Malayalam Actress Sangeetha Mohan Scandal

Sangeetha Mohan serial actress pic
Sangeetha Mohan serial actress pic

Sangeetha Mohan is a popular Malayalam TV and movie actress who got caught in a sex scandal few years ago. Recently she was arrested for drunken driving. Sangeetha Mohan may not have performed in any Malayalam actress Blue films yet but she was arrested for other activities by the Kerala police and recently for drunken driving. Was the Malayalam actress Sangeetha Mohan really drunk and did she really act in a blue film or is it just a fake video and a complete fake is all unknown.


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 Sangeetha was driving from Pazhavangadi near the Big Bazaar in Trivandrum, Kerala. When the police stopped her car, the actress first refused to open the door but when the police team led by medical college circle inspector Suresh Kumar, who was on night duty, tried to break the glass, Malayalam TV Serial actress Sangeetha Mohan decided to come out of the vehicle. The police also found some liquor bottles inside the car. The cops took the beautiful actress to a hospital for medical examination and she was released on bail after this incident. It is interesting to note that she received warning just a week ago for the same drunken driving behavior. Indian actress Blue films and sexy pictures of south indian actresses are the entry door for many successful artists as there are plenty of examples.

Sexy Sangeetha Mohan photo gallery

sangeetha mohan pic #2
sangeetha mohan pic #2

Mallu Serial actress Sangeetha Mohan vs kerala police

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valpsj.psj 7 years ago

I would like her hot mouth

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abcxyzpqr12 7 years ago

please post more details of the sex scandal when she was arrested a few years ago..really eager to know..

usauthor profile image

usauthor 7 years ago from USA Author


Sorry I cannot give any more details... why r u so crazy about sangeetha mohan? have you slept with her yet? I see that you have been relentlessly asking about her for 2 years now on all boards and forums.

Internet is 99% garbage - hope you do not believe everything you read online.

abcxyzpqr12 7 years ago

i am curious to know the truth about her..that is why..please post more details of the sex scandal she was involved in a few years is ur responsibility to inform us...

abcxyzpqr12 7 years ago

what is this sex scandal she was involved in?...for what did the police arrest her before?..please be informative.

abcxyzpqr12 7 years ago

guys have spotted her in places like kovalam with boys of rich families like joy she having loose morals?..she is famous for company of high society boys...any idea?..

shanu 7 years ago

pls post more photos her sexy face and big breasts

Hmmm.. 7 years ago she a fraud?

sahi 7 years ago

she is too hot ,,,,,,,,,and i wanna ....her

deepu 7 years ago

big mula...,

hai 7 years ago

avalude mula kandalariyaaam aval vediyaanennu.

thomma 7 years ago

koozha chakka pole alinju polinja avade pooririkkunnathu....ente pattikku venam.

sasi 7 years ago

big breast huge breast aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh

van 7 years ago

evale njan vettiyadha

1 day 500 dinar

vvr 6 years ago

nalla koyutha mula,,kundiyum valutha

chicku 6 years ago

Most of the serial actress are worst in character

gkt 6 years ago

i am curious to know the truth about her..that is why..please post more details of the sex scandal she was involved in a few years is ur responsibility to inform us...

sad i que 5 years ago

our words is our pride......dignity will never surrender for a while....look back always and evaluate all the thing sometimes it gives us a good answer....take care

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Depek 5 years ago

I can't believe this.She is a good girl with more moralities and she is a sexy girl too.I love her. 5 years ago

avaluda mula

Mula&kundi  5 years ago

Njan evalude mula eembi nokki kavyayude kundiyude athra ruji ella

craig123 5 years ago

Sangeetha Mohan was caught from a hotel room in guruvayur along with her lover by police in 2002...She escaped from the case by producing a certificate that she had some mental abnormality...anybody knows more incidents of her?

craig123 5 years ago

sangeetha mohan has been spotted by people with boys of rich families like Joy Alukkas in places like Kovalam..Also some people have seen her for days at places like hotel aqua serene in paravur where some claim she is involved in prostitution....any ideas?.

