago from Kolkata, India

Yes. There cannot be enough said for one man feeling and working to make the kid a gift of a life time. Not enough to say Kudos to him and all who joined in.

bikerdude29@ 5 years ago

thank you. for the story, break my heart at first.when i was a boy i had almost the same dream.but my, come true. every day in my country pR,i seem a lot a bikes together also police harleys .the sound rumble the steets and my hearts. inmediatly i promes my self to buy me one o these motorcycles.and then i moved to u.s.a i got my first sporster. my leg was shaking and my heart pounding, but it was a great felling n i loved.i made my dream come true. thanks to all person who make joshias happy that wonderfull day.

Askme profile image

Askme 5 years ago Author

Thank you Bikerdude29 for stopping by and posting. This was a wonderful event and I was happy to write this hub!

Diana 5 years ago

Hi, we heard about this very touching story & would like to gift some our Harley memorabilia to this very brave young man. Does anybody know how to get in touch with them?

Askme profile image

Askme 5 years ago Author

Hi Diana Wonderful idea. You are so kind. I would contact Clint August the DJ at KGB radio in San Diego who is in the video above. His phone number is

Call: 858-570-1015, 619-570-1015


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