Lover of Darkness

Lover of Darkness

Lover of Darkness
By Chuck RitenouR 6-7-2010

verse 1:
I love the darkness, I love to sleep all day
when the moon is on the rise, I come out to play
I don't need the sun beatin' down on me.
beneath the cover of darkness, my spirit runs free

verse 2:
She said beware of a lover who loves the night
and why he hides away come the daylight
but she could not resist his passionate kiss
and she too became a lover of darkness.

So bring on darkness, bring on the night
the hunger is upon you, but it feels so right.
and embrace the moon and all its madness
to sleep at first light, you lover of darkness.

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SilentReed profile image

SilentReed 6 years ago from Philippines

Down by the graveyard the party's just starting, with the nightstalker doing a solo and the wolves beneath the moon for backup :-)

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