Luxury Trends for the Lucky

Top 10 Youngest Billionaires

The Ultra Rich Get A Job

It wasn't in the so recent past that the elite percentage of ultra-wealthy people who use summer as a verb, also did not have the word job in the lexicon of their vocabulary. However, many in these social circles would vigorously insist that it didn't mean they were unproductive. They would spend time attending charity functions and donating tons of their money, afterall.

Heirs and Heiresses

Nowadays, heirs and heiresses alike are utilizing their high profiles to establish their own entrepreneurial projects. Sweet-toothed Dylan Lauren, daughter of fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, opened a giant upscale candy store in Manhattan, called what else, but Dylan's Candy store. It now has four locations in the States. Lydia Hearst, of the vast Hearst media empire, shimmied her model long legs into her own line of fashionable jeans and handbags. Anna Anisimova, known as the Russian Paris Hilton, is in the real estate game and is planning on starting her own perfume line.

Hey, as long as these ventures of theirs contribute to society in some meaningful way and continue to employ the less privileged, then not only will we wish them well, but we'll also buy their products (if we can afford them).

10 Luxury Cars Worth Looking At

If you are a high net worth individual, these are the cars you might want to check out:

Audi S5 - Small Coupe

Bentley Brooklands - Large Coupe

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe - Large Coupe

Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG - Small Sedan

BMW 335xi - Small Sedan

Maserati Quattroporte Automatic - Large Sedan

BMW X6 - Crossover/Wagon

Volvo XC90 - Mid size SUV

Mercedes-Benz S550 - Large Sedan

Audi Q7 - Large SUV

10 World Travel Destinations for the Wealthy

Money is accepted everywhere. It's what makes the world go round (aside from love). If you are in need of a getaway and have tons of cash, why not check out one of these top luxury destinations?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Australia's goldcoast

Venice, Italy



Bali, Indonesia

Shanghai, China

Hanoi, Vietnam

Lisbon, Portugal

Toronto, Canada

5 U.S. Travel Destinations for the Wealthy

The United States is huge and offers enough diversity to suit everyone's desires. Want to go skiing or swimming? Check out one of these top 5 destinations:

Lanai, Hawaii

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Vail, Colorado

Palm Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, Florida

Fashion in this economy?

While most people will not feel comfortable spending a fortune on new clothes and accessories this season, people will not stop wanting new things. Thanks to dozens of television shows such as Sex and the City, Project Runway and What Not To Wear, consumers' desire to maintain a fashionable closet remain at an all time high. That does not mean they are all spending piles of money. Many have remained consistently savvy when it comes to stretching their dollar. Places like H & M and Topshop provide clothes at high-design-low-price-equations.

Furthermore, the designers at the higher end recognize the changes taking place. High fashion is not about to compete with Old Navy, but they will take care to provide the ultimate quality for their high price. That means more unique styles and well made designs. Some designers are also choosing to add less expensive pieces to their collection, for example, using materials such as jersey in place of silk.

Clothing designers also point out that in previous hard times, such as WWII and the last recession, fashion became something of an escape. Their claims seem true when looking at old photographs; the looks did appear to be more romantic and of a minimalist nature. They insist that people will continue to buy expensive pieces as well, just less of them.

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Alex 4 years ago

That's so true that the rich kids used to look at working as passé! I think it sets a good example that their starting real companies.

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Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg became even richer!

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Ponderize 4 years ago from California Author

Yes, he did indeed :-).

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