Movie Review: Losing Isiah

Losing Isaiah
Losing Isaiah

Birth Mother or the Mother who Raised the Child?

"Losing Isiah" is the heart-rending story of a little child 'Isiah'. The portrayal is emotionally wrenching.

Khaila (Halle Berry) is a drug-addict and abandons her baby in a dumpster. The baby is found by someone else and is sent to a hospital. Margret (Jessica Lange) is a Social Worker, and the moment she sees the baby, all her maternal instincts kick in and she instantly falls in love with the infant. She, her husband and her tween-age daughter raise the baby. After two years, Berry finds out her baby is alive and wants it back.

The dilemma raised by Naomi Foner's script, one that simply cannot resolve satisfactorily for all parties involved, forces a weighing of the rights of a young, single, formerly crack-addicted black woman who tossed her infant son in the garbage, against the claims to the child of a liberal, well-off, conscientious white couple who have adopted, loved and raised him for several years.

"Losing Isaiah" transcends the custody issue and finds drama in the black-white polarities that neither character can escape.

Do watch the video below. The soul-touching aspects of this movie are very entrancingly showcased in the trailer.

Losing Isaiah - a glimpse of the exquisite movie

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