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Markeitng your music, your band, and you on the Web

This group of Hubs is all about marketing your music, your band, and you - with a strong focus on marketing via the Web. I decided to create these hubs becuase I noticed something pretty astonishing: even though many of the big innovations on the Web have been about music (Napster, Myspace, Bit Torrent, and iTunes, to name a few), and marketing and business people talk about music marlketing all the time, there are very few sources of information available for musicians: to help us sort through the avalanche of innovations on the Web.

Being a musician, band manager, or label owner is a very different life than that of the marketing executive or technology reporter. We don't think about marketing and the Web 90% of our day - we think about music! Am I right? That's why we need guidance - written for us - about how to market our music, our band, and ourselves on the Web.

That's what these hubs are about. Please take a look around and leave comments, which can be made at the bottom of each hub.

You can find navigation links to all of the articles in this group of Hubs at the very bottom of each page - with right and left-pointing navigation arrows and the name of the adjaicent Hub.

Ready? Let's do this!

About the Author

My name is Isaac, a hip hop & electro producer, and former promoter and nightclub manager.  From 2001-2007,I produced and promoted hip hop, reggae, rock, and DJ concerts in Boston and Manhattan, at venues like the House of Blues, CBGB, The Knitting Factory, S.O.B's, and the Middle East Downstairs.

During 2006-May 2008 I earned my MBA cum laude from Babson College's Olin Graduate School of Business. Over the years I've become experienced with the practice of marketing musicians and bands, as well as the theoretical frameworks of marketing I learned during my MBA.

Today, I am a freelance inbound web marketer focusing on small businesses, including artists and their labels & bands. 

The Author: Isaac D. Van Wesep

I date myself...MPC2000 forever!
I date myself...MPC2000 forever!

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