Man on a Ledge (2012)

Ever since his break out role in Avatar, Sam Worthington has been trying to stay relevant by acting in a number of high profile movies such as Clash of the Titans. But recently he has mostly starred in low budget films such as the Debt Last Night and the Texas Killing Field. With Man on a Ledge,Worthington is hoping to once again become a house hold name, unfortunately for Worthington this isn’t the movie to do it.

On a particular day in New York City, Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) decides to rent a room in a hotel on the top floor. He then decides to go out on the ledge of his room and contemplates jumping. The cops are quickly called and Nick soon gives his first demand. He request a female negotiator named Lydia Mercer (Elizabeth Banks). Things quickly become clear that something else is going on and they are, across the street a plan is being hatched out by his Nick’s brother Joey (Jamie Bell) and Joey's girlfriend Angie (Genesis Rodriguez).

Man on a Ledge is the type of movie that has an interesting plot but one that should have been a short film rather than a feature length. Thirty minutes in and you realize that the movie is not going to go anywhere. The whole second act is dragged out with pointless scenes such as when a news helicopter comes in for a close up of Nick and it almost causes him to fall. The whole cast overacts all of their scenes including Ed Harris who is criminally underused and plays the villainous tycoon David Englander.

First time director Asger Leth tries and keeps the visuals fresh and daring by showing us a few shots of just how high Nick is but that doesn’t quite cut it as the whole film just feels flat. The main thing to drag the film down is its pacing which tends to drag and that’s mainly to do with the fact that Nick isn’t suicidal so the whole suspense of the first couple of minutes is gone. Most of the dialogue is downright laughable as is the whole ending to this movie.

Man on a Ledge is a rather entertaining movie if there is nothing else too watch. The movie quickly hits a wall and becomes nothing but a series of postponements meant to stretch the movie as long as possible. The movie isn’t unwatchable and in fact is quite fun at times it’s just not as smart as it wants to be as no time during the 102 minute running time do you ever fell that Nick might jump in fact the thought quickly leaves your mind. Overall I would recommend Man on a Ledge to anyone who has time to waste, 3 out of 5.

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rave1432 profile image

rave1432 4 years ago from Rome, GA

Very good review. Your right this movie would have been good as a short film. Other movies would be good like that as well.

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