Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season

Since its origins, Lost has been an astounding TV hit. Broadcast on ABC, the show ran for six wildly successful seasons, beginning as a sort of survival of the fittest series, and evolving into a powerful show that pitted the forces of good against evil, bringing to life a world of mystery and danger. Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season brings this phenomenal TV series full circle and reveals the answers to the many questions that were asked, but not answered, during the first five seasons. 

Ratings for Lost were consistently good throughout its run. The sixth and last season of the show premiered to 12.1 million viewers. Awards and award nominations for Lost were plentiful during the years between 2004 and 2010, and included an Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series, a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast, Best Drama Award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, and several other prestigious awards and nominations. 

Leading up to the sixth season of Lost, the first five seasons features themes where the survivors of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 had to learn to survive and deal with each other, as well as other fearful inhabitants of the mysterious island they were marooned on. 

As each episode takes place, flashbacks of the lives that individual survivors lead before the crash sometimes give viewers insight into a character's motives and actions, and sometimes add to the mystery behind a character. 

As the drama continues over a number of seasons, some survivors manage to escape the island and try to resume their normal lives, while some find themselves jumping between the future and the past, only to be stranded on the island in a time before the actual crash of Oceanic Flight 815. 

As the sixth season of Lost was to be its final season, the season's story line reunites all the survivors of the plane crash with the present day. The origins of the island's odd powers and the underlying story of the ongoing disputes and conflicts between survivors and the other inhabitants of the island unfold.

During the sixth season of lost, there are sideways flashes, rather than the flashbacks and flash-forwards of previous seasons. These help to explain the possible outcome of the survivors after the final season's last episode. 

What began as a mystery/survival series ends with compelling and interesting resolutions to the individual survivors stories, and a resolution of the fate of the group as a whole. Much light is shed on the ongoing mythological and mysterious themes of Lost, and viewers come away from the final season feeling as if they've reached the end of an epic journey.

If you're a Lost fan, Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season will be one DVD collection that you won't want to be without. This collection would also make an excellent birthday or holiday gift for a fan. Any devoted TV viewer who likes to have the most popular and critically acclaimed TV series at their fingertips should have Lost: The Complete Sixth and Final Season. 

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