'Meet the Robinsons': A SciFi Treat For Families

Meet the Robinsons is a quirky, animated movie. It is filled with eccentric characters, technological wonders, and a fast paced plot. Lewis is a young orphan boy who desperately wants to be adopted. To accomplish this, he works on an endless array of inventions which he hopes will impress his parents to be.

Thus begins a very charming surprise of a movie. Based on the reviews, I expected a second-rate animated version of Back to the Future. I am very glad to report that I found this movie even better than the original Back to the Future movie which I also greatly enjoyed.

The strength of this movie is its characters and its inventiveness. Although the set up is familiar, I found this to be a very unique movie. The animation is solid and beautiful to look at. Even so, it is the cast of characters which is the true centerpiece. Young Lewis begins his most important journey and we are very glad to join him.

This is a family-themed movie that somehow manages to remain fresh and original. Will Lewis get adopted? Who is the strange boy who insists that he is a policeman from the future? Who is the mustached man with the robotic hat?

If you are looking for a good family film, then watch this movie. You'll be glad you did.

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