Living Better Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry

by Chuck RitenouR

1st verse:

He hadn't smiled for so long, he kept his pain all inside.

All those years trying to be strong at least he had is pride

I dropped by his room today, he said his past was history

there was a great big smile on his face, better living through chemistry.

2nd verse:

She used to drive me insane, she always wanted more

she cried whenever she heard his name, it was too hard to ignor

now she smiles when she sees me, she's so easy to please.

and now she never cries, better living through chemistry.


Sometimes I think its so damned strange

I'm too comfortable to make that change

to shead all my misery

better living through chemistry.

3rd verse:

If I should come unglued call my doctor on the phone

Give me one of my special pills and it won't take very long

til I lose all my anguish and be as calm as I can be

all my trouble soon will vanish, better living through chemistry

the end.


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