Lost And Lonely

 Lost & Lonely
by Chuck RitenouR 5-29-2010

verse 1;
No this is not the first time, you'd think I'd have learned
you can never cross a river on the bridges you have burned.
and the thoughts running thru your mind start with "if I had only"
I wouldn't be standing on this river bank feeling lost and lonely.

verse 2:
The good times were the best times, the bad times were the worst.
and the spell of love cast carelessly soon became a curse.
and if you have no guilt, go ahead and stone me
and leave me bleeding on the courthouse lawn feeling lost and lonely.

feeling lost and lonely, feeling out of touch
and if I haven't lost my mind, I've surely lost my crutch.
wandering aimlessly thru this crowd where nobody knows me
a child who has lost his way and is feeling lost and lonely.

verse 3.
I can hear them laughing and so I play the fool.
and when I hear them whispering, I just play it cool.
like all I ever do is play, it makes me feel so phony
because in truth I have no reason for feeling lost and lonely



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