krac 5 years ago

no she is not much virgin,I know she was residing near my house in vazhuthacaud,I know so many stories and witnessed lot of untoward situations,She drunk every dayI know the person who brought bottles for her she give him enough money but he told me some facts involving some rich peoples .In a week she will be in Kochi or Chennai almost 5 days in any of hotel.

malayaly 5 years ago

she is very nice actres, I don't belive this complaints

abcxyzpqr12 5 years ago

@krac.....please give me your email id and allow me to get in touch with you...mine is want to know more about sangeetha..

Revathy 5 years ago

Avalude mula ithraykum udachathara.

dese 5 years ago

super charakke

sabu 5 years ago

avarude life avar jeevikkatte

Abilash 5 years ago

She ir a good actress, i like her very much, ummma...

shafi 5 years ago

avalude mula yonnu kitiyal avalude poorum

Habeeb 5 years ago

Aualude poru polinnu

Komalan 5 years ago

Vatta Kunidi Coconut paachi mullapam kakka pulli sangeethe nee aanu tharam

sk 5 years ago

anikku ninte kurumbhadu nakkan tharumo?

abcxyzpqr12 5 years ago

I heard one personality from serial industry said sangeetha mohan conceded to his demand for sex..has any body heard about his new revelation?..

sukunnan 5 years ago

nth charakkadi..nintepootil kettan kotiyakunu maire

???? 5 years ago

i think shes a sexy nice girl.

Raj 5 years ago

I am a divorcee, and i would like to marry her.

maneesh 5 years ago

i love u darling

sithara jayaram 5 years ago

avalude kozhutha mulakal chappy kudikkanam, kalukal akathy vachu andy poottil kayatty adikkanam

ani 5 years ago

onnu nakkan kal muthal p varay

Midhu 5 years ago

Don't believe every online coments.. Everyone easily can make a story abt a women especially abt a tv actress..

s p 5 years ago

really I fell in love with her, i like her lips and cheeks, i love really .

John 5 years ago

Woowww. Avalude mulayil enna thechu kunna athil idanam

reji_mathew 5 years ago

there was a news in "Crime" mag some years ago saying that Sangeetha Mohan had been arrested for immoral traffic..Can anybody provide more news on this?..

shyam_sunder 5 years ago

it is a fact that Sangeetha Mohan and her lover were arrested from a lodge in guruvayur by police in 2002 during a raid..She had a sexual relationship with a married man around 1998-2000..Anybody has any more details like this?.

Nikil 5 years ago

10000RS Yaa gn evale pannan kodutatu, tampanor shantha etikum bhedam..

Shameer 5 years ago

Kavya uday kudil kayatiya thinakal sugam evaluday kudic ude, kudi valueth kavyauday tana mula radu parudathum orupola pall kuduthal kavyak

SREEJITH 5 years ago

She is a good actress, she is a nice girl

G .RAVI 5 years ago

Pala kunna kayatti koozha chakka pole kulukula aya poor arku venam .para vedy sangeethamohan . Avale pannan samayam kalayadhe vanam adikkunnathanu nalladhu

mithun youand me 5 years ago

ethraya rate

anil.v 5 years ago

i hear there is an mms of sangeetha mohan going around.pls post anybody.

M . G . R . K . P . L . Y 4 years ago

Kanan kollavunna oru charakanu sangeethamohan. Oru vedicharaku koodianaval . Avale kalikanamenkil . Thampanoor santhaye meet cheidhal sangadhi o.k . Sangeethayude poottil kunna kettiyal kadalil kallittadhu poleanu .

aji 4 years ago

enikku kalikkane ishtamulla actress.1.kavya 2.sona nair 3.sarayu.4. Sangeetha mohan 5.razana

aji 4 years ago

ivale kanumbole ente controll pokum.avalude chanthiyum mulayaum poorum pokkilum vayarum ellam super.sangeethayude chanthiyile ente kuttane ketti adikkanam.avalude chanthiyude manam aanu lokathe ettavum nalla manam.

