Mean Practical Jokes

If you ask me how I know about these pranks, I won’t tell. My lips are sealed. Have I ever done any of these? Sorry, but I zipped my lips, locked ‘em, and threw away the key on this one. I suggest these mean practical jokes as something fun to read. In no way do I actually suggest that you try them. I will leak a little information: I know some do work, others don’t, and some I’m not sure about, but I’ve heard a rumor.

I don’t suggest you try them out for yourself, but it is a free world.

Nair in the Conditioner Bottle:

Did someone royally piss you off and you want revenge? Go out and buy an expensive bottle of deep conditioner from a department store. Make sure the bottle’s instructions tell the user to leave conditioner in hair for at least five minutes. Pour out half of the conditioner (don’t toss it, save it for your own use). Fill up the rest of the bottle with Nair, or some other kind of hair removal cream. Now, send it to your friend with a lovely card—you can make it anonymous, from someone else, or as a “with compliments” gift from the department store.

Visine in food or drinks:

Want to make someone have a bit of diarrhea, but don’t want to actually go through the trouble of slipping them a laxative? Just add some drops of Visine to your intended victim’s food or drink. They won’t taste a thing, but sure will get to study the bathroom wall when they get the runs.

Prostitute Prank Call:

Get out your local phone book. Look through the residential places and pick your victim. You will want to choose a name (like Dan Smith), and then call the number. When someone answers, announce that you are calling from Cookie's Call Girls, and you need to speak to Mr. Smith about his outstanding balance. If you are lucky, you will get the wife on the phone. Don’t be afraid to argue, insisting you do have the correct phone number and the right Dan Smith.

Spread a Rumor:

This might sound a bit immature…but, honestly, don’t all of these? The key to a good rumor is to base it off some sort of fact. For example, if a woman is seen late at night with a certain guy, it is easy to spread the rumor that she hooked up with that guy. If you tell the right people, the ones who will tell everyone they know, the rumor will take off. A well placed rumor can grow and spread like wildfire.

Please be aware that no small children or animals were harmed in the creation of this hub. As far as I know, the hair loss any of my friends and enemies has been 100% natural. I don’t buy ham—I’m a vegetarian, and would never waste cheese. As for prank phone calls…well, have you ever heard of caller ID? I also haven’t bought a bottle of Visine in years. Nobody’s reputation has been ruined with the writing of this hub.

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angelica 8 years ago

haha i did da Visine thing and it was sooo funny!

sammy 8 years ago

Hey that's awsome I love the nair one! I have this awful aunt,and we HATE her so much ,and I think I'll try it

genipher 8 years ago

my mom has a new boy friend i m sic of him

Katy 8 years ago

isn't all this a little dangerous

taylor 8 years ago

OMG!i did the nair one and is was hilarious she didn't even come to school until may.

ashely 7 years ago

omg i like em all i could not stop laughin LOL

Jarandcoaregoingtopaythatwasntajoke:( 7 years ago

I know someone who had all of these done to them and it cost them a few of the young years of there life. Pyschiatry bills. Permanent damage to there intestine. They are fighting back but could affect there chances to have a successful career and may have shortened there life. What did they do? smiled and nodded completely oblivious to the lies and cruelty of some of the people around them. Easily the best prank ever for all you people that don't deserve to be alive convince people that someone did something they didn't do.

The key to that is to make sure that it is a really awkward thing that noone will talk to the person about directly so that people will just assume its true and jump on the band wagon and lynch the person maybe you will get lucky and some stupid people will do some of these pranks mentioned above for you.

Haley s 7 years ago

im ugly and my friends don't like me so they slipped visine in my drink and tylenol pm so when i went to bed i shit my pants. im now a fat lesbo

colleen 7 years ago

Some people just need to grow up. These things are hurtful and dangerous. I cant believe there are people in this world who would actually do these things.

Jesus 7 years ago

Whether you approve or not is your opinion, and frankly, most people will not be moved or have any sympathy for you. Life is such, and if the jackass goes through with his thoughts, not much you can say to change him. There are worse things in life, and both assholes and narcissists will occupy it.

Someone 7 years ago

You guys seriously need to work on your language. Swearing is not cool at all! PS: Good jokes but I wouldn't do them, only dream about it (again) or something, not actually do it. It's really mean...

brandon 7 years ago

You know yall may laugh now but let the jokes turn on you and I have my bet down that says its not to funny anymore. When your the poor bald sob that shit his self

Sai 7 years ago

Good ones, but worth trying in movies only.Because it will not be real and no one will be hurt.

God 7 years ago

this shit is hilarious!!!

A person 7 years ago

A person shit in a plastic bag and put it in my backpack what do you think i should do about this?

d+d 6 years ago

what is wrong with you?its because of pranks like these that people commit ruins peolples lives.

there isnt a god 6 years ago

im trying one of these! i hate this girl at school screw her!!!

tbone 6 years ago

i personally think that everyone has a secret desire to do this type of thing.That people that say they wouldn't do it are either passive or the kind of violent mouthy a-hole that we all want to do this to in the first place.temporary hair color instead of conditioner is always good too.

Zack 6 years ago

i did sort of the same thing except i used hair dye... HAHA .. he had green hair for like 2 months

profile image

Monty16 6 years ago

you people who think this so horrible are probably the kind of people who sit and do nothing with your life. ive had the visene and the nair one pulled on me and sure i was kinda pissed but hey it was a pretty good joke. it is not life ruining if someone has that bad of a reaction to a simple prank then it just would have happeend because of something else anyway. you guys gotta pull that stick out of your ass and have some fun. besides if they prank you that's a free invitation to prank them back.

AAC 6 years ago



dex 6 years ago

u all are going to hell if u have even thought about doing this

anti-dex 6 years ago

Who says we believe in hell? As long as its payback and not just continual abuse I think it's validated.

Shabooboo  6 years ago

This is so mena who would do that yet its halarious

Lexi 6 years ago

Ok My Friend is a useer,Backstabber and she annoys me says im ugly and this and that i need something todo to her she lies and spreads rumors threatens others i cant take it nomore tell me what to do.. comment plzhelpp

Snopes 6 years ago

fit to be tied 4 years ago

Pranks that happen often become stale quickly especially when it costs the victim big $$. Most times the victim is not a prank player and loses any love they had for that person over time. Some people never grow up! How sad.

Ken 2 years ago

Poke a small hole in a can of sardines and duct tape it under seat of car

Deb4FlatTires profile image

Deb4FlatTires 19 months ago from Tennessee

Great list Stacie. As an avid practical joker, I enjoy reading others ideas. One of the meanest practical jokes I saw (I did not do it) was one of my sorority sisters on college found the top slashed to ribbons on her 67 Mustang and red paint poured throughout the interior. It was done before a rain storm, and the paint oozed and washed into every crack and crevise of the interior. What a mess!

We found out that the perpretrator was a gal from a rival sorority. She hid her new 944 Porsche for a semester or so. I held the funnel while my sister poured the gas tank full of sugar (sugar turns the fuel to a jelly like glue!) Then we changed the exterior color from red to yellow with oil based house paint.

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