Lovely Feet of the Sexy Girl

If you can say the feet are sexy, can this be the part of the girl that is attractive? I think so, but I am not the only one. Everyday men look at women's feet with longing for touching them. But this cannot be done at the market or in the shopping mall. this is for lovers when the time is special!

Whether the beautiful woman is displaying her attractive feet for enticement or simply relaxing in the comfortable way, we are treated to a pleasure most sincere. For mankind must know the treasure of a woman's feet is bliss for all eternity. Can you understand why I am saying this? Ooh-la-la!

This is my first hub and I am interested in what I have done right and also what I have done wrong in hope that I might do better on my next hubs. Let me know if you have enjoyed and why!

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Ferry 5 years ago

Adorable feet

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