G . Ravi 4 years ago

Enikistam sonanair Ambika Bindhu . P . Seenath .kushboo. Bhanupriya E . T . C

aji 4 years ago

sangeethayude chanthiyile theettam muzhuvanum enikku thinnanam.ivalayum kavyaum alochichondu vanam vidatha divasam illa

aji 4 years ago

ravi parnja listile randu pere enikku ishtamanu.sona nair bhanu priya.randu perum vanaranikalanu.sona naire kandale chathavante andi vare pongum.enna valippamanu chanthikum mulayukum.bhanu priyaude structure super aanu.avale kayyile kittiyale avalude kundiyile ninnu kunna njane irakkilla.avale kundi kulukki adikkum.avalude kundiyude smell super aanu.

aji 4 years ago

kavyude new picture mobilile kandu.super picture kandale andi pongum urappu.avale thadichu kozhuthu varukayaanu enna valippmanu avalude chanthikkum mulayukum.avale kalikkane kittunavante bagayam.avale ente kayile kittiyale poorna nagana akkum.ennittu avalude shareeram muzhuvanum nakkum.

Dvya Nair 4 years ago


Nilja mol 4 years ago

Sathayam parayam

anikku chechy ye kanumbol

ante yoniyil ninnum

vellam varum

anikku onnu chechynte

yoni nakkannam

mulayil pidikkanam

Bb 4 years ago

Sangeethayudae cheemuttayudae manamulla oochu enikku manukkanam

Shit 4 years ago

Valya pidutha kariya

aji 4 years ago

avale kunichu niruthi avalude kuthiyile adikkanam.chanthiyile thene ozhichu nakkanam.chanthiyile theettam muzhuvanum enikku thinnanam.avalude omanaputtile nakkanam .

ajay_g 4 years ago

there was a report in crime mag a few years ago that sangeetha mohan has been arrested from a hotel during a raid for immoral traffic...any idea? she really of loose morals?..

breakingviews 4 years ago

crimil pala varthakalum undayirunnu pandu...hotel + raid + immoral traffic ennu cherthu vaayichal manasilakum

mahi 4 years ago

Ninte pokkililot njan vanam adich theripikate mole aahh...aahh.,vararayi vannu mole.

aji 4 years ago

njane praveenayude fan aayi kazhinchu.avaludde kuthiyile enikku adikkanam.avale kondu ente andi chappikanam

Shinu 4 years ago

kavyayude mudi kandal mathi vellam pokum, evale kandalo thoooooooooooooooo. Eval 5000 rs nu munnaril roomil undarunnu.

abcxyzpqr12 4 years ago

Hi shinu please send what all u know about sangeetha mohan to Treat assured.

aji 4 years ago

praveenaye kalikkane enikku kothi aakunnu.avalude chanthi kandittu enikku pidichu nirthane pattunilla.avalude kundi adichu polikkanam.avalude kuthiyile adikkane nalla sugam aanu nalla shape ulla chanthiyanu .nalla smell aanu avalude chanthiyile.

jack 4 years ago

it seems sangeetha mohan was available for 5000 rs in the last decade..any idea?...

nool_paalam 4 years ago

guys...anybody has the mms clip of sangeetha?..

SS 4 years ago


Rajesh 4 years ago

Pakka vedi ivalude sthiram ullasa kendram kovalam anu

subhash 2 years ago

Sangeetha nite pootti then ozhichu nakki tharatte

VED 2 years ago

To the writer of this nonsense:

Please do not write nonsense about others. The mentioned issue of drunken driving was not about drunken driving, but about the police constables using abusive words like Nee to her. Please note that this woman was a very brave woman to dare to question the right of the police constables to use such abusive words to the people of this nation.

renju 23 months ago

Don't worry sangeetha chechi your great actress god bless yo

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