Living your life like the music you listen to

Living your life lke the music you listen to

Have you ever notice that alot of people live their lives like the songs they listen to and how many songs they can relate their lives to? I was sitting in the kitchen few minutes ago talking with a friend on myyearbook and listening to my mp3 player to Harry Chapin singing Taxi then Sequel and i actually listened to the words and it's kind of like me after twenty-seven years i am back with my first true love from high school in his song after twenty years he met up with his old flame again only she was a passenger in the back of his taxi. His song Cat's In the Cradle I can relate to that song because of my dad and me as i was growing up he was always away on business. Guns N Roses song Patience that's what we all need. If you think about it the songs we listen to reflect how we dress,work,act and live.


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