Madonna will only sing "Like a Virgin" for $30 Million

Madonna will release her new album this coming April 29 and the title of the album is catchy again "Hard Candy". What does it means? She is a genius and talented that is why I loved her music. Anyway according to her when she was interveiwed by an FM station, she will have a world tour this coming fall. So Madonna's fans will be happy to see her again. Will she do what she used to do before in her concert? Well, according to her she will not or maybe will not sing her previous hits like Holiday and Like A Virgin anymore. She dared anyone to pay her $30 million to convince her to sing those hits.

Asked about Britney Spears album she said that she likes them very much and in fact used them for aerobics session. She also gives her comments about Justin butt that she already saw lots of butts and that they should not think of any malicious thing about it.She said it is purely work concerns.

When asked about American Idol, she said that she did lots of audition but she never made it so must likely she will be eliminated at first audition.

Madonna ranks as the fourth richest female entertainer in the world after Oprah, Martha Stewart and JK Rolling. Read more about Buzz in Hollywood.

Madonna with Justin Timberlake
Madonna with Justin Timberlake


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