Matthew Bellamy

Here's 20 random facts on the Muse front man Matthew Bellamy.

Matthew Bellamy : The Facts

# 1. Matt Bellamy is the lead singer and guitarist for the rock band Muse.

# 2. Matthew Bellamy was born on the 9'th of June back in 1978.

# 3. Matthew Bellamy first began to learn to play the guitar at the age of 14.

# 4. Teignmouth, Devon, England is where Matt Bellamy was raised.

# 5. This British rock star first joined Muse (who where named The Rocket Baby Dolls at the time) back in 1994.

# 6. Matthew Bellamy is known for having a very wide vocal range and for singing falsetto in many muse songs.

# 7. Incase you haven't yet realized, Matt Bellamy is highly political and often openly shares some of his political views and beliefs through the lyrics of his music.

# 8. Matthew Bellamy has made polls for one of the 'best guitarists' on numerous occasions.

# 9. Kate Hudson and Matt are currently dating.

# 10. Matt Bellamy has bright blue eyes, just to let you know incase you're color blind or stupid.

# 11. Matthew Bellamy says that his political stance is that he's a 'Libertarian.'

# 12. 5'7 is Mathew's height.

# 13. Matthew Bellamy often plays custom made Manson Guitars and other instruments.

# 14. Matthew Bellamy also plays the piano and key-tar.

# 16. Matthew Bellamy also has an older brother.

# 17. George Bellamy, Matt's dad was a rhythm guitarist for the band The Tornados.

# 18. Matthew Bellamy first began to play the piano at 6 years of age.

# 19. His parents got divorced during his childhood, which lead to Matthew moving in and living with his grandmother.

# 20. Matthew Bellamy is one of three band members in Muse.


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