Mallu Masala Actress Ranjitha Speaks Out


Breaking her silence after a scandal broke out against her in March 2010, actress Ranjitha on Friday claimed that the woman with Swami Nithyananda in the controversial clippings was not her.

Talking to journalists in Bengaluru, she said, "I was very scared for my life and that of my family. If I am assured of security by the government, I am ready to name the persons behind it. These people are working with Lenin Karuppu, Nithyananda's former driver."

The actress said that she had been hurt by the allegations. "I was scared, I was threatened, blackmailed, and that forced me to abscond. I was in the US all this time. I have registered a complaint with the Magistrate Court in Ramanagara," she said.

Asked if she had any evidence to prove that the woman was not her, as forensic experts had clarified that the CD was not morphed, she reiterated that the woman was not her. "I don't know if it was me or Swami Nithyananda who was the target. But a huge extortion motive could be the motive behind it," she added.

Tamil Actress Ranjitha Sizzling Pics

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alsdkfj 5 years ago

the robber doesn't accept that he has robbed

Rajashekar 5 years ago

The video is original. Video was investigated by Software engineers by Cybercrime police. How she can say ?.. Its a money making drama to take money from Nithyananda by our Anti Hinduism Idiot CM Karunanidhi.

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