Max Payne: The review of the Action Movie

Review of max payne Movie By Oluwaseun P. Adeola


This report is an analysis of a qualitative data which consists of the opinions and views of selected people who have seen a movie called Max Payne. The movie is a video game into movie adaptation. In other words, the movie story line and plot was based on the Max Payne video game. Max Payne, according to gamespot website, is an outstanding and original gritty third-person shooter video game that is not just different from all the shooter games but in many ways superior ( Therefore, it can be fairly said that the movie was conceited and made consequent on the success and popularity of the game.

However, as every other movie, Max Payne was reviewed and people express their opinion/views about it. Expectedly, the views of people who have seen the noir movie varies along interest lines. Some views were objective and fair while others were subjective and critical. Therefore, the objective of this report is to analyse the various views and opinions as contained in the data in order to answer the following questions:

· What are the factors that informed peoples’ opinion on the Max Payne movie

· What makes the difference between those who recommend the movie and those who did not

· What is the major cause of the failure/success of the movie?

Factors that Informed Peoples’ Opinion

Going by the comments of the people that are being analysed here, few things were evident. Of the few factors evident in peoples’ comments, I will discuss the only two abundantly evident factors. They are:


Some people are very passionate about the game and they know almost everything about it. By all indications they are strong advocates of the game. But what can be seen in the data is that, though passionate about the game, they were divided about their approach to their support and advocacy. While some feel the movie should be a direct replica of the game other thinks it should not be an utter copycat of the game; there should be changes and modifications. One can really sense the passion in the people when one of them said “Oh, my dreams have sort of come true….. I had prayed for months that it wouldn't stink to the high heavens like every other video game adaptation” (Spyandannemakeporno: USA).


Contrary to those who think and act passionately about Max Payne, there are others who did not care much about neither the game nor the movie; they just wanted to see a good action movie. And since Max Payne belongs to the Action genre, they have expectations of seeing several scenes of some shootings and killings. You will agree that what views people in this category have will be different form people in the category earlier discussed. This is simply because their expectations are in two different directions.

Difference between Those Who Recommended and Those Who Did Not

It was copiously evident that people were sharply divided in their opinion in regards to recommending the movie to other prospective watchers. While few people favourably recommended the movie to others, a whole lot of others would not want others waste their resources; monies and time on the movie.

Obviously, those who would want others go see the movie were thrilled and entertained by the movie; their expectations were duly met. Therefore, they could vouch for the movie and even desire that others share of the excitement ensuing from seeing the movie. On the other hand, it was likewise apparent that those who vehemently express their dissatisfaction about the movie would not recommend the movie to anyone. In fact, they portrayed the movie in such a bad light that no rational film lover will expend his/her resources on seeing the movie.

Certainly, different people had different reasons for liking or disliking the movie. Some feel that while it is undoubtedly a good movie, it has a wrong title, bad script, mediocre plot, dragging boring etc. Contrarily, others say it is the best game adaptation ever, that it follows the theme of the game so well. However, for whatever reasons that form people reasons for recommending the movie or not the bottom line still remains that those whose expectation(s) of the movie was met recommended it and those who disappointed by it would not recommend it.

Major Causes of Failure

People views as regards the failure of the Max Payne varies, but the reasons or factors which are shared by almost all the reviewers in the data for this research work are highlighted overleaf.

Lack of Connection to the Game

Most people went to the cinema to see a movie adaptation of Max Payne. Therefore, they expected to see a direct and/or absolute connection with the game. While people do not expect to see a 100 % replica of the game from one scene to another, they expected that the idea and concept of the game be professionally conveyed to both lovers of the game and those that may be hearing about Max Payne for the first time.

Minimal Action Sequences

Since Max Payne movie was grouped in the action genre, people will be expecting to see some more action sequences than showed in the movie. Therefore, lack of adequate action scenes contributed, partly, to the ‘failure’ of the movie.

Insufficient Information/Knowledge of the Game by Characters

Many people share the opinion that the reason for the woeful work of the movie is because the characters of the movie did not personally acquaint themselves much to the intricacies and the minutiae of the game. And as such could not really intrinsically bring out the beauty of the game to their various acts.

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PDXKaraokeGuy profile image

PDXKaraokeGuy 4 years ago from Portland, Oregon

I love noir films, mark walhberg and the max payne series of video games... but I didn't like the film.

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