Looper (2012)

It has been nearly 12 years since Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt teamed up to bring us Brick, the amazingly well written and acted, freshman effort by Johnson. The film was the starting point for both Johnson and Gordon-Levitt. In their second effort, Johnson and Gordon-Levitt have brought us Looper.

Looper takes place in the year 2044 and follows Joe Simmons (Gordon-Levitt) who is an active looper. His job as a looper is to kill people from the future. In 2074 time travel would have been invented but outlawed almost immediately. In order to kill somebody in the future, they have to be sent back to the past and that’s where they are killed by a looper. Eventually each Looper has to take on their future self’s. When Joe finally meets his future self (Bruce Willis) things don’t go according to plan as he escapes. Now in order to get his life back Joe must track himself down and kill his future self.

Gordon-Levitt and Willis do a great job performing as both young and future Joe. It is weird seeing Gordon-Levitt with prosthetics on as they tried to make him look more like Willis. Johnson has done another incredible job creating a very fleshed out world. He manages to create a world that is a-typical of sci-fi movies, dystopian society and mixes it with a very interesting and original plot. The only thing that bugged me about the plot was Willis.

Waiting to kill.
Waiting to kill.

The whole movie is about Willis and trying to kill him in order for Joe to close his loop but the thing that never sat right with me was why Willis is trying so hard not to be killed. In order not to spoil anything I won’t go into details but it just felt kind of flat, his reasoning for doing what he does. The other thing was that the movie felt rushed I think it would have benefited if the movie had lasted a little longer so that some of the characters could be detailed more.

Looper is one of the best sci-fi films to along in a long time. It is both a fun and intense ride that will have you glued to your seats. Looper should go down as a classic in coming years and remembered fondly for its great story and characters. Johnson has done it again and I cannot wait until his next movie. I would recommend this to any fan of sci-fi film or of Johnson’s, 3 ½ out of 5.

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Monis Mas profile image

Monis Mas 3 years ago

I ALMOST rented it on direct TV, and then my family voted to rent "Ted" instead! I guess I will wait for Netlix. Thank you for another great review!

Metalhobbit7 profile image

Metalhobbit7 3 years ago

You can always torrent it like everyone else. Fantastic filck and review by the way, although I didn't care for Joe's fake double-chin.

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